dinsdag 25 juli 2017

Future War Commander Daemon Princess

The most recent addition to my Emperor's Children 6mm incarnation, I finally found a suitable miniature to present my "head honcho".

Well, until I get my hands on the old Fulgrim figure that is...

And she is actually a GW model as well.  I found the old wizard's familiar, the naked demonic lady, for peanuts, and decided to put her on a lower base (otherwise she would become far to high) to go with the army.

She`ll be the HQ unit, while the commanders with banners will be CO`s.  I painted her with the Army Painter Purple wash, and it actually gave such a cool effect on her skin (Flesh from Coat D`Arms, a very pale colour like the prehistoric GW one) that I didn`t drybrush the skin afterwards, but just the hair.

Slowly but steadily the force keeps growing...

maandag 24 juli 2017

Okay okay... Slaanesh in Age of Sigmar it is...

I wasn`t planning on it, seriously.

I wanted to keep with my restoration works on my Empire, Wood Elves and Dark Elves to field an Order force for the occasional AoS game.

Like the big battle in a few weeks.

But then I saw the Sigvald character (he wasn`t around when I went into hibernation), and found my Lord on steed back.

I wanted Sigvald actually for an Empire hero, but then I brought along that Naga character last week.  I was looking the day after on a Facebook group, and found these for a measly 15 euro, still sealed.

I was hooked, and I had already "just in case" drawn up a Slaaneshi army for Age of Sigmar, build around demons mostly.  Because they can be used both in 40k as AoS anyways, add a few characters and hoppa, instant fantasy force.

Well, that was the plan initially, but as I said, those classic metal Marauder Horseman have pulled me over the brink and into the tender care of the daemonettes.  I have given in, I will be building up something I wanted to do years ago but never gotten round to. 

I`m going to build a decent Slaanesh force of maximum 4.000 points for Age of Sigmar, and it`ll be my main "to paint" target come 2018.  I`ll probably start it already with the AHPC if I get in. 

The flesh is weak, but the pleasure is strong!

zondag 23 juli 2017

Crisis 2017 limited edition figures revealed

The 2017 limited edition figure for Crisis has been unveiled, and here they are!

Sculpted once again by Paul Hicks, Tijl is a figure from the 14th century.

From our TSA Facebook page: 
Please find here Tijl Uilenspiegel. He' s the free figure for this year's Crisis.As always the run is limited to 1600 figures. So be on time if you want him. The two other figures can be bought for 10 euro. You will get Nele and Lamme Goedzak + base for the 3 figs in a box. This run is limited to 300 boxes. Clubmembers (only them) can reserve their extra figures with the committee.

He was a sort of a jester that travelled through the lowlands and germany, and said to have been born in Damme (Flanders), who's gotten mostly famous through the book of Charles de Coster, "De legende van Tijl Uilenspiegel".

The others are his travelling companions / romantic intrest, and I`m especially fond of the Lamme Goedzak figure, who will look awesome in settings of the early musketry era. 

Crisis takes place the 4th of november this year, once again in the Waagnatie in Antwerp.

Haul Report 91

Hey all, and welcome to the weekly oversight of thingies I added to my collection.

A bit of a varied selection this week, as not everything has been purely for the wargaming collection.

The first thing I grabbed was this model of Thunderbird 2 and 4, which I found at a fleamarket for a few euro, and completes my collection of old Matchbox Thunderbirds again.  Overtime I`ll be looking around for a better condition 4, just like I have to do still with my 3 copy as age has been not to kind on that one.

I also picked up these two figures still carded, but I admit that is purely for trading onwards.  I paid 5 euro a piece for those, and expect to get around 10 each.

When visiting Standaard Boekhandel for something for my mom, I found this book at 9.95.  The series was rather okay, so let's find out how the book is, shall we.

My clipper, after years of loyal duty, was getting ruined, so I went to Modelbouw Verschooten in Antwerp to get a new one.  being there, I also picked up a fresh pot of Sky Grey (it`s a color I use a lot, as base for lighter tones) and a Naga lady from Avatars of War, which is excellently suitable to become a Herald of Slaanesh (she az bubz).

Right around the corner, I hopped in at the local Games Workshop to pick up a small order I had made the previous week.  My Sigvald, a Slaaneshi character for Age of Sigmar, had arrived so I went to collect him.

And brought along some paints as well while I was at it...

The final arrival was from Forge World, as my Chaos Index book finally fell in the mailbox, and quite a few of those units will be added to my forces in the future for sure!

A good week with some lovely stuff, and see you all next week!

zaterdag 22 juli 2017

Trying something on YouTube

Babbling and painting...

I got the inspiration from fellow wargamers, and thought "heck, that looks like a cool way to share some thoughts".

While I`m not dabbling (yet?) in the live stream thing, nor planning to make it a regular, fixed moment series, I kind of enjoyed doing this.

Guess talking out loud to yourself is a normal thing to do...

I`ll definitly be doing this more often in the future, generally when I have like half an hour to spare or so and feel like rambling and brabbling while having fun with my brushes.

Enjoy (or not)!

TSA Clubnight 21st of July 2017

Even on our national holiday, the tabletop generals assembled in the clubhouse for another evening of frantic gaming.

And it must be said, for the first time since I came back, fantasy and sci-fi had a clear overhand on the historical department.

Though this has to do with the new 40k, as no less then 3 battles where fought, one of 500 points which saw my Nemesis go down to Tau (oooooooh snif) with his Plaguemarines.

The second one was a none game that had a collection of 7 Battlesuits (I don`t even know what the big one is, it`s from after my time, but it`s apparently named a Riptide) decimate a force of Eldar in two turns.

The third saw a force of Orks scrape a victory on points to a massive guard force.  Both these two battles where 1.000 points btw.

I was there to observe this, and lesson learned: Quad Heavy Bolters, period, against all those shooty grunt armies around.  And Sicarans.

French and British forces duked it out in Song of Drums and Shako's.

Another battle I have been following was this Dux Britanniarum game, as I`ll be joining in a campaign starting soonish (but I`ll handle that in a blogpost later today or early tomorrow).

The Heroquest game was played as well, as adventurers went through their monthly game, part of a longer running campaign.

A four player Fantasy game in full swing.

I forgot to take pictures of the boardgames going on though, as I was embroilled in watching and studying the above mentioned games and especially the players I don`t know yet, to hone my blade for battle and "read" their playing styles, so sorry guys!

Next time, I`ll be playing myself for the first time with my figures since coming out of retirement, so I`ll be doing an AAR then instead!


The seventh movie in the Rocky franchise, and the first good one in years for sure.

This movie is a sort of "handing over the torch" story, and has some great character arcs and outcome.

Adonis Johnson is the illegimate son of the late Apollo Creed, Rocky's opponent from the very first movie from 1986.  He spend most of his youth in juvie, until he moves in with Apollo's widow.
He is also an amateur boxer that battles mostly in an underground mexican circuit, but he seeks out Balboa and convinces him to train him.  This leads to a fight against a star pupil in the gym, and when he beats him, the secret gets leaked that he is a Creed.

On the other side of the atlantic, the ruling champion faces a prison sentence and looks for a glorious battle before he might be put away.  He wants to fight Adonis, a no-body in the boxing world, on the condition that he fights with the name Creed, as legendary status is attached to that name...

This was a great movie, facing on the one hand the personal struggle of Adonis against the name of his biological father, and on the other hand Rocky who is haunted by the past due to Adonis showing up.

Recommended for all that loved the original films, and the return of the epic tune is fantastic.