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dinsdag 3 mei 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6783 Sonar Transmitting Cruiser

In today`s build report, another classic Space set from the 1986 range.

The Sonar Transmitting Cruiser, set 6783, was the largest of the Light and Sound sets Lego released that year, and came (for that time) with a whopping 329 parts, making it a "large" set to those days norms.

The set comes with two Lego spacemen, a yellow and a red one.

They are accompanied by a little brickbuild robot, based on a round brick with arms basically.

The first part of the build is the front section of the vessel, which is detachable from the main `body` of the vessel.  This begins all with a simple black 2x6 plate.

The wings are then build around this area, and black elements line out the form of this front hull.

While the round bricks at the underside are added to have the vessel capable of standing, we add the engines to this front section.

The lovely printed tile with the classic Space logo :-)

The sides are build up and the canopy is attached to the fighter like vessel.

And with some additional tubing and wingpieces for detailing, this part of the spaceship is ready.

The aft section is a sort of laboratory component, and is also the section where the Light and Sound will be placed in.

The first thing we do for this is creating the underside, so the lab can rest on the tabletop while we build up the section.

A computer panel and walkway doors are then added to this section.

The laboratory component is build around the battery holder for the L&S system.  Look at it go!

It contains the lights and everything on the roof, as well as the dish. 

We then build a sortlike second part for the laboratory, but without the whole 9v system included.

It also uses that style of walkway doors, as well as opening hatches for the roof.

Next, an engine compartment is build.  this little build goes on the back of the laboratory and can be detached from this section, to go on the front plane.

The final part of the build is a small buggy, that hangs a bit unwieldy from the back of the spaceship...

The final build in it`s seperated configuration:

And as a sleek spaceship:

This was a rather nice, and definitly "playground must-have" set 30 years ago, and I still thinks it looks great after all those years to be honest.  Aaah, good old nostalgia...

maandag 2 mei 2016

Classic Lego Build: 361 Garage

Roight, today, it`s time to feature a really old set.  As in, I was a baby when that was released, so let`s go back to 1979...

And back then, this garage set was released as part of what is now known as the "Town: Classic" range.

While it was only 75 pieces and a minifig, the set was, if you look at the available Town sets from back then, actually more of a "mid range" level set, like today`s 200 piece sets at 35 euro and the likes tend to be.

A single minifig, with the traditional smiley face which would be the mark for another 20 years in Lego, accompanied the set, wearing his blue overalls.

The garage is based on two green baseplates of 16x8.  On this, red bricks lay out the edges of the small building.

This is then build up, and the fence is actually turning into a tool rack in a sort of prehistorical SNOT manner :-)

As the sides rise higher, garage doors and windows are included in the sides.

The roof is added, and the engraved stone with "Garage" is put on top of the building.

And then... I made a big boo-boo.

I forgot to take a picture from the completed set, as I had made a small video for YouTube about this oldie, and then took the build apart again.  But you can still see the finished set here then, but you`ll have to cope with my ramblings on it.  Luckily, it only is 2 minutes long...

Inspirational Lego #68

Welcome to another week and a fresh selection of great things I saw on the internet.

Starting this first week of the good weather here in Belgium, what better thing to share first than this awesome Lego build aqua park.

Face it, with all those slides, who wouldn`t want to go to something to that!

Another great build is this big lighttower.  I can`t stop looking at it without thinking "Excalibur" for some geeky reason ;-)

These big birds are really lifelike, and I really love that owl...

A Star Wars microbuild, this depicts a crash scene on Jakku, though this didn`t exactly feature in the film itself, it`s still great looking.

A shabby medieval mill, I love the lush colours of this blending in with the brown and grey of the build.

Here, the discussion of which sort of dog we should get still goes on (me: a bulldog, she: a chihuahua) but this mosaic of a dog is fantastic looking.  Something I might consider building myself in case I win the argument.

Another entry from this year`s Shiptember, this is a fine looking vessel with a cute fighter coming with it.

I`m a fan of the Carribean Clipper, and this extended version is just fantastic looking!

A simple build, I love the technique used for the front of this carriage.

And that`s the selection for this week again, I hope you like the selection and see you again next week!