dinsdag 22 mei 2018

Make some noiiiisseeee

While they weren't needed per se for the big battle the coming weekend, nevertheless I expanded my squad of Nosie Marines with 5 more rockers of the apocalypse.

While waiting for GW to (ever?) release plastic Noiseys, I went through a third party.

The Marines themselves are regular Chaos Marines which I drafted from the christmas start collecting Noshi gave me, but they are equipped with Sonic Blasters produced by Spellcrow.

Now boosting a hefty 10 man, with their superb `shoot if they die` rule, the squad will function as the centre of my future firebases, because the ignore cover is a great asset as well...

Now let`s see how they fare in battle this sunday...

maandag 21 mei 2018

Violet Evergarden

There we are, the 20th anime I watched this year and another goal already achieved far sooner then expected...

But what a series this Netflix show was...


The story revolves around Auto Memory Dolls: people initially employed by a scientist named Dr. Orland to assist his blind wife Mollie in writing her novels, and later rented out to other people who needed their services.  The story follows Violet Evergarden's journey of reintegrating back into society after the war is over and her search for her life's purpose now that she is no longer a soldier.
This leads here to solve various life issues for other people, but also faces her own uncertainties, and having to cope with her injuries from the war.  And her quest to find Major Gilbert, her surrogate father whom she loves dearly...

What I liked about it

* Gorgeous animation and a strong soundtrack, coupled to an intense storyline
* "Hard" doesn`t even start to cover this series, what a true gutwrencher this was...

What I didn`t like about it

* If you are looking for a nice series for a relaxing evening... keep on looking for something else

A truly magnificent epos, full of drama yet also of hope, this is one of the greats on the anime scene in my opinion!

zondag 20 mei 2018

Marine Corps vs Andrayada 1500 pts FWC Battle Report

So, after the testbattle from two weeks ago to more or less getting to refresh the rules (to no avail, I still forgot a heap of things), my Emperor's Children took to the field to battle the cyborg Andrayada.

Set at 1500 points, an average sized game, the 18 by 48 table was filled with scenery and the forces revealed that would take on each other.

And I was in for a not so suprise, as Nemesis had brought along one of the big walkers.  He had also upgraded some of his units, like shields on the small walkers and higher command on his officers.  This meant he brought along a CO and a HQ, 3 stands of Infantry, 2 Scouts, 2 small walkers, a four legged missile beast and the big walker.  That guy, being an Elite, would surely give me issues...

... as would my general command rolls this battle, as I barely managed to give more then 2 orders with my command 10 and 2 command 9 HQ's.  Supporting these I brought 6 units of regular Marines, of which two had the Rocket Launcher upgrade.  I also took two Rhino ifv's and a Land Raider, a recce bike, three regular bikes (the steeds of Slaansh), and two whirlwinds.

I had to start deploying first but had more battlegroups, while Nemesis took the first turn and made full use of the unlimited Initiative of his forces.

One of the Whirlwinds was the first to go as the Titan blew it up from across the board.

In the meantime, my mobile force part moved to the bridge to cross the river dividing the board in two.  Botched rolls meant the force didn't advance as far as I liked, let alone get any decent shooting off.

The second whirlwind quickly got taken out, resulting in neither of my (only) long range decent firepower having even loosened a single shot...

My infantry slowly advances towards the second crossing, as the bikes and rhino get over the bridge to try and get around his flank.

But this beast kept wiping at least a unit per turn with it's +1 to hit, -1 save 6 dice gun.

Slowly, we are getting into the fight though, as I am starting to pin down his central line, and finally take down his very first stand of infantry in a gunfight with my Marines.

I must admit, that Fearless rule of my army, while not as spectacular as the Andrayadans unbreakable rules and Cyborg benefits, did start to make an impact as my Marines barely got pinned during the battle compared to the robots now fire was being returned.

At a high cost, the bikes and Rhino flank break through as they finally take down the flank units, now focussing on the small walker.  But the big beast is turning now my way, and further then some pot shots on taking his shields down a bit, I don't get.

The Andrayada units at the crossing are taken down slowly, and he reaches his breakpoint first in the battle, which is not of any use actually in this game... but he is getting low on units this way.

The Marines cross the river now as well, and the titan has to turn back my way to protect it's flanks.

Advancing the infantry, and a bike sneaking behind his line, the shields are taken down on the big guy.  Bolter fire keeps pouring in (I managed to finally, finally get a chain of orders in) and he is dwindled down by the small arms fire, crashing to the ground.

The battle is now over, even though I had to pass a bottle test first, which I did.  The last Andrayadan infantry stand, surrounded on all sides, is taken down by the howitzer Rocket Launchers, securing the win...

What a battle... the Titan eventually did go down, but that was more because Nemesis screwed up some command rolls as well (though he did get the double one free order in) because per shooting order he genarrly took down a unit.  Heck, of the 8 units I lost (my breakpoint was 7, +1 for my flexibility rules), one WASN'T caused by that monster, and I was forced by it to storm it through the open once his supporting force collapsed under fire.

Man of the match as such has to be found in the loosing camp with that big guy, while for my side at best I have to go for the bikes who held out far longer then expected at the bridge, with their limited firepower...

But it was a great game, and I have truly found my love for the gamesystem again, now to seek out just some medium armour models to expand my forces with...

zaterdag 19 mei 2018

The Haul Report 134

It`s a big one this week, as I received first and foremost the rulebook and figures to start playing a new game with Noshi!

And that game is Burrows and Badgers, the adventure warband game using all kinds of cute and furry animals...

Published through Osprey for the rules and Oathsworn who created the figures, this game by Michael Lovejoy is just to cute for words, and after my last two "must paint" units are done, I`m going to throw myself on these figures and we will be battling it out for sure... including hopefully even YouTube battle reports and all.

I also obtained two packs of Renedra bases as I said in an earlier painting desk video, I suddenly saw I was out of them, and these should get me sailing until Crisis I hope.

Freebies are nice, and this week I received my Fang N Hood model I won through a Guess the Price contest by Greebo Games.  A really fantastic model on which I`ll do an unboxing video soon, and whom I`ll look forward to painting.

Patrick from Pat's Celtic Cross brought along my Union regiment box, meaning that I can like turbo assemble and paint my final regiment for the ACW big battle in three weeks time, and afterwards bring all my remaining regiments up to 24 models each.

Another "free aquisition" *cough* from Gent's citytrip last weekend was this magazine, which has some nice articles albiet in dutch.  It is the summer 2017 number, but history remains history after all...

A varied heap of stuff this week for sure, but the Burrows game is the crown of the collection expansion!

On the Painting Desk 47

Okay, so I failed this weeks target of having finished the Noise Marines, but it's basically just the basing and the final layers to go, so they will definitly be done this week.

Right on time for next weekend, which is a bit to close to my liking but heck, they are ready for war...

The big 'to do' this week though is assembling and undercoating, preferably even already putting on the first blues, of the final ACW regiment.  That would mean I have one weekend afterwards to finish them all up before they all have to be on the table by the 8th...

These are going to be intense weeks...

TSA Clubevening of the 18th of May 2018

Yesterday it was friday, and that means clubnight time!

And I did a tour once again of all the games being played the night, and was amazed at some long time no see appearances... 

Specter was once again being played as bands of troops moved through a cityblock after each other.

A big ACW battle was in full swing as it seemed that the Union tried to break a Confederate line.

A Warhammer 40k battle saw the Ultramarines take it out with the Custodes.

Chain of Command was played as Arne was teaching Glenn the rules.

A battle from the final days of the crossbow and pike (sorry Joeri, I forgot the exact name of the battle), before the musket started to make her appearance as the infantry weapon of choice...

The Zombies boardgame was being played, as hordes of braindead where out to get the players.

The Heroquest roleplay session was also held this week.

Malifaux appeared at the club, as Jurgen was demo-ing the game to Dimitri.

The same went for Age of Sigmar, with Ivan playing a new guy to learn him the rules.

The Scythe boardgame was being put through her paces as well tonight.

In a Team Yankee confrontation, an amphibious landing took place.

Meanwhile, the countergamers studied their next big strategies.

As some forgotten souls braved the horrors of adventure during Dungeons and Dragons...

And me?  I played Future War Commander, but those pictures and report are for a later moment this week ;-)

vrijdag 18 mei 2018

White Dwarf May 2018

This months Whote Dwarf focusses as usual on a few new releases, but also a very intresting battlereport for me.

And it comes with a free mini-game as well!

In bold, as usual, the articles that picked my intrest...

Meet The White Dwarf Team - what have they been up to

Planet Warhammer - a look at all the new releases of this month, including the new Idoneth faction for Age of Sigmar

Temporal Distort - looking back to october 2006

Getting Started with T'au Empire - a look at the various T'au of the range

Birth of the Idoneth - designer notes on the newest faction

Eavy Metal Masterclass - painting big monstrous creatures

Collecting: Scions of the Furnace - a large Mechanicus army

Golden Demon Winner's Challenge - eyecandy galore

The Defence of Drevaris - a battle report pitting T'au against Space Marines

The Soul Siphon - Deepkin versus Undead battle report

Hall of Fame - a look at compositions of nominated models

A Tale of Four Warlords - the growing Age of Sigmar forces continue to be prepped for the epic finale

Duels of the Crystal Labyrinth - a mini game of Tzeetch sorcerers to play on the back cover of the magazine

Necromunda Venator Bands - new rules for skirmishes in the Underhive

Blanchitsu - another look at the huge collection and works of John Blanche

Paint Splatter - Deepkin and Chaos Blood Bowl players are this months tutorials

Readers Models

In the Bunker

And that was it for this month.  Now personally, for me it was a rather poor issue in case of content, as it was mostly Age of Sigmar heavy.

But those Deepkin do deserve the focus, they are gorgeous models...