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vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Star Trek The Romulan Wars season 1

A fan series consisting of 5 episodes of about 45 minutes, this handles a timeperiod rather popular amongst the amateur filmmakers: the Romulan War, which in the canon took time between the end of Enterprise and the The Original Series.

Though of course they didn`t know much about the Vulcan cousins until Kirk discovered this...


The series follows the adventures of the USS Yorktown NCC - 208, a Soyuz class vessel (later renamed Archangel class) under command of Captain Bill Stiles.

The vessel discovers the remains of the NX class USS Areas, right at the moment they are informed of the Romulan war declaration by their attack on Terra Nova colony.  Pursuing the agressors, they are ambushed by three Romulan ships and the vessel suffers heavy damage and casualties.
This leads to Stiles (no, he is not the Excelsior captain from STIII) being courtmartialled, but cleared of charges thanks to testimonies by his crew.

She is then send to investigate a lost squadron, and finds a crippled Bird-of-Prey, whom they try to capture and learn more about their mysterious enemies.  In the meantime, events are abroad on the Romulan home world...


As I said before, I will never break down these low budget fan productions, and by sheer coincidence CBS and Paramount have dropped charges against the Axanar project recently, and uttered guidelines for the fanbase and their movies as recent as yesterday.

The core crew does some solid acting, working well together, and the special effects are of a decent computerised level.  Okay, so who cares Romulans live in your average kitchen, or high tech colonies resemble farm buildings.

Perhaps a small point of critique is that in the first two episodes, some reshoots seem to have been done, but lead Bryan Justice apparently went for a shave in that period.  He is often switching between mustache and soulpatch look within the frames of a scene, a funny little detail oversight.

The series can be found on YouTube, and on their own website.

But it isn`t bad at all, and has a good story, so this is all thumbs up from me!

Rating: 6 / 10

Oberth Class science vessel

Ever since the ill-fated USS Grissom graced our screens in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, I have been a fan of this little ship.

Back then, and in hindsight, still, the design was a radical departure from how Federation ships looked, with the small main section tucked in between it`s small warp nacelles on this dozen crew members vessel.

These vessels of the Oberth class are dedicated science ships, and fragile as hell as they often served as wrecks of "rescued ship of the week" in further series, but as it showed up in The Next Generation, they do have a long service term.

By the time of Voyager, they where being replaced by the Nova class (Equinox was one of this class for example) who where sturdier and better defended (and another design I adore), but they kept showing up time to time.

Needless to say, I wanted one in Lego, and I found an LDD file one.  This was modified to my tastes extensively, but the thing about LDD is that you can generate the part list for the elements you used, and that`s handy for looking in your collection for the needed bricks.
Now, Star Trek vessels aren`t that simple to recreate, as they have very streamlined and rounded forms compared to other franchise vessels like Star Wars, Stargate or Battlestar Galactica, the main section of a Federation vessel being often saucer shaped, so they tend to turn out more angular as a result then the originals.

My end result had about 160 elements, and it`s a decent sized ship, about 20 cm's in length and not to heavy so I could support it on two of the black minifigure bases and keep it stable.

This one is definitly coming along to the next sci-fi convention the LUG will be displaying on, StarCom on the 10th of July.

For reference, poor Grissom in the movie:

donderdag 23 juni 2016

WIP Federation Comm-badge Mosaic

Thanks to one of my fellow LUG members, Hans, I have finally started building my first mosaic.

He told me the ins and outs of how to build those thingies, and now I have started out with something relatively simple: the Federation comm-badge from Star Trek

The first stone has been laid.

The idea is using tan as the "gold" and light blue grey for the badge, while detailing the edges with dark tan, white, olive- lime- and sandgreen for the "shine" around it`s edges.

The background will be all black tiled to give it a nice shiney look.

I`ve stopped at this point, normally I should have some free time next week to finish it all, nice on time for StarCom in July.

The Key to Orthanc

Just a small build, barely a MOC actually.

But it does look great next to the Tower itself, making it look like an UCS set.

Classic Lego Build: 4701 Sorting Hat

Today`s classic build comes from the very first wave of Harry Potter sets, released in 2001 in the The Philosopher`s Stone series.

Now, while both the GF and the Smurf are far madder about Potter, I do think the line looks rather nice, and while an often heard complaint is that the older "yellow" sets aren`t cool, I actually prefer them.

And not only because that makes them really cheap for the franchise, this one going on BL in Used / Complete status going only around the 10 euro mark, not much up from it`s release.

The set of course comes with a Harry Potter figure, as it is about the moment he was sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts.

Based on a large grey grille, this little build (about 40 parts) is started.

The sorting table actually spins around and it is a printed element, so turning it won`t loosen any stickers.

This is then placed on the grille and partly obscured, so that the result is the only one mainly showing.

There is also a printed scroll tile included, which had before appeared in the Castle line amongst others.  This is stored in a small cabinet while torches are placed on the sides of the table.

The only thing remaining is placing the Sorting Hat and Hedwig, and it stands completed:

Not a bad little build, and a great little (and affordable) set to grab for someone who wants to still get into Lego Harry Potter.

woensdag 22 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 7040 Dwarves' Mine Defender

In today`s classic build we are going back to the fantasy era of the Castle line, when Orc battled it out with Dwarf.

Hailing from 2008, this small set of 70 odd parts did come with three figures, namely a Dwarf and two Orc soldiers.

One of those Orcs is the standard bearer, with the large plastic banner on his pole.

The Mine Defender, a fearsome looking machine that hauls cutting blades to the battle, starts his life on a grey plate and black Technic bricks.

The wheel pins are added as well as the hinges for the front lift, before we plate up the top and add brown slopes for the sides.

A chain runs over the middle of the vehicle, held in place by using curved bricks.

This serves for the large catapult that is mounted on the machine.

The lifting arms for the cutter blades are made, and then this construction is added on the front of the machine.

Wheels are added and the machine is ready

The full set completed:

This was a nice little set back then, and a good `army builder` pack like they do these days with the Star Wars lines.  If your into Fantasy, definitly pick up one of these for your dwarven forces.

Brick Flicks - Warren Elsmore

Subtitled "60 iconic movie scenes and posters to make from Lego", you have a pretty good idea what this book is about.

The book contains just as it says, 60 scenes / posters from famous (especially if you`re an 80s kid) movies that my generation can relate to.

Ranging from classics like the Wizard of Oz to modern giants like Gladiator while going over films such as Doctor No or Aliens, it features some words about the film and how it was produced.

From some movies, the book also contains a small instructions set for a thingy used in said picture.

It`s a fun read, and some nice pictures, though in all honesty, some movies have really small builds to represent them...