The Vault

The Vault, or a collection of signed minifigures I have in my LEGO Collection.

I think, as a convention go-er, it is actually a nice way to collect signatures, namely to have actors (where possible) sign their equivalent in LEGO.

To that end, I purchased a LOT of those dice boxes that your roleplaying dice tend to come in, put them upside down, glue a CMF plate in the bottom so the figure stands secured, and then have the box signed.

I also use transparent tape afterwards to secure the box and the signature, to better preserve it, and it goes into my display cabinet.

Starcom 2016

Andy Herd - Goblin in Gringott`s from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2

He was actually amazed I came to him with a goblin, as he is better known for other roles, like an Ewok and a Jawa in Return of the Jedi, or supporting roles in Labyrinth and Willow.  He was part of the "Ewok Reunion" at StarCom.

FACTS Autumn 2016

Sean Astin - Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings

Intrigued by my "brick badge", Sean was a friendly guy to talk to... bit like a certain gardener he played in an epic trilogy ;-)

Paul McGann - 8th Doctor from Doctor Who

The most friendly celebrity I met so far, Paul was truly amazed I had a Lego rendition of his Doctor Who character, something he had never seen before.  The custom figure was a great succes and he happily posed with it.

Sylvester McCoy - Radagast the Brown from The Hobbit

Another british gentleman, Sylvester liked the Lego figure to sign so much he did his best to write all over the black base instead of the side I usually let people sign on.  That way, he could adore what he called `a brilliant job by Lego` for a bit more.

Brick Mania Antwerpen 2016

Dirk Denoyelle

Dirk is a fellow BeLUG member.  He is also a LEGO Certified Professional, but also a stand-up comedian and a voice actor.  One of the things he did was voicing Hagrid (and Voldemort and Sirius Black) in the flemish editions of Harry Potter, so I finally brought along a figure to sign, adored by the kid now!

Comic Con Brussels 2017

Sam Jones - Flash Gordon

I literally ambushed Sam on his way from the toilet way before the convention was open for the public, saving me the que once the doors would be opened.  He really liked the minifigure version, and I gave him the website where he could find one!

Garrick Hagon - Biggs Darklighter from Star Wars: A New Hope

A great guy with whom I had a lovely chat, he signed this with his movie "moment de gloire" Red Five Standing By!  Lovely!

Paul Blake - Greedo from Star Wars: A New Hope

Another episode IV character, he still claims he was shot first :-)

Femi Taylor - Oola from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (remaster edition reshoots)

A truly fun lass, she found this figure so cute she even handed me a discount just because she never had to sign one of those before.  We had some laughs (especially the "I need change" moment) and a big hug.

Michael Carter - Bib Fortuna from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Jabba`s right hand man, Michael was a fun person and a real gentleman.  I love it how they love to sign these figures :-)

Kevin Eastman - Creator of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

He definitly had the biggest cue at the convention, but he took his time for a few kind words with everyone that came to see him.

CRISIS Limited Edition figures

The full list, and painted examples, of all the models we did with TSA for our Crisis wargames show

2005: Ambiorix
2006: Leopold II

2007: Popski
2008: De Grunne
2009: De Dulle Griet

2010: Bokkenrijder

2011: Mercator
2012: Peter Minuit

2013: de Seguiran marquise de Bouc

2014: Albert 1

2015: Jean-Baptiste Decoster
2016: Matilde van Vlaanderen
2017: Tijl Uilenspiegel, Nele en Lamme Goedzak


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You can read the article here, but mind you it is in flemish

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