The Tundra Bull support campaign

The Tundra Bull support campaign
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woensdag 1 juli 2015


Okay, I told you you might shed a tear in the earlier blogpost.

So here is the final haul of the past few days, concluding all 4 score shows.

And this one... this one is a blast.

Here we have a lot of Lego that I found on 2deHands, bit of a Craigslist style thing overhere.  Included are:
* loose bricks
* the old container ship that actually floats with the weight
* the Dragon`s Den Castle
* the Black Falcon Castle


* The one and only, with (bad shape, but who cares) box and instructions, set 375, the Yellow Castle.  Lego`s very first castle set, and with the minifigures with those cool visors (which my sig-fig still uses).

What I paid for that lot?

... 60 euro.

You can cry really hard now ;-)

The MOTHER'S Lego haul

*Enter best Palpatine impression* : Yes yes, goooood....

I told you I had quite a few Lego Hauls to share today, and here is number 3 of the 4.

And it ain`t even something I hauled, but something my mum brought along from a flea market last sunday.  Okay, she did give me a ring, but the training of Darth Moeder is going quite nicely.

The first thing she snatched up was the bag of parts for 10 euro.  It has a minimal amount of non-Lego in it, and only some `rare` items with for example the Power Miners beastie and the alien head, but it is just waht I like the most: plain, basic, loose bricks.

The second stall she raided, she got some boxes, used but complete.  The police van and the large Power Miner monster are at the prizes still attached, but a phone call and a quick BL search later, she could take along the big set along for 20 euro.

Nice one mom, nice one!

But if you think you`ve seen some good hauls earlier today... you`re going to cry out your eyes when the fourth one hits today.

Lego Haul Birthday Voucher

Thanks Michael and Sara!

For my birthday, I received this gift voucher for the local Bart Smit toy store chain.

So taking advantage of having to go to the center this morning, to pop by in the store and grab me a nice little heap of bricks for the collection.

My eye fell on the Creator `Red Animals` set, as well, it has a lot of red bricks, and at 15.99 (yeah, the main street stores are bit more expensive then the official Lego store, who cares) I also went over a promotion limit they have running.

Until the 2nd of August (or stock depletion), if you buy for 15+ euro on Lego at Bart Smit, you get a free polybag, being either a City set at my local store, or the one I picked, the Star Wars Rebels Tie Advanced Prototype polybag.

So for the incredible amount of 0.99 euro, I have not only the Creator set, but the polybag as well.

Another great haul this week... and many more to come.

Lego Haul: 3409 Soccer Fields

I did some GREAT Lego haul`s the past few days (and one I didn`t even do myself but my Dark Apprentice), and one by one I`ll be sharing them on this little corner of the internet.

Today, under an already to hot at 9.30hrs 28 degrees, I went to Mortsel to get some veggies (yeah, as if I`ll be cooking in this heat) for a salad, and dropped by at Kablamo!, a local geeky merchandise shop.

The store`s propietor, Iban, had two nice copies of the Lego set 3409 from the year 2000 lying in wait for me, and considering these sets tend to go on BrickLink in the 200 euro upwards range sealed...

... I can only dance for joy that I paid 110 euro for BOTH of them together.

A great find, saving me as such about 290 euro :-D

dinsdag 30 juni 2015

Lego Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper

My most recent Lego build, and just in time for StarCom Convention the coming sunday.

I went for a movie styled presentation for the vessel on this one, as that just makes it look a little bit more awesome.

Which it deserves, as it is a true icon of my youth and one of the series I was `spoon fed` when just a wee little toddler.

The build itself is based, but not copied from the Ruimterijk book, but the wings assembly, engines, and some bits left and right have been (heavily) modified to accomodate my bricks available, and for the pilot I went for Sheba, she was kinda hot 35 odd years ago ;-)

maandag 29 juni 2015

Prentice Alvin - Orson Scott Card review

Set in an alternate frontier America (where we talk about Hio and Missippi for example), where the people have knacks, comes this novel chronicling Alvin Smith, a boy destined to become a legendary Maker.

The book was a find when a local bookstore was closing doors and it was in their final day lying around.  No loss in costs as I paid like half a euro for it, I never heard of the writer nor if there was any series about this.

But it is a great read.  The tale chronicles the life of Alvin from the moment he arrives in the small village Hattrack Road (where he had been born a decenium ago during a river swilling that cost his eldest brother his life) to take up apprenticeship with the local smith.

But the local innkeeper harbours a secret as he shelters the runaway `mix up boy`, a product from a slaver and the raping of one of his slaves.  With people having knacks in this world, which can be either foresight, or something as simple as making people feel good, Alvin discovers slowly and steadily he is a Maker.  A mythical knack of which only two had existed before him, that can literally make anything, up to an atomic level.  Healing wounds, unbinding wood... it is all in his range of possibilities.

He is guided in his journey by Ms Larner, an elderly schoolteacher who in reality is far younger, the runaway daughter of the innkeeper who is in love with Alvin, but as a torch couldn`t see a good future coming from their being together as a couple.  So she uses disguise hexes to guide Alvin instead.

The slaveboy, Arthur Stuart, is special in his own way, as he was conceived by his father, a cruel slaver that unknowingly works for the devil, as the prodigy and antipode to Alvin.  But as Alvin has taken a liking to the boy and vice versa, this creates a very special bond and a series of events that might carry grave costs...

I`m definilty going to research if their are more books in the series, because I truly enjoyed it.  It`s not a literary great or a genre classic, but for me personally that doesn`t matter.  A good book is something I enjoy reading in the bathtub or while on the bus, and this one caught my attention span.

I honestly think this tale would even make a good script.  Not for those high and mighty cinema movies, but for those lesser budget but not necessarily lesser quality ones they make over on Sci-Fi and the likes.

Just my two cents...

Galavant season 1 - review

Though short at 8 episodes of 22 minutes each, galavant, an ABC production with mostly a british cast, was a suprise hit, and has been confirmed for a second season.

The series is a musical styled adventure, with a humor in the likes of the best british comedy shows around, making for a very enjoyable show, and the theme opening song of `Gaaalaaaavaaaaaaant` sticks in your head for days.

The story is about the hero Galavant, who`s beloved drops him for the riches and life of luxury that King Richard offers her.  Even though Galavant thinks she is being conceived, when the Valencian princess Isabella asks him to save her kingdom, he hatches a plan to do both that and regain his long lost love.

Who actually turns out to be a heartless, materialistic b*tch that doesn`t want an honest life with Galavant but choses the riches a queen has over love.  She has a plan to remove her incompetent husband from power and take it all for her, and Galavant and his merry band find themselves in the middle.

Though the main cast doesn`t really contain any `big guns` of the cinema`s bar Vinnie Jones, a lot of guest actors are big names, like John Stamos, Rutger Hauer and Ricky Gervais amongst others.

And believe me, you haven`t seen anything until you see Vinnie Jones folk dancing...