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The Tundra Bull support campaign
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donderdag 24 juli 2014

Lego 2015 Green Lantern and SMAUG teasers

Well, as I posted yesterday, SDCC has begun and some nice Lego sets have already been shown.

Yesterday when talking the exclusives I could show the Wookie drop ship already for the Star Wars range, and now I already found two more new franchise sets.

As if fate is willing with the Green Lantern minifig I talked about, Lego is bringing out Hal Jordan in a small set for their DC line, which will cost somewhere around 20 euros and contains Green Lantern, Sinestro and `space` Batman.

But the second one, coming end of this year, is already on my to get list by then.  The final wave of The Hobbit contains Smaug and the Dwarven forges in it`s biggest set, expected to lie around 100 euros.  The dragon is awesome, and this set is definitly going to be added to the collection!

I doubt this will be the end of the goodies shown at the convention, so I`ll post more as soon as I bump into something...

woensdag 23 juli 2014

Lego San Diego Comic Con exclusives

It`s the famous SDCC this weekend, one of the biggest event in geek-dom of the year, and unfortunatly, it`s in the States...

On this convention, a lot of announcements are expected to be made, like the new Hobbit movie (LOVE that poster), some tips on Marvel `phase 3`, and other things like new Lego sets.

The convention also has a lot of exclusives for the attendees, and one of the companies present is Lego, and by the lord did they bring a nice set of, for us europeans, totally unaquirable sets.

The scalpers are already aiming their sights, so don`t be amazed that you`ll find about 500 of the 1000 to 2000 limited sets on ebay for literally 500+ USD, something I ain`t paying for a minifig.  remember the Green Lantern minifig for one...

This year, six sets have been shown: two from Batman, featuring th cool 1960s Batmobile and one featuring a minifig of Batman`s "alternate", an alien that now serves as Bruce Wayne`s back up in case of mind loss.

Then there is `The Collector` from Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the limited Rocket Raccoon set, which will be the ONLY one featuring Rocket in his Guardians uniform.

Finally there is an alternate version of Uni-Kitty from the Lego Movie, and the one minifig for which I would queu in order to make a chance in the raffle, alternate clothed Bard from the Hobbit.  Oh well, at least I have Lake Town Bard...

I`ll be popping back to this when information of all sorts of things pop in, but at least we got a teaser already of one of the 2015 Star Wars releases, the Wookiee Dropship.

Building my Eternal Decks: Legacy `Bugs and Honey`

Well, I get my best results in Limited Formats.  I gain the staple of my Planeswalker Points by being a midfielder in Standard events... but never the less, I am building at last my decks for Modern and Legacy.

Okay, so I participated in events of those formats, but usually brought just my current red deck of the moment bumped with a few cards from earlier sets like my Vexing Devils or Lightning Bolts.

But Modern IS the format on the rise at the moment, the biggest GP ever so far was a Modern one, and bar in my local watering hole, which is Type 2 centric, events are popping up more and more again for the other formats, and if I want to pop in at one, I`m going to be building `dedicated` decks for them, which I can store and no issues of putting cards from one into the other build, then forgetting them at the next event etc.

Now, I don`t know the meta game for any format (heck, barely even for Standard) as I`m not the kind of person that can put in the effort for reading all sites all day year in year out.  But for this format, I once fielded a Green Blitzkrieg deck consisting of Timbermares and other Haste Echo beasties, resulting in the only win ever being a Bye.  So that mechanic obviously didn`t work.

How it Works

Now, I`m putting together and trading towards a `Bugs and Honey` deck, consisting of beasties and charms, and which works basically by growing your big beasts even bigger and then hopefully trampling over the opponent.

The Decklist

2x Giant Solifuge
2x Gleancrawler
4x Hystrodon (play it using it`s morph if you can to get it in a turn earlier)
2x Nantuko Disciple
3x Scute Mob
4x Unyaro Bees

3x Bear Umbra
2x Epic Proportions
2x Wurmweaver Coil

3x Evolution Charm
3x Might of the Masses
4x Strength of Cedars
3x Vitality Charm

23x Forest


4x Nantuko Blightcutter
3x Primal Order
2x Plummet
2x Tectonic Edge
4x Natural Order

The Cost

Considering Legacy would be for me more of an occassional format, the first criterium of building a deck is that it shouldn`t be costing to much.  Okay, Green Blitzkrieg might have pushed that a little to far at 25 USD, but considering a meta environment of dacks costing between 1500 and 2000 USD, my goal was to get to a tenth of that amount.  And I did, this deck coming in short under 150 USD.

I`m using Trade Cards Online to trade for most of the rest of them, being not to popular rares nor others, this is a fairly well going process of trading my non red cards of Standard for some of those old buggers, often even managing to trade half a dollar in my favor and all.  People seemingly are just glad at least someone wants them...

The Goal

No big dreams of epic victories or the likes, the single goal of this deck that I have in mind is being able to participate and at least have some `angle` that most people don`t expect.  Something I had with the Green Blitzkrieg as well, but that usually fell short one or two points before the board stabilized or a Storm went off sweeping me away...

maandag 21 juli 2014

Lego Young Builders first princess

No, I haven`t started a `pink period`, nor got to close with my inner child when I got this set of the newer `Easy to Build` range, that provides a manner for young children to make the step from Duplo to Lego (and this one aimed at girls and the Princesses or Friends ranges).

No, I still had a 5 euros voucher from the Lego The Movie action at Bart Smit, a local toy chain.  So this set only cost me 4 euros, and I did it for certain elements.

First off, there is of course the princess.  Not that many are available in the current Lego range, so having a female damsel for my fantasy builds is great.

Secondly, there is the horse.

Then there are the light pastel blue bricks, who will be incorporated into an icy build I`m planning when GoH turns to Mitgardia in the Book II storyline.

And then there are the odds bits and bobs in intresting colors, like the golden banner and window grills, and the deep purple spire toppings.

Not a bad buy at the reduced price I paid for it, and one of those sets I`ll keep on my radar if they ever drop out of favor and into the clearance shelves...

Pharaon of Sphinx announced

The late year limited release by Tamashii Nations / BanDai for the Myth cloth line has been announced a short while ago, and it is the spectre Pharaon.

Now in general, I`m not to much of a fan of the Spectres in Saint Seiya, finding their armours all to spiky and the black / dark grey / purple colour scheme doesn`t really do it for me.

But Pharaon is a different kind of spectre.  Guarding one of the mercurial houses, he judges passers by by the weight of their heart as in Egyptian myth, and his cloth is rather elegant with the lire and all.

Will I get him?  Perhaps, if I can find him next year on Antwerp Convention (I`m skipping FACTS this year in favour of Brick mania for budget plans), nut he isn`t on my `Must have per se` list.

zondag 20 juli 2014

F1 2014 GP of Germany - review

So here we are at the circuit of Hockenheim for the 10th Grand Prix of the Season, that of Germany.

With the season over half now, we can safely assume that the titular battle will be going between Rosberg and Hamilton, while it is only a time of mathematical certainty when the Silberpfeilen take the Constructor`s Championship.

And in that driver`s championship, Rosberg can do a very, very good case today, as Hamilton had a crash in Q1, putting him down to 16th place.  To make things worse, he also got a five place grid drop for changing his gear box, putting him down in 20th.  Only Chilton is behind him, as Ericsson once more didn`t make the 107% rule and will start at the stewards discretion.  Maybe they should replace him by someone talented, like our Belgian hope on formula one days, Stoffel Van Doorne who put in a 2nd and 3rd during the GP2 events this weekend on Hockenheim.

Other points of intrest of the qualifiers is that Magnussen put his McLaren in 4th, while Ricciardo once more outqualified Vettel.

Will this become an exciting race like Bahrain, Canada or the UK?  Or one of the more boring events like Austria?

The Start: As Bianchi stalls on the starting line, Magnussen collides with Massa.  The Dane, even though having lost a lot of places can continue onwards, but Massa, for the third time this year, is smacked of the track by things he can`t help.  Ricciardo has to go very wide to avoid the collision and falls back to the rear of the field as well, as the Safety Car pulls out.

Lap 3: the safety car comes back in and we find ourselves now with the leading foursome Rosberg, Bottas, Vettel and Alonso, as Hamilton can start his race of overtaking the whole field, for not the first time this season.

Lap 4: As Hulkenberg and Button fight over 5th place, Hamilton has already advanced to 14th thanks to his aggressive driving style and the sheer power of the Mercedes.

Lap 6 to 8: Rosberg puts in three sequential fastest laps as he opens the gap to Bottas.  In the midfield Sutil is making the best of his Sauber, hanging around the last point even as hamilton gives him a little nudge. In the meantime Kvyat is pushed of the track by Perez in a racing incident over 7th place.

Lap 10: Already both Ricciardo and Hamilton are back in the points at 9 and 10th place respectively.

Lap 11: Riccardio goes by Raikonnen as Hamilton opens the offensive on the fin as well.  As he then pushes past both Raikonnen AND Ricciardo in a wide drive, he touches the Ferrari and breaks a small part of the front wing.

Lap 15: And the day gets worse for Raikonnen, as Vettel and Alonso, his team mate, exit the pits behind him and restart their epic battle from Silverstone, literally sandwiching the Ferrari and cracking up his nose even further.

Lap 16: Rosberg and Bottas pit, and find Lewis now in between them.  Who said you couldn`t overtake on the new style Hockenheimring???

Lap 20: Bottas retakes his 2nd place but they will have to guess good on their pitstrategy, as Hamilton is on a two stopper compared to most other drivers on three stops.  Rosberg in the meantime leads with 10 seconds on the two duelists, so unless something goes horribly wrong, we know the winner and the podium is going to go between these three drivers.

Lap 23: Perez gets ordered by his engineer to conserve fuel or fall to a sputtering halt...

Lap 24: Sutil goes past Grosjean.  Take out the Mercedes and Williams at the front and the poor Caterhams at the back, and the whole field is rather close actually this year, able to battle each other constantly.  The engine sound might be gone, but it does give nice duels for the most part this year.

Lap 28: Grosjean has to retire as his engine gives out and he loses all power.  Hamilton buldogs past Ricciardo again and then touches Button lightly, damaging his front wing.  Congratulations to the stewards as they aren`t throwing all those silly stop and go`s around this time, and letthe boys all play in the garden.  To no avail for Jenson, as the Mercedes shoots by like a comet on the next straight.  It is one mighty piece of machinery, and really the McLaren of 88 style of brute dominance.  End up in the back?  No problem, we just thunder by...

Lap 33: As Hamilton goes by Hulkenberg to 5th, he can go hunt the battling Alonso and Vettel who are duelling for the last podium spot, just as the next round of pitstops is starting to get underway.

Lap 34: Raikonnen says he has an issue front left and decides against team orders he is pitting NOW.

Lap 35: Alonso goes by Vettel, virtually putting the Ferrari on the podium.  Hamilton reacts with a fastest lap, but Alonso immediately puts in another himself.

Lap 39: As Alonso and Vettel repass Hulkenberg after pitting, Ricciardo now puts in the fastest lap.

Lap 41: Bottas pits and knows he normally should make another one, while Hamilton only has his last one to go, which both Rosberg and Hamilton then immediatly do.

Lap 43: Poor Sutil loses his 10th place now to Perez

Lap 46: The Toro Rosso of Kvyat literally is on fire as his engine goes sky high.

Lap 49: Hamilton storms by Alonso, and is now hunting on Bottas, knocking off 1.5 second a lap on the Williams.  Bottas decides to try and take the Williams to the end of the race on his old tyres.

Lap 50: Due to a technical issue Sutil spins on the straight of start and finish and the engine blocks out.  But oddly enough no safety car is released, and it takes 2 turns even before someone finally comes over to try and remove the car, this was a very dangerous moment...

Lap 53: Ricciardo goes by Hulkenberg for 7th, as Hamilton knocks in another fastest lap.

Lap 55: Some sort of glitch takes hold of Alonso`s car as Vettel, Hamilton, Button and Ricciardo go by him, then the aussie overtakes Button as well to 5th behind his team mate.  Don`t tell me Daniel is going to hunt Seb on his home soil...  In the meantime the Ferrari recovers and he retakes Button.

Lap 60: This now results in a ferocious battle between Alonso and Ricciardo, two drivers not giving an inch and constantly switching places as they battle onwards.

Lap 61: Hamilton has caught up to Bottas, but Valteri bravely defends his position drifting wildly on his worn tyres and just keeps it to the finish line...

Lap 67: And Rosberg?  Yeah well, he was somewhere far in front...

The Result

1. Rosberg - Mercedes
2. Bottas - Williams Mercedes
3. Hamilton - Mercedes

4. Vettel - Red Bull Renault
5. Alonso - Ferrari
6. Ricciardo - Red Bull Renault
7. Hulkenberg - Force India Mercedes
8. Button - McLaren Mercedes
9. Magnussen - McLaren Mercedes
10. Perez - Force India Mercedes

11. Raikonnen - Ferrari
12. Maldonado - Lotus Renault
13. Vergne - Toro Rosso Renault
14. Gutteriez - Sauber Ferrari
15. Bianchi - Marussia Ferrari
16. Kobayashi - Caterham Renault
17. Chilton - Marussia Ferrari
18. Ericsson - Caterham Renault

Driver of the Race:

Is their any doubt?  Lewis Hamilton.  He started 20th, and came back to the podium not even once, but TWICE having to go through almost the whole field due to his different tyre strategy.

Team of the Race:

Or better, of the first half of the season: Mercedes.  Nothing to do against them, the only thing that can beat a Mercedes is the (rare) technical issue on BOTH cars like in Canada, but otherwise, there is always one half a day out in front of the field.

The Backmarker

Well, since Chilton put his Marussia into his team mate and then the wall in Canada, I had a spot open at the end of these reports.  And I am going to use that to bring to attention a nice / heroic / sympathetic or obscure team from my formula one following days.  Now, I always loved the smaller teams, and fondly remember the days of the prequalifying tombola in which small outfits like Coloni (5 staff members!!!) or just teams in decline or before their rise.  Like the team that was destined to become Red Bull in the end...

Anyone know the answer?  I`ll tell you in a bit.

But for the first part, it is no more then to show off the team from which the Cult of Chilton hailed, Virgin Racing.  Contending for two season (2010 and 2011) before gowing in new management and becoming Marussia, the coalition between Richard Branson and Manor motorsport was one of the three new comers that survived the budget plafond that was recalled later on. 

How different would F1 have become if the cap had indeed been implemented and more privateer teams could return to the grid for the charm...

The novelty was that both seasons the car was fully designed by computer and not with model and wind tunnels.  And it showed, as in it`s first season it ended last in the constructors, and in 2011 they where only above HRT with Belgian driver D`Ambrosio in one of the cars alongside Timo Glock.

Oh, and the answer to which team Red Bull evolved from?  Stewart Grand Prix!

The Plan - Week 23

Nothing.  Zilch.  De Nada...

Maybe I should go see a doctor or something, but me, known as `the gamer` in his family, has clocked a full 7 minutes of game time the past week, to pop in on my Vita and do one single level there of Lego: The Hobbit.

That is it.  No Minifigures Online, no World of Warcraft, no Wolf Among Us, no some other game on the PS3 or the PC...

Bar hiding from the sweltering heat this week, I have been spending my time building Lego`s (Bag`s End, the Pearl, Orthanc...) and catching up on Magic M15 to learn about the format of the set for the past weekends Release Event, and how that Convoke mechanic worked exactly (which I ended up not using), sort out the not suitable for red cards and filing out my `want` lists.

I must see to at least get the Midnight run in somewhere this week, but I`ll be busy doing a lot of other stuff the coming days that I doubt I`ll be putting in many more game hours again this week, as I need to retune my deck for a weird idea that I have for the GP Utrecht (basically a Red Aggro deck that doesn`t attack... long story which I`ll get to in time).

Until next week!