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The Tundra Bull support campaign
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dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Building the Witch King

Okay, I couldn`t wait.  While the Smaug issue I posted about earlier this week is getting resolved (they will send me a new one once they have stock again beginning of november, while I`m returning the SW set in the meantime), those other boxes kept looking at me all puppy eyed and the Ring called me.

The Ring wants to be with his master, it WANTS to be build...

So I decided today to already put together the smallest of the new wave of The Hobbit sets, 79015 the Witch-King Battle.  It`s as well a spoiler for the third instalment, as we got Galadriel (whom we saw appear in a movie poster with Gandalf at Dol Guldur last week), the Witch King and Elrond in the set, which is compatible with the Dol Guldur set.  Okay, taking book liberties here Mr Jackson, but I can bring it from my heart to forgive you ;-)

Opening the box, the smallest of the new wave, we get two bags and the instruction booklet.

The first things we put together are some EXCELLENT minifigures.  There is the Witch King of Angmar in his spectral form.  He has a glow in the dark head, a ragged cape and a very awesome crown.  Elrond comes with a `stern` and a `slightly even more stern` face as we all know Hugo Weaving for, while Galadriel has a `glitter cape`, as well as a normal gentle face and this one that I used, the `big whoopass powerful being` face.

Starting the build is the base for the first part of the ruins where this set is taking place in.  The elevated part with the handle is for the Witch King to stand on and so he can rotate about 60 degrees on top of the build when finished.

The front window has a I think new part, as the iron bars are knitted in the centre.

Next we start the process of building the tree and add some grisly skeletal decorations.  the set actually has a fourth minifigure if you put the whole skeleton together...

Once the tree is completed, we can move on to the second part of the build, the fireball catapult.

For this, we also start with the base of course, and build up from there

The catapult itself is build and held in balance by a skeletal body, and goes on top of the base structure.

Adding some additional detailing, and the sole thing remaining is to connect it to the first part, and we are all done in this little set, and we have the traditional few parts left over. 

As you can see on the side under the feet of the Witch King, there are the holes to connect it with the Dol Guldur sets to make it one elongated building.

It`s definitly not a bad little set.  Surely, the Riddles of the Ring from the first wave was perhaps a bit more atmospheric in build, but this set comes with three totally excellent minifigs, a recommendation to pick it up, because I guess that once you want the figs loose, it`s going to cost as much as the little set, and then at least you now have the pleasure of the build like I have, or some handy parts for your collection otherwise.

First Minifigure Series 13 rumour has appeared

Well, it`s normally for around februari / march I think if the usual ratio is anything to go by, but this has some intresting entries.

The names are apparently only `placeholders` mind you, but if going by the cardboard minifig next to it, that has one VERY intresting underside for MoC`cing

The other ones on my `hit list` will depend on the final look of the figures, but a Confederate Officr is going to be hot seeing one has already a lot of Union troops available.

The Army man I expect to be in the `Jackets` style, not modern day, as Lego has a policy against that, and it could fit in seeing the abundant presence of Jackets in the new MMO.

Other probably intresting models for me personally are at first site the Ghoul and Snake Charmer, so i estimate a 4 definite targets for my personal collection.

Building the Mirkwood Elf Army

With (most off) my new Hobbit sets having dropped on the doorstep and my mate bringing me two sets that he found in a small toy store, it`s time to work away a bit of backlog on the buildings of the sets.

So this time, I`ve put together the Mirkwood Elf Army builder set, number 79012, that I found at the cheap in Bart Smit Groenplaats in Antwerp, the set I reported on aquiring a few weeks ago and gotten the polybag Good Morning Bilbo with on top.

A rather popular set as it comes with Thranduil, but interestingly also with 3 elven and 2 orcish troops.  A real army builder set in other words like the small Helm`s Deep expansion, though that one might have be better off with 2 Rohirrim and 3 Uruk-hai instead of it`s current 1-4 ratio.

Opening the box, we get an instruction booklet, 2 large polybags and the Warg in another small bag, together with the base plate.

The first bag yields us Thranduil, which is a very nicely done model with his crown and all, an elven warrior and the Warg rider.

We start the build by putting together the base of the central `tree` in the build.

This includes a storage space where the barrel is put.

The big plate which is the base for the treetop is then added to the bark.

The tree has a sort of catapult, whose play feature is apparently to launch an elf amidst his foes.

Branches are added to this, whom can `fall away` to allow use of the personel launcher, and thus completes the central tree of the build around which the fortress is positioned.

Bag 2 yields us both Elven archers and the Gundabad Orc foot trooper.  As most of the LotR / The Hobbit models imho, they come with some fantastic printed designs on the chests and legs.

The first thing we get from this bag is the small shrine, with space to attach some weapons to as well.

Now we need to start the `walls` of the set.  These are all small sections to be connected on a hinge, so you can position them as you like up to angles of 90 degrees per section.

These sections are made up of some intresting colour combination stacks of brown, tan and greens.

Though they are essentially following the same building structure, they do look all sort of different compared to each other.

Exquisitely beautiful designed shields are added to the front of the walls, as well as some sort of missile launcher.

The final thing to put together is a siege ladder for the Orcs, essentially a `light` version of the build featured in the Helm`s Deep set.

The wall sections, central tree and shrine are then connected to complete the full building, and we get an intresting mix of left over pieces as well from the set, including an extra elven dagger.

The set stands completed:

This is one of those sets I`m not entirely sure about `why` it turns out so awesome.  It is a rather simple and easy build, yet the finished model for some reason it looks excellent when on display.  Of course, you get a good selection of minifigures in the set as well, so if you can still find it not to overly expensive (mine was actually 10 euros under the RRP, and more if you deduct the value of the polybag), this isn`t a misbuy!

maandag 20 oktober 2014

AoM Barracks phase 2 MoC: Fight!


The word echoed over the training grounds as the mock up fights began.

Young warriors from various places had gathered, and seek some Mitgardian weapons training for the inenvitable fights that would be coming in the future.  the North was a warrior race, and the North would be completely able to defend itself should people need protecting.

Looking at the grave of his fallen friend, the master thought of how he had accidently decapitated him during a duel fight.  Sadness overcame him, they should have hold back their blows instead of trying to best each other like they did ever since childhood...


The sound of wood versus bone was loud.  Looking to his trainees, he saw that one of them had handed out a shield bash to the chest of his opponent.

Ouch, Brutality...

The second phase of the Barracks tree line in Age of Mitgardia required a training grounds to be made.  I opted for the traditional training field in which young warriors test their mettle against each others, wielding a variety of weapons like in the old days of gladiatorial combat.

The grave next to the master is a reference to my phase 1 build, in order to show a bit of chronological evolution in the build.

And of course, the fluff text is a reference to that one particular game about every 30 something bloke these days has grown up with ;-)