The Bricky Wish List

I don`t think it will be a suprise if I tell people I enjoy LEGO, nor that it would be a suprise that like any AFOL I have a `wish list` of sets I want to grab "one of these days, some day" thing.

Now, because I am one of those people out there in the big bad world with the attention span of a gold fish, just like with the cards I collect, I`m putting up a page here to `visualise` the sets I want to collect not for tearing down and using in other builds, but for genuine display.  And in my case, that MOSTLY consists of the The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit line.

I like medieval `high fantasy`, both to build, to read, to watch, heck, even Magic the Gathering is in a way tied to this setting.  Wizards you know...  and they just look pure awesomeness on the shelves, easily recognisable for non LEGO people that wander in the house, and they tend to look at you just a little bit less strange.  A little bit only though ;-)

And of course, having a page on a blog also helps for people asking `hey, what do you want for your birthday?` and then just handing them over the link.

The Lone Ranger

79106 Cavalry Builder Set (x29)


The LEGO Batman Movie

70906 The Joker's Notorious Lowrider

Guardians of the Galaxy

76079 Ayesha's Revenge

76080 Ravager Attack

76081 Milano

Of course, this page will be constantly updated if my eye falls onto something or things get scratched off the list, so feel free to hit the tab at the top of the blog to surf back to this page now and then...

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