The Tundra Bull support campaign

The Tundra Bull support campaign
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zondag 19 april 2015

Interstellar - review

The Earth is slowly dying, destroying all the crops in the fields and covering everyhting is small layers of dust, causing humanity to starve out and suffocate.

The sci-fi blockbuster of 2014, directed by Batman`s Christopher Nolan, falls in the category of `intelligent science fiction`, as everything is more or less accurately explained how it would be happening.

When a former NASA pilot Cooper gets recruited by the now covert operation NASA, he is send out with three scientists aboard the last spaceship to travel through a black hole and seek out a new world to relocate humanity on.

However, the mission has been flawed at it`s core, as the lead scientists plan is not to relocate, but repopulate a new home, unknown to Cooper to leave mankind behind to die on Earth.  This leads them to some spectacular prospect planets, one time distorted one covered in giant waves, another all frozen.

On this frozen planet, they save one of the initial 12 scouts, Professor Mann, but he turns out to be a coward instead of the `greatest of them all` as he kept sending the signal in order to get himself saved.

So far, this movie which lasts almost three hours had been a visual spectacle in a style reminding of Kubrick`s masterwork 2001: A Space Oddity.  But the final half hour is to much.  Cooper returns through the black hole... in only his spacesuit.  He gets caught between dimensions, connecting dots of how he got to NASA in the first place, and arrives just in time to see his daughter on her deathbed, before returning to the scientist he left behind on the other side and who has found a habitable world.

It`s a pity though, it would have been imho a far stronger ending had we seen Cooper and Brand leave on the journey of no return to this third planet, never to be seen again, while the signal data they passed on granting the solution to the Earth problem and allowing mankind to expand into the solar system.

Is this a good sci-fi movie?  Definitly, it mixes the far away reality to current day `almost possible` technology, making it all believable.  Until that infamous last half hour...

zaterdag 18 april 2015

Fafner Exodus - anime review

Every season, it seems an anime show passes by that grabs your attention even though you didn`t hear of it before.  Past winter quarter, that was Fafner Exodus, or as it is fully called *holds breath* Fafner in the Azure Dead Agressor - Exodus.

A mecha anime, this series puts humanity up against an alien race called Festum`s.

The first series consisted of 13 episodes, and focusses on how `D-Island` is discovered by the Human army.  This island, which contains some of the most advanced Fafner`s in existence, has chosen voluntary isolation to hide from both the Fetsum`s as well as the world`s problems.

Their discovery leads to it becoming under attack from a Festum called `the Walker`, and while a prat of the island`s expert troops set out to discover and reconnect with the known world, the others keep defending the sanctuary of peace and hope, even at high costs on the pilots bodies and minds.

When the expedition force gets in trouble, the two top ace pilots are send out to lend a hand, and soon it is shown they are far above the level of other pilots, taking down one of the large Azazel type Festums and saving a city and it`s controlling entity called a `Mir`.

The series comes from the hands of people that have also worked on Gundam SEED Destiny, with the titular character Kazuki looking exactly like Athrun Zala, while look a likes of Ray LeCreuzet and Kira Yamato are also present.  The Fafner`s though are far away from the Gundams in style, being hybrids of a sort of special `assimilation crystal` and mecha`s.

When the pilots though start `believing` in themselves and their machines, the power levels increase exponentially and the Core of D-Island reveals it is all an harmonic of willpower and the Fafner... and they might be just in time to be prepared for the arrival of an entity called `the Altair` from outer space.

A welcome surpise, I will hapily wait out for the series to continue, and in the meantime can keep enjoying the very strong opening track, Shangri-la performed by Angela (the same artist that did Sidonia no Kishi`s epic opening last year).

vrijdag 17 april 2015

Paper Beats Scissors

The final MOC I managed to complete this week is my entry for Warzone 11 of the Kaliphlim challenge in Guilds of Historica.

In this challenge, participants needed to portray a duel between champions of the various factions on a 12x12 baseplate, and overlooked by one of the `Cresentthorn Elves`.  The setting?  The Withering Woods, location of the awesome Lego wargame that took place there last year.

Princess Elryia, better known as the `Sand Cobra`, made her way through the foliage of the Withering Woods.  She was on a mission to recover the Tablet of Ankh-Mun, a relic lost there during the immense war that raged in the region now a year ago.

The tablet was rumoured to contain information her liege, the Desert King, could use in his rise to power and claim the lands of Kaliphlim for himself again.  She had met up with the local Cresentthorn Elves, and they had told her where the tablet supposedly rested.

What they hadn`t told her though, was that a mighty warrior from Ulandus was also on the search, probably in an effort to thwart her lord.   When she reached the clearing, the armoured man was waiting and drew a nasty looking sword.

Raising it to an attack position, Elryia saw one of the elves appear in the clearing as well, nodding his approval to the duel to be unfolded before him.

"I don`t have time for this' she thought, as she raised her staff to the sky and channeled the energy of the sun.  A moment later, a bolt of arcane energy spewed forth from her fingertips, balsting the no doubt honourable, but totally unsuspecting warrior of his feet.

donderdag 16 april 2015

The Revelation

Part of my Mitgardia builds for Guilds of Historica, this is the latest one I made, and is part of the `Frozen Beyonders` that have been popping up on Eurobricks lately.  

My contribution to this collab project is the revelation of just what these white walkers exactly are, and what their name is...

The hall was restless, Hagen noted.  A tension hung in the air, a sort of electricity of bad things about to happen or that have happened.

He knew the old sage had requested a gathering, and scanning the hall, he noticed many of his mightiest warriors had gathered today to see what the old man had to say.

For months now, strange attacks have been occuring in the North, but the fancy political struggles in far south Kaliphlim have made it a problem Mitgardia alone will face.  From the frozen lands of the great beyond, mysterious white warriors have been attacking small villages and settlements.  But none of those white clad brigands have been caught so far. 

They seemed to come and go as fleetingly as a snowflake in an icy storm.

Sage Knorr was pouring more herbs into the firepit, when he signalled his assistant to light the fire up.  A thick black smoke started to rise, but then suddenly the fire burst into bright blue flames.  Flames that almost looked as burning tendrils of ice.  The smoke changed colour, and turned to a snowy white, and he was certain the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees as the warriors shifted uneasily as they looked on.

He saw the outlines of a man... no, not a man, a demon.  A demon that looked like it spawned straight from the big glaciers. 

"Behold" Knorr said "our scourge!" 

He had the attention of all gathered, as he continued in his raspy voice.

"They have been sent by our Lord Odin himself, ressurected warriors of a bygone age.  Mighty is their number, and cold is their touch!"

"But why?" Bork Blackbeardson asked.  "Why does Odin send these fiends against us?"

The answer of the old sage send a shiver down Hagen`s spine.

"He wants to test us.  According to the legends, every 7 generations, he sends forth these fallen warriors to see if the People of Mitgardia still remain strong.  They will make sure that we are still the wall that stands against the colds of the Frozen Beyond... and for that, he sends against us... THE ALGUS!!!"

As the hall roared, and Wulf leaped on the table with his axe shouting he would defeat them all, Hagen could have sworn he saw a flicker of malignicy in the Raven Statue`s eye...

MASK Condor

The newest addition to the collection, this was actually back in the days my very first MASK toy I ever got.

I always kinda liked the rock star hero that was Brad Turner, and his Hocus Pocus mask had the pretty nifty ability to create holograms.

His motorcycle transformed into a small helicopter, and the version I got is in a more then decent shape, just missing a small sticker at the side, but on the contrary to most found, Brad`s chestpaint is still rather intact.

It wasn`t the only MASK toy I received today, but the other one I`m keeping aside for my next video I`ll be recording once a parcel of a won competition drops in...

woensdag 15 april 2015

Building a big dino

This week, I`m sharing the build report of set 5885, the Triceratops Trapper, from the previous range with Lego dinosaurs.

With Jurassic World at the horizon, Lego dino`s will become a focus again, but the line from around 2010 contained some mighty impressive beast models as well.

This is also the one I used for my triceratops mount MOC from a few weeks ago, and opening the box, we get the a fair amount of numbered polybags to build the vehicle, and some unnumbered ones that make up the beast itself.

Though the set comes with two `hunter` minifigures, the star is of course the big triceratops model itself.

But there is of course also the big cage transporting vehicle.  The first thing we are going to be putting together is the Triceratops cage.  This is based on a set of 3 times the 6x10 plate upon which we will be expanding.

Then the raised cage sides are put on the plates and bordered up.  It also contains the raised entrance with warning lights.

Next, the chassis of the large wheeled vehicle is on the menu.

Using a technique recently re-used in Benny`s Spaceship, you get to build some square frames that are connected to each other with Technic elements.

Once this frame is completed, it is time to build the bodywork upon this.

The yellow flat tiles are to mark the area where the cage will be sliding onto the vehicle.

Reinforcements are added for the front and sides of the vehicle.

The driver`s cabin then gets build on the front of the framework.

Big wheel caps are then bridging the framework sides.

Next, we close of the driver cabin and the large wheels are added to the axles.

The model is then completed, and we can slide the cage onto it`s back...

The build itself is a bit two fold for me.  I bought two of these big boys as they where in a store at a heavy discount past winter, and soley for the beasts.  I have by now traded the minifigs for others, and the car parts have been sorted into my part boxes to be long forgotten where they originated from, but the big beast remains impressive.

I also refrained from using the decals because I knew it wasn`t to become a display piece, but it was an intresting build in the framework parts.

Star Trek Excelsior: Forged in Fire

The latest book I`ve finished, this is part of the Star Trek novel line detailing the career of Hikaru Sulu on board the Excelsior.

In this particular volume, we learn about an enemy of old, the `albino`, a pale Klingon named Qagh that has been haunting his nightmares for over 40 years, and has cursed his bloodline as Demora falls suddenly ill.

Tailing back to a heap of old strands, the book shows more insight in the evolution of the flat-headed klingons, about how the `Warrior Three` Kang, Kor and Koloth got together and what had gotten Curzon Dax involved, but also what happened to Excelsior`s original captain, Captain Styles.

Though it does answer a lot of questions viewers of the television series only can only be thinking about, it does leave them with some fresh ones, but I guess that will be for another book someday.  All in all, a nice read but for certain not the best of Star Trek novels out there...