woensdag 23 oktober 2019

Blitzkrieg Commander 4th Edition

After playing Future War Commander for more then a decade now in 6mm, Nemesis and I decided to (finally) get the historical version as well.

And the 4th edition had just been brought out this year.

Now, over those years, the Commander series has been acquired by Pendraken and the BKC book has had an overhaul compared to the old books.  Three things immediatly caught my eye flicking through the book after receiving it.

1. The paper has changed.  It seems thinner but glossier then the older editions of the books.  While this makes it look a lot more "high end" then the older ones, I doubt it will stand the time just as well from constant flicking through pages.

2. It is sleeker in appearance, with a lot of colour pictures and "decorated sections" in the rules, like for example the scenarios, who used to be just black and white blocks of text in the old ones.

3. It doesn't come with the handy cardboard summary sheet.  There is a free download for it though on the website, so not to bad, but it was a handy tool for your games.

Taking a look at the book and rules themselves, these are easily caught up with if your familiar with the FWC rules, and the book follows the same structure.  Perhaps the biggest differences are the "scheduled phase" whee pre-planned artillery barrages and airstrikes occur in, and the fact all the profiles have both an AT and AP value for their shooting.  That is definitly an improvement over the old # and * system of the old ones.

The same goes for the special rules.  They are still listed in the notes, but instead of being repeated after each army list, they just are all put together in the beginning of the army list section.

Talking those lists, there are 44 in total, and of course the big nations have multiple lists, each for a different theatre and often period of the war.  But for pick up games, every list can play every list, though if you want to play "more or less accurately", not only do you have the theatre then, but also some units that can't be used before or after a certain date in that particular list as units phased out or brought in as reinforcements.

Now, Nemesis has his eyes on Germans, Russians and Japanese forces, but I'll probably be sticking to my, oh suprise, beloved Italians for the system.  And considering how cheap 6mm is (0.65 GBP for a tank for example at Heroics and Ros) I'll probably end up with a force from EVERY Italian list in the book...

The book definitly looks the deal flicking through it, and a more in depth reading of the book will be taking place very soonish (as I plan to grab some forces at Crisis in a few weeks) but armed with the knowledge of playing the sci-fi variant of them there shouldn't be to much problems in getting those first games out and rather smoothly running.

A good purchase for sure, and one that will be bringing some hopefully fun games to the table!

dinsdag 22 oktober 2019

Firing up those cardgame numbers again...

Okay, so we are all settled in, we have made selections in which armies could move along and which ones went to new owners... and now we have a heap of additional free time (at least until the little hobbit arrives) and a private schedule that is totally overhauled.

I realize I won't be able to get to the club anymore every friday, even though my presence was already slaughtered during the whole renovations and pregnancy cycle... but I need my geek out moment so it's time to go on that occassional draft again.

This will be by participating in MTG game events on low scale left and right, in the beginning by doing drafts and perhaps in the far future playing some standard again, as I'll be rebuilding one of my "25 dollar mono-red deck" decks again to do just that.  No thinking required, just boom boom boom and win or lose in 15 minutes games.  It worked in the past...

I'll also be dabbling my toes a bit in other "sanctioned" cardgames along the road, but all of them will be without any ambition bar trying to get rid off the non used cards along the way, to prevent it all stacking up skyhigh once again as it used to.

It's also something very space efficient to be honest...

maandag 21 oktober 2019

Armies on Parade 2019: Parade Day Games Workshop Antwerpen

The past saturday, it was Parade Day again at the local Games Workshop, as Armies on Parade reached it's annual height.

Unfortunatly, while I had planned and painted to enter with an MESBG force, it was not to be this year.

We had a date with this lovely little fellow today...

Never the less, I did drop by to get my White Dwarf, and while it was still rather early in the day and not all participants had probably arrived yet, there where already some lovely armies on display.

I personally liked the Undead the most (as for that matter, so did Noshi), but I`m curious about who else entered and who won.  I`ll be eyeing their facebook page for that matter this week...

And next year, I`ll be present again for sure!

zondag 20 oktober 2019

White Dwarf October 2019

Another month, and while I wasn`t able to attend this year's Parade Day, I did drop by the store to pick up the newest copy of the magazine.

And as always, I`m doing a flickthrough, marking in bold the articles that intrest me and I`ll be having a look at later on.

As always, it starts with the Editorial, Contact and Reader's Models.

And then we go to the Worlds of Warhammer, Phil Kelly's column that tackles forty facts about AoS this time round.

The Age of Sigmar section itself kicks off with Rules of Engagement, Jervis takes a look at the Luck factor in our games this issue.

Two sets of rules this month, one for AoS and one for 40k, and with the Tome Celestial we kick off with the AoS one: The Host of Syll'Esske, a Slaaneshi demon force.  And of course a joining Paint Splatter.

The Duality of Vengeance is a piece of fiction about Slaanesh followers, tying in nicely with the above.

In Fantastical Realms it is time this month to take a look at the Realm of Heaven, Azyr.

Moving on to the 40k section of the magazine, Echoes of the Warp looks at design goals and philosophies behind mass battle games.

In Engage and Slay, a fiction piece, the Sisters of Silence move into action, because...

... the second big piece of rules is for them this month in Index Imperialis and Paint Splatter.

A Tale of Four Warlords returns with it's Vigilus edition, as the armies continue to grow.

Kill team also gets new rules, as one can now use Vanguard marines from the Shadowspear box in the game.

In Kitbash, Battlefield Modifications takes a look at how to tailor these Vanguard for the skirmish scale game and give them each a unique flavour.

Glory Points takes a look at the newest season of Underworlds, as Beatsgrave has arrived.

More Specialist rules are presented with Big Dakka for Hire, allowing you to use Orks in Blackstone Fortress as a retinue character, as well as a new scenario.

The Golden Demon Winner's Challenge continues with another heap of mindboggling pieces of art.

In the Black Library section, we get a first look at the new Warhammer Horror series, with the short piece Six Doors to Darkness.

This months Battle Report is one for Aeronautica Imperialis, and why the hell did they scale up from 6mm (epic) to the unfitting 8mm scale... I would have bought the kits like badshit crazy had they been the old scale (same for Titanicus btw).

More Imperialis with the Judgement Squadron campaign this month as well.

Necromunda also gets his share, as the Enforcers are attacked in their own headquarters in a newly presented scenario series.

And we round out with the Inside the Studio column.

Not really that interesting for me personally, as none of the new rules apply to a game or force I play myself, but it is not a bad issue in itself, with not only both main systems getting new rules, but a nice palette for the specialist games as well.

And next month, the Inquisition arrives... yup, AGAIN Imperials for 40k *sigh*

zaterdag 19 oktober 2019

The Haul Report 202

Reading time!

And as it is half the month, the new White Dwarf has arrived, so expect the flick through review on monday as well.

But more importantly, my and Nemesis order arrived from Pendraken, after years of Future War Commander, it`s time we start dabbling into historicals as well now.

So that`s a nice haul of reading material this week!

vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

On the Painting Desk 116

Okay, time for speed painting...

It seems the LOTR tournament I had been preparing a force for has been raised from 700 to 900 points this year, so I urgently need some minor character or two to command more rabble.

To that end, I started work on the Mordor shaman that has been standing on the desk for a while now, as he should be enough in points to drag me in an operational mode.

And I've been painting up some more Morannon's to go with it to boot...

Ah, deadlines, ugh... but I have to see to get him ready by next update.

Cirith Ungol Uruk-hai

Nothing to spectacular in this post to be honest, as these are the first Uruk-hai of Cirith Ungol that I painted up.

Now, I keep "paint logs" for my models, to have references when I paint up more of certain troops in the future, and these models have been the first of it's kind as a try out for the colour scheme.

In the future, I will be painting up at least some more of his brethren as well as their "leader" Shaggrath, but for now, these three are the ones needed for the Cirith Ungol battle company to be finished.

For a "full" army, the list shares a lot of units with Mordor / Barad-dur / Angmar in the end, so if one builds a large army of Mordor, one can field one of the others just as well, as only some characters or a small unit left or right diversify the forces mainly consisting of orcs...

And as such, these add 25 points to my Mordor force...