Painting Challenges

Painting Challenges

While I don`t plan on entering "serious" competitions (think Golden Demon for example), I do tend to enter in various online community painting challenges.  In the past, these where a great motivator to get a variety of things painted up, and if I performed semi-decently, that was an added bonus.

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 8

All information about this challenge can be found HERE.  The goal is to set an amount of points for yourself, and then over the course of 4 months try to reach that number, or go over it, by painting miniatures.  Simple come bonjour.
As an added bonus, the organisers have some sponsors that generously provide some price support, in the form of actual prizes by results, as well as by draws.
For this first year I`m participating, I have set myself the goal of 750 points.

End result: 292 / 750 points, placed xx out of 80 participants.

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