The Tundra Bull support campaign

The Tundra Bull support campaign
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dinsdag 16 september 2014

A great Lego haul

From the same vendor I got the T-rex set a few weeks ago, I managed to score another good haul of Lego sets today.

And the price?  Well, let`s say that if I sold off the TIE fighter at the averages prices it goes for, I`d be turning break even and have all the other sets for free.

The first set was a Used, has been displayed but still complete with instructions boxed set, 6088 from the old pre-Ninjago Ninja range.  This was the set I got my eyes on for one, as I can use all the parts and minifigs in my own builds.

This one is the `value set` of the lot, the old Star Wars TIE Fighter 7146, new in sealed box.

Another new in sealed box, but with some damage of where a price sticker had been, is this old edition of Ewok Attack.

This one is actually rather brand new, the Captain America vs Hydra set, still in the current catalogue.  And of course, still sealed.

This final picture is a bit of an unexpected addition.  Here should have been a smaller set from the Space - Exploriens range, but something went awry with another buyer, and for compensation I got this brand new TIE Fighter from the Micro Fighters range and the Spider-Man promo set.  Fair deal for me!

So another great deal of hard to find sets and good additions to my brick collections!

Inspirational Lego: Star Wars

This time, the focus of a series of Inspirational Lego has been turned to Star Wars builds I came about on the various internet media.

Now, Star Wars definitly is the biggest running Lego franchised series for years now, as about a dozen sets are released each year.  This will only increase once the new movie comes closer in 2016, and of course, a lot of great builds are out there.

Take for example this Sand People bust.  Briefly seen in the original trilogy (though a bit more featured in the second series and leading indirectly to Anakain turning definitively to the Dark Side of the Force), they, like Jawa`s, have a bit of a cult status amidst Star Wars fans.

Another great build is this X-Wing run on the Death Star, the epic `end battle` of the first movie.  Also notice the X-Wing game box in the back, as to get an idea how it got inspired and what scale the X-Wing was actually build on.

This diorama features the classic Gungam submersible from the Phantom Menace, and the city scene uses a lot of ideas from the Hogwarts Castle, showing how you can build a great MoC using at the core only two existing sets.

Duel of the Fates is a nice depiction of the epic lightsaber duel fought out between Qui Gon and Darth Maul at the end of the Phantom Menace.

Remember the days, for us older AFOLs especially, when Lego boxes featured pictures of what alternate builds could possibly be made with the set you had in your hands?  Those days are gone now, but here is an example of what one builder did with the Micro Fighters AAT set.  I especially love the Sphinx he came up with.

After all those building, one has of course deserved a nice, hot bath!

That`s it for this run over builds I popped along on the internet, see you all for further inpirational builds out there...

maandag 15 september 2014

Lego Elves images have popped up

Found on Facebook today, there are preliminary pictures of the upcoming `Elves` range from Lego.

Like Disney Princesses, and a bit expected, this is a variation on the popular Friends line, but even though that is aimed at girls, it does feature some very intresting pieces and color variants.

But without further ado, the pictures:

Mind you, these are `prototype` pictures that might change still (bit like the concept DC boxes currently circling around featuring the Hulk and Green Goblin, but people forget those are stand in models until big minifigs are added).

Minifigures Series 12 apparent breakdown

Oktober is going to be `Legotober` for my budget it seems, luckily I managed to do some decent trades and have a heap of VIP points value on my card, so I won`t actually be `feeling it` in my wallet.

With the new Hobbit wave already hitting in October instead of expected end of november (okay, some leeway on those to get them then in the following two months if needed), the Santa Workshop, the Star Wars advent calendar for the kid and the Series 12 box, it`s not a cheap month coming up for the hobbyist.

Over on Eurobricks, WhiteFang did a set review from a full box, and this is going to be the apparent breakdown of a full set:

Now, with the Smurf having a bit of a Lego low at the moment, it all being soccer for him at the moment, and I myself very intrested in one of the `rare` models from the box for my MoCs, being the Hun Warrior, I will be keeping all three of them for myself.  If he ever fires up again and build all his sets he still has lying around boxed, we can talk of adding that one to his collection.  Off all the rest, he can have a copy.

So if these are indeed the exact numbers of each box, and deducting both the 15 figures for the kid and the copy or copies of the one I like, I will have in my trade pool afterwards 3 Swashbucklers, 3 Space Miners, 3 Video Game Guys, 2 Wizards, 2 Battle Godess, 3 Dino Trackers, 3 Rockers, 3 Pizza Guy, 3 Pig Guys, a Genie, 2 Prospectors, 2 Baywatch Guys, a Jester, a Spooky Girl and a Princess.

Not to shabby and a lot of potential figures to expand on my army building from other set models, and ofc more Huns from this one ;-).

Now to go to the local toy store and hear if I can order a full set from them, as apparently Lego itself doesn`t sell them `by the box`.

zondag 14 september 2014

Wargaming in Lego

I used to be a wargamer for the most part of my teenage and early adult years.  Then time constraints, budget, and a lot of other factors and the likes popped in and slowly that hobby died out.

On Eurobricks, they did something special this year.  The Battle of the Wither Woods was a huge wargame, but instead of being fought by white metal and plastic models, it was using Lego as the mighty warriors.

I was really impressed on how it worked, using home made rules, and many fellow Guilds of Historica members contributing by providing concepts of troops, which the players would then recreate as best as their collections allowed.

And it are huge collections...

A battle report was typed up from every turn that was played in the game, until the conclusion had been reached. 

Now I am not going to recapping the whole tale here, just follow the link a few lines above to read all about it.  The actual battle and starts around page 5, but it is all worth the read.

Now, what I am going to show you here are a selection of the pictures from the topic, to give a grand idea of how it all works, and looks just as glorious as a `regular` wargame as you get to see at the likes of Crisis and Salute.

And next time they do something like that, I`m definitly going to be sending in some troops as well. 

 The battlefield, the river divides the forest with the desert

 Cool cat warriors using Chima lion faces

 The lines start to advance on each other

 Battle rages as troops engage on the front lines

 I so love this warrior elves... great use of the holiday elf collectible minifig

 Fearsome amazons

Looks good doesnt it?  Surfing around, I did find some generic rules for Lego wargaming, called BrikWars!, something I might in time even have a decent look at of doing a thing or two with.

IF I can convince Nemesis for a game...