zondag 2 augustus 2015

Way to go Mum!

Well, I think I can say I tought my mother a good eye for Lego bricks then.  

She and dad often visit fleamarket`s in places I don`t even come near, and so she called me yesterday to tell me she had bought a bag of Lego, which she checked on them being the real deal, for 20 euro in far away Zandvliet.

So that `bag` turned out to be, as I like it, a whole pile of loose bricks, all nicely wrapped in one of those junior school bags you used to have for your gym shoes.  Sorting through the heap, it had a nice selection of all kinds of basic bricks, not to many bionicle stuff in it, a good catch.

In the `excellent` section amongst it was this large Bionicle helmet piece, something I had my eye on long time for a build in `temple` style, but always shurned the big shipping costs.

Judging by the few minifigs in the bag, there is also some Exo Force material in there, which is great, and there was some more cool stuff.

A set of `thick plates`, always handy, and two smaller grey baseplates, definitly handy.

But perhaps the coolest part was this `screamer brick` that still works perfectly.

And what did I do?

Well, I managed to exchange a Lisa from my doubles for Groundskeeper Willie, the only other figure from Simpsons 2 I wanted next to Comic Guy.  One little Lisa is now on her way to Hong Kong, thanks to Miniature Trading, I just love that website as a tool (the link is at the bottom of the blog).

Changes to Minifigures Online

It`s about a month now since the Lego MMO game changed from a free to play to a buy to play gamemodel as the `beta` was ended and changed to official release.

This brought along a lot of changes in the weeks it was down during june, and though I haven`t been playing exactly as much as I`d liked to have (yeah yeah, silly Facebook game based on the Pawn Stars show from History channel is currently occupying my zombie hours), there are some nice changes.

First of all, the biggest change is perhaps that the `bricks` system is gone and not replaced by something else.

But bar that, the achievements remained the same, even though a lot of new minifigures from older series have been implemented, which can drop if you complete The Lost Creations, something I really should start throwing myself into.  Apparently, even after level 35 it is said Mr Gold parts can drop.

The other changes are mostly of a graphic nature.  The maps and mini maps have received an overhaul, and some small changes have been done to the levels and storylines.

A great new feature now though is that the game comes with voice-overs and small cutscene animations.

It doesn`t give a big benefit anymore if you`re a subscriber, and all those that where have automatically received the game without needing to purchase it, but the second bonus chest is gone now.  Instead, every level and minidungeon now have the newer series (like 13) included in the possible parts for a figure that drops.

This also means that the exchange 3 parts for a random one has been eliminated, and changed by a system where you get 250 stars for every 3 parts you turn in now, handy as all the max level skills for the figures are opened now as well to max them out further.

All in all, the game now looks a little bit `slicker` without having changed a big deal.

Now if I can just get myself some free time again and chuck down some more achievements and complete some of the few figures I still need...

zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Classic Lego Build: 4733 Harry Potter The Dueling Club

Well, up until a few weeks ago, I had the luxury of the GF buying Harry Potter sets in a `used complete` state for the Smurf, and I had the `job` of checking them out before she gave it to him to prevent drama`s.

Now, she buys them for herself and builds it herself lol.  Which in a way is even better...

This was one of the sets we picked up at Brick Mania Wetteren last Easter, and is from the older series.  So I have in front of me a pile of classic bricks to make a check build.

The set comes with 4 minifigures, being Draco, Harry, that fancy prancing professor who`s name I can`t remember right now and a Snape.

The Dueling club platform is pretty cool, and starts on an 6x8 plate.

In this, a mechanism is build to flip open the top of the platform, for when the duelist is disarmed by his opponent and thrown backwards.

We mirror the build (bar the pins, whom now are technic bricks with a hole in) and these connect ot each other.

The second part of the build is the seating area for the instructors.

Including a darn cool printed tile

In the middle of this area is a rotating chair, and we lay down the axis for the chair.

The chair itself is befitting enough even for royalty to be placed upon.

We then raise the pilars to get more height into the build

Including some of the awesome lion head elements, whom have returned with the Chima range recently if I remember correctly.

Pillars are added to the front and crossbeams connect them to the back of the build.

Finally, we hang the banners of the different factions at the front.

And then this classic Harry Potter set stands completed.

It was a fun build with some intresting techniques for the duelling platform, but as with so many, these early sets don`t compare to some of the gems the later series chunked out 10 years further down the line.

A late birthday gift to meeeeeee

Today I went to the Lego store here in Antwerp to `cash in` on a lot of gift vouchers I`d received for my birthday last month.

The goal: Jokerland.  The masses: huge!

Though I would love to thing they where all there to bask in my glorious light, it was more because today was not only the release of the new Scooby Doo line and the Ferrari F40, but also the Ideas set of The Big Bang Theory.

Seeing the amount of people that threw themselves on a copy (mulitple copies) of that set, it`s bound to be sold out in a manner of days.

And the Winter Soldier as the promotional this month if you spend 55 or more at the store helps a lot as well of course.

But so I filed in with the 50 or so people already at the door, and as a DC shopper I didn`t have to mingle into the battlefield, walking back out 2 minutes later with my target: Jokerland.

Gift vouchers and some use of points (of which 5 where already refreshed again due to the value of the box later) ibto account, I had to pay a full 3.49 euro for this awesome set.

I likey likey ;-)


vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Classic Lego Build: 200 Family

Today I have a very, very classic build to present.  Set 200, named Family, was released way back in 1974, and I just have happened to get my hands on this set last week at the auctioneering house.

I payed 21.60 for a set of 3 different old sets as you could read here past tuesday, so this knocked me back a full 7.20 for the set.  Pity it wasn`t sealed, then we would be talking a 100+ euro set which I wasn`t opening.

Dating from a pre-minifigure era, Lego characters back then where brick build figures, on a far larger scale and with a `fixed` torso and head assembly.  This set has the grandma, father, mother, son and daughter, all following a same pattern bar grams.  She can be made either standing, or as I did, sitting on a bench.  This also results in a bit of a different report today, as it would all be rince and repeat otherwise.

Now, the fading on the faces isn`t to heavily, and bar perhaps the white plate grandma sits on, the set is rather well cleaned.

The box is in a good shape, and the instructions are even in a great condition, considering we are talking an open, 41 year old set here.  Heck, it even `pre-dates` me by 4 years.

The models all start the same way: a flat plate, and upon that some bricks are `stacked` to give them all different heights.

Girls get skirts, which are created by adding two slopes opposing each other.

Grandma is seated by placing a white plate on two bricks, then here leg `bricks` are rotated towards the back and onto the plate.

It`s a pretty cool set, and definitly gives a special `feel` when you hold something so old in your hands!