dinsdag 28 januari 2020

AHPC10: Piper's Peak: The Watcher of Kharna

Reaching the Peak, one can see the Snow Lord's Mountain on the horizon...

And as such Tamsin's challenge has been laid down, paint models gazing to the horizon.

To that end, I dug up a model from my MESBG pile, namely The Watchers of Kharna, especially because one of them is actually holding his hand above his eyes to gaze towards distant places, making him perfectly suitable for the challenge laid down.

So this elite warrior from the Fallen Realms arrives in my forces, bostering the ranks of Harad and bringing wrath and ruin to Middle-Earth.

A total of a single 28mm figure painted as such, yielding me 5 points and the challenge bonus for this round, totalling 35 points.

maandag 27 januari 2020

Another Life

Starbuck is back in space!  Or at least Katee Sackhoff is... and again as a hard as nails, but inherently flawed character.

In this Netflix Original series, the typecasting is a bit a precursor to a series full of "I`ve seen that before" moments.

An alien artefact lands on earth, and a special ship, the Salvare, is dispatched to the coordinates they believe it hails from.  While researchers try to decipher the artefacts secrets on Earth, an accident occurs onboard, causing it to have to make a detour.

Along the way, Niko must face the problems of a crew not really trusting her (yet), and they loose friends during the journey... but however, in this series you just open another soma (cryostasis) pod and replace him or her with another equal specialist... detracts a bit of the feel of loss to be honest.
And of course, the aliens turn out to be an evil race, that only wants destruction as the crew learns... by landing on a wrong planet.

Okay, so far so good, and a pretty basic storyline for most science-fiction series, but then we get a couple of events that gave me the above feeling.  A virus that makes you cough up your nervous system, erupting in the way of a chestburster (okay, by the back in this case), alien insect like beings that attach to the brains to communicate (hello Independance Day) and make one of the crew the "bad guy", an AI developping emotions and feelings... you see, nothing revolutionary there to be honest.
Perhaps the most "stunning" thing about the series, is that it is gender- and sex- transistent as it advertises, but then again... Star Trek Discovery anyone?

It has been renewed for a second season, but to be honest I won`t be counting down the days until it airs.  I will be watching it, eventually, but so far it is all to "clichee" for me...

zondag 26 januari 2020

AHPC10: Bromley's Butte: Lothlorien Elves

Making way around Challenge Island, one has need for good intel as the area needs to be reconoitred.

And that is exactly the task set upon us, brave explorers, in Bromley's Butte: scouts, hunters, light infantry... those that know the terrain and sneak around it...

And for that entry, I selected to paint up some more MESBG figures, because, well, I have a mountain of lead, resin and plastic for the game rivalling Smaug's pile of gold.

More precisely, the unarmoured troops of the Lady Galadriel's realm, Lothlorien.  Elves are already stealthy guardians of the woodland realms, but these even take that to a higher level, all equipped with their elven cloaks, to sneak through the underbrush and hunt intruders into their lands.

Produced by Games Workshop, the entry contains six of these elite hunters, which are all plastic models.

I also printed five "spider cocoons" to go with the models, to make it all look just that bit more threatening and grimm on the tabletop, as the Elves hunt the large spiders in service of Sauron.

So that makes a nice total of 6 Wood Elves for this entry, while I counted the cocoons as a single 28mm model as well seen their size and bases "footprint" , tallying me 55 points in addition to the 30 points for the location.

The Haul Report 214: Let's get ready to ruuuumble

Yush, because my Chaos Dwarf made to order "Christmas gift to myself" arrived this week.

And they will be going to the front (or well, near front) of the painting queue as they must be ready for the Blood Bowl league over at TSA this year.

But I also obtained the missing White Dwarf from november, which came with a heap of goodies (some I`ll be giving away through my YouTube channel or so), but the seller also send along a free issue, the oktober 2015 one, always nice for a bit of nostalgia reading.

But now to assemble that team first...

zaterdag 25 januari 2020

AHPC10: Space Pikachu

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, and for this (unplanned) entry it came from... a meme.

While I like The Mandalorian (offering a lot of redemption to the franchise after the recent three movies), and Noshi is going constantly like "ooh", "aaaah" and "it's so adoooorable" when Baby Yoda comes into view, that wasn`t the reason for this entry.

It was this meme...

I laughed so hard at the nickname of Space Pikachu, I just needed to print one for a stander by in Star Wars Legion.  A game I`m not actually playing (yet), haven`t bought models for (yet), let alone painted up something for (yet).

Except then this little guy...

The model was printed on my Ender 3, but the ears where to wide and thin on the STL to come out decently without breaking during clean-up.  So to that end, I sculpted some new ones on him using greenstuff.

Now to explain to Noshi you can`t actually PLAY him in the game (again, yet, I guess FFG is going to jump on the hype wagon soon)...

And that adds a 5 points to the tally for a 28mm scale model... and the start of journey to a galaxy far, far away...

vrijdag 24 januari 2020

On the Painting Desk 127

The AHPC thunders on, especially if like me your on a deadline, but I`m nearing the half-way mark of my goal as we speak.

Now to puch through heavily to complete some bigger entries and as such get that goal sorted hopefully around half of february.

This zeek has been productive, with two entries uploaded on the page, and a third ready to be done as well.  So we now move to the final two entries of the current Path, as well as go on the adventure for the fresh one that opens... and make work of that Infernal Dwarf army for a bit.

That will mean a lot of red tones will be painted the coming weeks...

donderdag 23 januari 2020

Lord Ipsqueek's Adventures: making mommy shine

Hey everyone, it's me again, and let me tell you about something gorgeous that happened to me.

While I`m still growing strong, preparing to show the world my face and my name in just a few weeks now, I went on a photoshoot!

Thanks to a good friend of Mommy, namely Kim of Happy Feet, I can all give you a look how good me and mommy are matched together.  I know mommy that I at times inadvertently cause mayhem by kicking your stomach or punching your blatter, but don`t you agree that we make a great pair!

My mommy looks so lovely in this picture :-)  I already love her very much!

And daddy?  Lets keep this a little secret between us, but he often spends the nights just looking at me and mommy sleep, guarding us from the monsters under the bed.

He's a hero who will always protect me from the boo-boo's!

Well, that was me for now, I`ll be back soon with more of my wonderous adventures!!!