donderdag 9 juli 2020

Polemos English Civil War (2nd edition)

The English Civil War, or ECW, always has had an appeal to me ever since I started gaming with historical intrests.

I always say when they ask me my favorite period, the "era between the two civil wars, namely the English and the American ones".

There just is something about those ranks of muskets marching on the table that catches my fancy, the at times sheer amateurism of commanders, and literally at times a regiment drawn from the local pub or hamlet.

And as such, this ruleset by Baccus was actually my first set of the Polemos series that I obtained recently, never having tried the rulessystem before, so let's have a look at them and see if I "get" them.

The first part of the book handles the "generics" like how to base your models (60x30 as is seemingly the most common way in Polemos systems I have been told), troop types and qualities, how to identify and brigade your units (a single base is a unit, and there are pointers on how to base pike and shotte intermixed for ease of indetification) all up to how to deploy armies.

Then we move to the actual rules of the gamesystem, which is based around a system of "Tempo Bidding" to see who grabs initiative, and what one can still do in that turn with his units and brigades.  Not everything will be able to activate, so one must choose wisely.

Movement itself is expressed in "Base Width's or BW), which means in general 6cm normally, and 12cm in march column for most infantry, and double that for cavalry.  As you can see, these short movement ranges make the game actually suited to be played on a small or normal size table, and still give the impression of large crossed distances and grand manouevers.  Especially as they are doubled as long as they end the move outside 4BW of known enemies.  As usual in most rulesets, changing formations and terrain has an influence on the move rates.

Ranged Combat was nothing to write home about in the ECW, as muskets where fairly new technology in those days, and the rate of fire was poor, as was the range.  Now, charges are also resolved in this phase, to represent the fire at the moving troops closing in on them.
Ranges themselves are pretty short, again to represent the era, with short range being 3cm and maximum range being a measly 6 cm aka a BW.  Players then crossreference their Offensive and Defensive base value on a table, and add a d6 to it as well as some other modifiers to get the combat result.

Close Combat follows the same procedure, although with a different table, as Ranged Combat, and the results might be just that bit bloodier due to multiple units being in combat with each other.

Army Morale, the next section, is of course the decider of victory or defeat, asthe army starts to fall apart as bases are removed from the game.

The third part of the rules cover Terrain, as well as Optional Rules.  The terrain itself is split up in either Area terrain like woods and settlements, or Linear like rivers, all of whom affect the movement rules.  A handy terrain generator is included to roll for the layout of your table for those random battles.
In the optional rules we also find things like Defensive points, Ammunition Supplies and a heap of other stuff to add an extra layer of detailing to your games.

The fourth part is, from what I have been told, the bread and butter of Polemos gamerules: the Army Generators.  These allow you to first generate the number of brigades in each arm of the army, depending on the year.  A second roll then decides the morale, strength and either armament (for foot) or tactics (for horse) of your troops.  The generators also include the Polemos equivqlents of the historical forces present, to give you a good start on what force to assemble and paint.  Something I'll be definitly looking towards when I start an army soonish.

The final part of the rules brings about the scenario's, as well as some information of the ECW and the Designer's Notes, and includes some lovely colour pictures of painted Baccus armies in the field.

A great looking book, and the rules don't seem to complicated for an old fart like me.  I will definitly be building and ECW army in the future (after first completing so many more other projects for the scale), and then I'll see if I can find an opponent / convince one or more of my posse to start the period as well...

Now to only pick a side...

woensdag 8 juli 2020

M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural - Steven J. Zaloga

Part of the digital free downloads Osprey Publishing ran during the Covid-19 pandemic, this book takes a look at the two main battle tanks during Operation Desert Storm 1991.

While not my area of gaming intrest though, it was free, and I like to read, so hence...

While the Cold War never turned hot to compare NATO tanks vs Warsaw Pact ones, this conflict might have been a (poor) surrogate.  Granted, the russian tanks weren't the most modern and the Iraqi crews probably not as good, but it gives some indication on how tanktech stood at that time.  Though as many Cold War era tankbattles showed, crew accounts for a LOT.

In Desert Storm, the americans also had the added benefit of gun-fire control, allowing often to see, fire and hit first.  Technologically speaking, the Abrams wasn't the "better" tank per se in design, but was the more modern one.  But the american crews where professionals, while the Iraqi where mass conscripts in a generation older tank... and that is where the big onesidedness of the Desert Storm tank battles came from.

Actually an intresting book, and I picked up a thing or two.  Yet, I still ain't convinced this is a period I want to go wargame, it just doesn't appeal to me.

No romance of history involved as I saw this war everyday on the news?

dinsdag 7 juli 2020

My AHPC 10 Treasure arrived: Thanks Ray!

The past week a lovely little parcel arrived at my doorstep, and contained the figure I earned by completing the Treasure Island map on this year's AHPC.

The model was donated and painted by "floppy unformed tricornes" Ray from the Don't Throw a 1 blog, make sure to check it out, his current Haitian Revolution looks fantastic.

And so I did a true unboxing of the little parcel, as can be seen on this video clip.

The model took his rightful place on my memorabilia shelf.

Thanks for the figure Ray, it's a great one!

maandag 6 juli 2020

Project Far Side: update 2

So we are a few weeks further down the road of this insane project since my last update, and let's see how it has been turning out.

For one, the printbed on the Ender 3 has been changed, so that is already a handy thing.  The fact I needed to reslice all my gcode's for the higher required bed temperature on the other hand was, well, less of a fun moment.

But the line is running again, and while buildings have been churning out, painting has been going on as well, and I got another nice selection of "mix and match" ready this fortnight, good for 36 scenery pieces of all sorts.

For Tattooine, dwellings have been churned out:

While the Necron Jungle planet has seen a fair amount of foliage added:

But I've been busy on the two larger planned ones as well, the epic table:

And the generic sci-fi one:

Now, for the coming weeks, I`m going to be "focussing" on a table in particular, in order to have one completely ready (or as good as) by the time the clubhouse re-opens, and I can get some games in.

See you all next update!

zondag 5 juli 2020

Chaos Hell Talons

Some much needed air support for my FWC Marine Corps aka Emperor's Children has arrived.

The models are 3D printed, and take the look of the Forge World full scale Hell Talon fighters for the Heretic Astartes.

Now, these where ordered at my go to guy long before I had my own printer, but the files are from Thingiverse and I think they are still on there after that website's "soft reboot" with it's update.

The models where then painted in the hefty pink and black colourscheme and ready to take the skies next time I go to the fields of battle in the Azmodov 7 campaign against Nemesis.

Just don`t know if that will be for this year...

zaterdag 4 juli 2020

The Haul Report 236

And so we enter july, with already the first pieces of loot coming in

From eBay, my other two sets of 1/300 trees also arrived, to bring some variety in the planned forests.

The next acquirement this week is another book from Awesome Books, the first one of the series that the excellent The Expanse is based upon.

I also received my download for WSS 109, the first issue of my digital subscription.

Of course, printing work on Project Far Side continued as well this week.

More 3d stuff, as the final entries for the Corsairs terrain where uploaded to the Dark Realms Patreon this month.

I must say this was my last month of supporting the Patreon for now, as I have enough backlog to print from him for now.

On the Painting Desk 150: Mudcakes

Well, it is a messy job, and I`m looking at other ways atm to build a lot of forests.

But that was the main job I was doing this week, though truth be told I didn`t do much at all on the non-Project Far Side level.

I have no idea what the next week will bring on this front, or in the regular painting schedule, but we keep soldiering onwards :-)