dinsdag 24 november 2020

Ruined House

The latest print I finished painting, this is a Ruined House by Mini Makers.

The files where free a while ago as an offer I found through a Facebook group, and I set out to build it.

The set contains three pieces: the largest has the door frame, then there is a straight wall with a window pane, and finally a corner with an oven.

The three pieces all have wooden floors, adding some nice contrast to the painting job instead of just greys.

A lovely little project, and a great model for sure, with the ease of being able to put the ruins apart a bit more or less on the table to suit the collection and the game.

The Girl in the Spider's Web

The sequel to The Girl with the Dragon tatttoo (with an excellently recasted Lisbeth Salander), this is a great action movie I enjoyed with Noshi.

Based on the Millenium series as a spin off book, the movies are in sequence though the books aren't really that much though.

In Stockholm, Sweden, computer programmer Frans Balder hires vigilante hacker Lisbeth Salander to retrieve Firefall, a program he developed for the National Security Agency that can access the world's nuclear codes. Balder believes it too dangerous to exist. Lisbeth successfully retrieves Firefall from the NSA's servers, but she is unable to unlock it. Her actions attract the attention of NSA agent Edwin Needham.

Mercenaries led by Jan Holtser steal the program from Lisbeth and attempt to kill her, though she survives. When she misses a scheduled rendezvous with Balder, he mistakenly believes Lisbeth has kept Firefall for herself and contacts Gabrielle Grane, the Deputy Director of the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO). Grane moves Balder and his young son, August, to a safe house. Meanwhile, Needham tracks the unauthorized login to Stockholm and arrives there seeking Lisbeth and Firefall.

Lisbeth and her hacker friend, Plague, contact Lisbeth's former lover, investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist, for help identifying her assailants. Blomkvist learns Holtser previously worked for Lisbeth's late father, crime lord Alexander Zalachenko, and is now affiliated with an elusive international crime syndicate known as "The Spiders". Lisbeth puts surveillance on Balder's safe house, and when it is attacked, she intervenes, attempting to protect Balder and his son. She is intercepted by Holtser, who kills Balder and frames Lisbeth, then kidnaps August. Lizbeth pursues them and rescues August. Lisbeth also learns the Spiders' leader is her sister, Camilla Salander, whom Lisbeth believed was dead. As children, Lisbeth escaped their abusive father, leaving Camilla behind after she hesitated to leave. After years of physical and sexual abuse, Camilla faked her suicide and went underground to form the Spiders. 

Lisbeth takes August to another safe house, where she confirms only he can unlock Firefall. Elsewhere, Needham locates Lisbeth's girlfriend, Sofia, and persuades her to arrange a meeting between them, intending to lure Lisbeth into a trap. Lisbeth evades him, and Needham is later arrested by Grane. Lisbeth helps him escape in exchange for him safely escorting August to San Francisco to reunite him with his mother; she begrudgingly agrees to later give him Firefall.

The Spiders trick August by calling him from his father's cellphone, then track him to Lisbeth's safe house. Camilla and the Spiders take August to her base of operations, the sisters' childhood home. Grane had hired the Spiders to retrieve Firefall for her and informed them of Balder's location, but Camilla kills Grane instead.

Using a tracker hidden on August, Lisbeth, Blomkvist, Plague, and Needham locate him. Lisbeth breaks in to give Plague remote computer access to the building's surveillance system. She is caught and taken to where August is being held. She learns that Blomkvist has also been captured. When Camilla threatens to torture him, Lisbeth tells August to trust her and to reveal the Firefall password. Camilla tries suffocating Lisbeth while describing their father's abuse.

Armed with a .50 BMG sniper rifle and remotely guided by Plague via computer, Needham fires through brick walls, eliminating Camilla's henchmen, saving August and Blomkvist. Camilla escapes with the laptop containing Firefall, and Lisbeth pursues her. Holtser, injected with a poison that induces blindness, stumbles through some woods onto a road where he is fatally hit by Camilla's fleeing car. The vehicle crashes into the trees. Camilla, injured, escapes into the woods. Lisbeth pursues her to a nearby clifftop, where Camilla tearfully asks why she never returned for her; Lisbeth says Camilla chose to remain with their father rather than escape with her. Camilla, heavily bleeding, drops the laptop computer and steps off the cliff to her death before Lisbeth can stop her.

Needham attempts to access Firefall only to discover Lisbeth has destroyed it. August is reunited with his mother in the United States. Blomkvist writes an investigative article about the Spider's Web to be published in Millennium, but then deletes it. Lisbeth destroys her childhood home as closure, then rides away on her motorcycle. 

While not the huge success of the original film, the movie isn't bad at all and has a strong suspense feeling to it.  And Claire Foy does a great job as Salandar, making me constantly wondering wether I find her gorgeous then not hideous, a feeling invoked by the character description in the Millenium trilogy as well.

Not suited for a light hearted evening movie though, this was a nice brainworker to watch, and sometimes movies just have to be that little more challenging to grab intrest...

maandag 23 november 2020

Idoneth Tidecaster

 Okay, two years or so after release, and about the same time of "buying in", I finally finished my first model for this awesome army.

Though it might take another year or two before I finish an actual army to play x-D

The reason I started the model is a painting challenge on Instagram, organised by Dark Elf Girl. Every now and then I join these challenges (time and theme permitting) because they are an excellent motivator to get some things going.

With the theme being "travellers", I thought the Tidecaster a good match.  Considering the fact I`m currently exploring the rules for WarCry (and who knows, might actually play a game of it in 2021) and the Idoneth will be my warband in there.  The Tidecaster can be taken in the forces since the Monsters and Mercenaries book, so off we go and this mage is ready to travel to the Eightpoints in an effort to find more souls to sustain his people.

The model itself is an excellent sculpt, and a great joy to paint.  I really like the Idoneth look of the fishes and everything around them, it just makes them stand out from so many other armies.

I also opted to do a waterstyled base, painting on the slow waves rolling by.  I`m kind of happy with the result as such, and it is a welcome change from the usual browns and greens for bases.

Now to assemble at least the models for the WarCry warband...

zondag 22 november 2020

The Lion Wall

I can recommend babies to anyone wanting to get their scenery painted up to a tabletop standard!

Recently, I bought a whole set of files from 3D Hexes his webstore, as those are excellent models and print support free!

And the first things I printed, are already 3 of the Lion Wall sections.  Now, with over 20 files (they each come in the set twice, once like this, and once overgrown with vines), I thought them excellent for an Osgiliath table as well as for Dungeons and Dragons or Rangers of Shadow Deep like gaming.

A five colour drybrush later, and they really look great for the table, even when printed on a near stock Ender-3 setting, and supportless makes a big difference in cleaning works for sure.

I have quite some more files of him, and I will definitly be printing those up over time!

The Haul Report 256: into 2021

 Well, in a small way already that is, as my calendar for 2021 arrived in the mail.

And this year I went for a Dungeons and Dragons themed one, now let's just hope we don`t have to hide in dungeons because firebreathing lizards are roaming the skies...

I also printed up some more small terrain items for the moment we can start playing DnD actually.

And I can go into the new year with some good reading, as my Best of White Dwarf book arrived.

Next week I`m expecting some more stuff from GW, and some other bits and bobs, so until then!

zaterdag 21 november 2020

Matched Play Guide

 Perhaps one of the handiest books Games Workshop released in recent years, the Matched Play Guide is all you need for attending a tournament in the Middle-earth gaming system.

At 48 pages and with a soft cover, this isn`t some heavy tome you have to haul around, but instead a nice little booklet in the well known MESBG recipy, with movie pictures as well as model images scattered throughout it.

The purpose of this little book is to be a tool for both organiser and player alike, as it provides tips and tricks on how to run an event, but also includes scenario pools that will make sure there is a scenario type for each sort of army that can be build.  This prevents the unfortunate event where a player with a fast moving objective grabbing force is faced with three rounds of slugfesting it out.  So slow armies will have to adapt to the running game at least once, while paper-machee armies will have to survive a steamroller as well once in the day at least.

This gives some fair chance to every type of army, and not force players into building all round armies that will quickly spread and be copied, resulting in tournaments containing 75% or up nearly identical forces as the meta's for other game systems (foremost 40k comes to mind) forces them to do.

Of course, all the scenarios that can be drawn are included as well in the booklet, so that's a handy reference to have on hand!

Some additional rules are included as well as notes on campaign based events, but I must admit these seem indeed more as some afterthought for those wanting to venture on this rather rare public event type of games.

It's not expensive at all, and easy to have around, so if you like attending tournaments this little guide is definitly going to become a close friend of you!

vrijdag 20 november 2020

On the Painting Desk 170

 A rather calm week this week round, but I did nearly finish the Tidecaster.


Heck, all things permitting, she should be rounded out today actually, so I will be uploading her on the blog very shortly as such.

For the most part though, I have been glueing together a bunch of models, including another battlesuit as I might hop into 9th for a large battle at the club, set to take place october 2021.  But more on that once plans get concrete...

Check back as such next week, when hopefully some painting has been done, including this little project just for the fun of it: