vrijdag 23 augustus 2019

The Haul Report 195

Well, it`s a good one this week, bit less for my mailman but hey... can`t have it all.

The selection has been very varied this time, and we`ll look at them in the sequence they arrived.

First off, my SBG issue 8 came in the mail, I just love this fanzine.

Next to arrive, a heap of stuff for my 9th age project, with large bases for big beasts, tufts for the basing of the models, and some more Bushido characters to create characters for the force with...

Okay okay, I said I`d stop my Emperor`s Children, but then I came across a squad of Noise Marines on Facebook for a price to good to pass over.

Talking Facebook, I also made a trade with a fellow FHL'er through there: some painted figures in exchange for 3 blisters Outriders, a heap of Lothlorien elves and some dwarven rangers.  So awesome, thanks Geert!
A very varied and impressive week of looting... and those Make to Order MESBG`s have gone up yesterday...


Okay, a shorty today...

Well, in painted stuff that is, the better hentai connoisseur probably pales by now...

These 3d printed tentacles are a small piece of scatter terrain, or suitable for rpg gaming, that I quickly painted up for well, no apparant reason actually.

But heck, it's done, so it counts x-D


donderdag 22 augustus 2019

The Great Wall

Okay, I LOVE this movie.  I'm grabbing the BluRay and it goes in my "often to rewatch" collection.

And while many will disagree with me... I'll tell below.  And no, it's not for the gorgeous Jing Tian...

William and Pero, two european mercenaries looking for Black Powder, a mythical weapon they want to bring back to Europe.  Surviving a night attack by a strange creature, they arrive at the Great Wall of China, commanded by General Shao and Strategist Wang.

Here they learn the creature that attacked them was Tao Tei, a demonic race returning every 60 years to punish China for it's ancient greed.  And the wall and it's protectors are all that stands between them.  William joins the forces, and he sees a magnificent army at work during the desperate battles.

But it turns out to all have been a distraction, as the Tao Tei had been tunneling underneath the wall and lay siege to the capital...

Okay, so the movie in itself is your average "desperate historical fantasy battle" movie, but for me... it was a fantastic source of inspiration.  I am so going to paint my 9th Age army in the colourschemes of the chinese force for sure, to make a striking and "wow" factor force.  And the sequence where the Wall opens up to allow scissor blades and catapults to come out was just spectacular...

So yeah, for me this is a keeper... and the night assault was still better made then the Battle of Winterfell

woensdag 21 augustus 2019

Wooptiewoo, I'm ranked!

Yups, managed to get myself into this year's FHL ranking, olay!

Following the tournament in Turnhout that I went to play end of july, the newest updated ranking for 2019's Flemish Hobbit League has been released this week.

And I'm in there nice and cosy on the 26th spot, not bad for a single event debutant.

Surely, there are some more ranking tournaments coming up, so I'm bound to shuffle around quite a lot still, while I myself will be playing one still the 11th of november, meaning I should be able to add a few more points to the tally for this year.

But it doesn't seem like the red lantern at least will be mine, oof...

dinsdag 20 augustus 2019

More FWC reinforcements

The big benefit of 6mm is that it paints rather smoothly, and this post I boosted some extra models for my Emperor's Children.

After the previous "necessary" batch of Predators and Land Raiders, this batch makes for some nice variation, but not necessary reinforcements per se.

The first models, painted in the "pre heresy scheme" of 30k style, are a Spartan (who will be used as a Land Raider as well, but adds some miniature variation in the force, and go to battle in smaller games where I field only one them) and a Sicaran who will get the AA SPG role of the Marine Corps list.

Two Razorbacks, as above also 3D prints, are added as well, one with the anti infantry turret and the other with the anti tank one, to have some more cheap support tanks (cheap with Marines being relative of course) for the force.

The final addition for this post are three bases of Marines, but this time painted up in the pre Heresy scheme as well, in order to have more variation from the pink and black stands of my regular force.

Now the next thing I'll need for this force is some much needed air support to counter Nemesis's gunships...

maandag 19 augustus 2019

White Dwarf August 2019

Another month has passed, and the newest issue of White Dwarf found it's way into my greedy paws this month.

So as always, let's have a look at what is in the issue, and what actually catches my fance (marked bold).

We start as always with the editorial, letters and reader's models sections, parts which I tend to flick through rather quickly.

In Worlds of Warhammer, we take a look at how narrative stories are tying games together.

Jervis's Rules of Engagement take a look at how difficult rules questions are tackled in Age of Sigmar, something I can`t imagine in GW games popping up... (end sarcasm).

The new army list of the month is, oh suprise, Stormcast Eternals in the form now of the black-armoured Sempiternals.  Looking at the back cover, it is already teased that next month it are once again Primaris marines, come on boys, you have tons of other armies out there bar Stormcasts and Space Marines!

Paint Splatter takes of course a look at painting the above Anvils of the Heldenhammer, as does the Showcase.

In Fantastical Realms we visit the Realm of Light and all it's pale coloured inhabitants.

Echoes for the Warp echoes (no pun intended) it's AoS counterpart this month, also taking a look at narratives in your game.

We return to the Tale of Four Warlords - Vigilus edition this month, as armies have taken a huge leap forward for this instalment.

In Kitbash, we have a look at personalizing your Chaos Knights.

For the Emperor is a short story that features the Astra Militarum, entrenched against a horde of Tyranids.

The Battle Report this month is a huge, multi-player Apocalypse affair with some impressive armies pitting two Primarchs against the might of the Adeptus Astartes.

Realms of Battle looks at the Nemendghast Forge, which was the centerpiece of the Vigilus storyline.

Golden Demon is huge this month, as it goes looking at the Winner's Challenge, putting the cream of the cream against each other.

Blood Hunt is a piece of Warcry fiction centered around the Untamed Beasts warband.

In Glory Points we take a look at the use of wizards and magic in the game, intresting as me and Noshi with all the work haven`t gotten round playing season 2, while the next box is already on the horizon...

Precipice Awaits is the newest set of rules for Blackstone Fortress.

'Eavy Metal Masterclass details Object Source Lighting this issue, a technique I one day would like to try out... but it is not this day...

Classic Plays is a rather new column, allowing you to replay the infamous Blood Bowl XVIII finale game.

And we round out this issue with Inside the Studio.

Not really the greatest issue for my tastes, and I am starting to get bleugh'ed with the constant Primaris and Stormcast army list material to be honest, but heck, it can`t be christmas with every issue I guess...

zondag 18 augustus 2019

TSA Meatburn Party

Or better known as he annual club barbeque.

Past saturday, it was that time again for our annual BBQ, and while the weathergods didn't receive enough sacrifices this year, never the less it was a festival of burned meat once more.

About 50 people attended this year to gorge down on the foodies and enjoying a drink, while a lot of to and fro talks where held about hobby and non-hobby stuff (but mostly hobby, to the despair of spouses all round).

And with that, our annual bbq was yet another success.