zaterdag 13 februari 2016

Lego Classic Build: 5616 Mini Robot

Today`s build is a really, really simple one, from the Mars Mission subtheme of Lego Space.

And it is very colourfully named `Mini Robot`, because well, that IS what you get in this small set from 2008.

The set includes a rather grim looking Mars crewman, with what seems to be a sort of mining laser.

The mini robot is based around a white `mailbox` element, which is mounted on hook hinge elements.  These get small skeleton arms attached to them to serve as the robots arms.

Inside the `box`, we can store a transyellow crystal, and some orange slopes and a white jumper are mounted on top.

The legs are basically two jumpers connected to each other.

Add some gear to the robot and a pair of binoculars to serve as it`s `head` and the full set is already completed.

A pretty simple, very simple set as I said, but a good source for parts and gears for those into the Mars Mission moc`s, especially since this one can be found dead cheap on BrickLink and the likes...

donderdag 11 februari 2016

Lego Build: Weldos Max

Today`s build report is a bit of a special thing, in that it isn`t an existing set... byt then again, it is.

Weldos Max is the combined version of the three Mixels I have build the past days, and you can find his instructions on the Lego (US) website under the Mixels theme.

Don`t mind the Coca-Cola tray background, as the instructions are on pdf, I had the bricks on my lap on that tray to be able to watch and build the Mixel at the same time.

The base of the model is a yellow slope on a black arch.  To this, Mixel connectors are added and a round yellow plate.

The central body is then build up upon this plate.  The grey bananas are added to look like a sort of spiky bits on the model.

In his `head` there is an eye surrounded by big nasty looking teeth in his maw.

We start constructing his limbs, the first being an arm consisting of, well, his welding apparatus.

His other arm is a claw, so this actually resembles the limbs of the Mixel Kramm, but in a sort of `deluxe` version.

Two legs are then made, in a style that has the roundness of Forx and the length of Wuzzo.  As you can see especially with the limbs, the styles of all three of the member Mixels is included in this build, making it look as a true combiner indeed.

On top of his head, a wrecking ball is attached making good use of those rock parts we got during the series.

The full Mixel combiner completed:

And the left over parts from the sets that we didn`t get to use:

All in all, this is a fun build to do `in between`, as it really takes elements from all the different sets and you can `see` them in the finished model.  It is a good theme, those Mixels, and all in all for the usefull parts it`s a cheap range as well...

woensdag 10 februari 2016

Lego Build: 41546 Mixels Forx

The third and final member of this tribe, Forx is a bit of a sort of digger like mixel, and that would be before the Weldos Max I`ll be doing tomorrow.

Again, some nice parts are in this set, and of course some more of the handy Mixel joints.

This one is has it`s half boulder mouth as his `typical` characteristic, so as we open the bag we get the bag of parts, and the instruction booklet.

The central start of the model is a black arch with red lights on it.  To this we connect the mixel joints in order to get the limbs connected to them.

On top of this, another joint connector is added with yellow arches as the neck for the head.

The arms itself are simple affairs consisting of only a few elements, but to one the chain is also attached.

Next we put together his two legs, which are sturdy affairs as they need to `hold` the front heavy boulder element.

This boulder is connected using a turntable element, and then placed on the neck.

The top of the head is based around a round yellow plate, with two of the eye printed heads and some grey bananas for the mustache.  White studs round out his teeth.

And the full build completed:

Tomorrow, I`m popping them all three together, as I`ll be tackling the combiner mode of this tribe, so be sure to drop by :-)