The Tundra Bull support campaign

The Tundra Bull support campaign
I currently have my Tundra Bull moc running on Lego Ideas, please click on the picture and cast your vote to help it reach the 10.000 mark!

zaterdag 28 maart 2015

Shadow Play

Time to come out of a short Lego hiatus as I was doing a gazillion other things that needed to be done, and start MOC`cing again.

Over on Eurobricks in our Guilds of Historica book 2, we are now in the Civil War section for Kaliphim, the desert lands in the south.  And they tackled it in a nifty and cool way, by using a sort of interactive map like in the days of Warhammer global campaigns and such.

Except of course that instead of fighting battles, you create Lego builds.  It`s a logical system, just a bit hard to explain in short...

So it is time for me to jump on the bandwagon, and send in my first build for supporting the side I choose, the Desert King.   This is basically a pharaoh that tries to regain power, so we have access to mummies and mummies are cool, period.  The other factions are the High Council, which is basically the current ruling caste, and their challengers, the Ulandus.

My entry is for WarZone 7, the second battle of Queenscross, in which the Desert King and the High Council face off.  I went for one of the smaller tombs that will be lining the outside of the city walls, and which might lead under the defenses.  Who knows exactly what is down there, as some of them are ages old...

"Are you sure we have to be here? I mean, this is the umpteenth tomb we are checking, and almost every day now.  Surely, none of them will be leading under the wall by now, or we would have seen the enemy emerge by now." Riborko wailed.

The city guards had been saddled up with this boring and menial task.  Day in day out, night in night out, they had to check the small tombs littering the plains around the city.  The tactical commanders feared that some of them might still hold hidden passages, that could either lead into the city, or bring the enemy right before the gates without them ever having seen them coming, nor having time to respond...

And then their was that tale a traveller brought them, that the yellow skins of the Eternal Flame shrine might have allied themselves with the Desert King* in an effort to sack the city for unbeknownst reasons.

"Seriously Burtock, you can have a serious fit.  It is our job to do this patrol, and yes I know we won`t see any...thing... ALERT THE WATCH!"

That alcove had been closed during the previous round of checks.  Now, a foul odor emerged, as ranks of mummies started chuffling out.  The guardsmen prepared themselves, their torches should hold back the mummies in their dry rags, and they could make a slow retreat to alert the city watch and raise the alarm before the enemy was all over them.

The last thing they saw, was a flicker of movement near the ceiling...

So that is my first build for this challenge, as well as my like first one ever with a removable roof to have a better look inside, I hope you like it!

* This is a reference to the chinese shrine I build somewhere last year.

vrijdag 27 maart 2015

New StarCom models for the collection

Another trip to Vinnie, another set of vessels for the collection...

They both where already `under negotiation` the first time, but he parted with them in the end.  I`ll give him my CW Powerglide as a gift and a token of appreciation for these, so he will be one step closer to his completed Superion.

The F1400 Starwolf and it`s Shadow Empire counterpart, the Parasite, are the two mainstay one man fighters of the series.

The Starwolf folds up to cargo pod size, to be carried for example in the back of a StarMax or on top using his magnalock.  It then folds open the nose and wings using power deploy.

The Parasite can sit on the wings of a Shadowbat, while the power deploy opens it`s guns, extends it`s engines and folds open his wingtips.

They are just so awesome, and another big step towards the fully completed range!

donderdag 26 maart 2015

Building the Cavalry

Perhaps one, if not the, most intresting army builder sets of the past few years, has to be the Lone Ranger one.

Set 79106 gives you a cowboy, but more imporantly 3 `Union` soldiers for any ACW project you might have running, a cannon and a horse.

Okay, and some bricks to make a small build, as we`ll see here.

Opening the small box, you get two bags of parts and said horse.

The first accessory that we`ll build is the campfire, complete with a piece of grilled chicken.

The second build is the cannon.  Even though it is the same main body as, well, forever, this one has a gorgeously build up wheeled set underneath.

The third small thing coming with the set is the walled enclosure for placing the gun behind.

Nothing spectacular, but in handy colours...

And the full set completed:

With of course it`s additional parts.

Like I said, on a `build` level, there is barely anything to it, but on a `minifig` level, this little box, coupled to the fact the line wasn`t that big a success over here and allowing you to pick these boxes up around 7 euro currently, make it a real winner.

woensdag 25 maart 2015

Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett

I never thought that when I started reading this book, it would be the last one ever to be published while sir Terry was alive.

So there is one more novel coming, but then, the Discworld will travel into the big galaxy upon it`s mighty Turtle and into legend.

Raising Steam ironically is the novel where the Discworld started changing.  The power of steam is at last harnessed by a young Sto Lat Engineer, Dick Simnel, and together with Moist von Lipwig and Harry King, they start modernising transportation on the disc.

But it also the novel where the population is changing.  The trolls have been well integrated in the world now, the goblins are following the path and their journey really opens in this book (and in a way, the one of the gnomes end before starting again) and the Dwarves... keep arguing wether or not progress is needed or has to be hold back, wether they should get out into the world or fold in upon their traditions.

It was a highly enjoyable work once more, with a lot of tongue in cheeck humour and subtle word plays, but now, the tale comes to an end.

Thanks Terry, it was a great journey...

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

The Vault... my first video

It`s a short one, at 4.02 minutes in length, but I went in and finally tried my hand at YouTube.

In this first short episode, I tackle a bit of different items, but it was fun to do...

Now, the general idea is to do this about 6 times a year, so no promises if and when episode 2 will be coming ;-)

Sometimes, Time IS on your side

The one benefit perhaps you have as a collector of 80s toys it seems, is that time is actually your best friend.

Things you want to add, and which are not uber rare prototypes and the likes, are bound to be showing up sooner or later and there seems to always be a deal to be struck.

The most recent example?  I was allowed by the GF to order my own gift for our anniversary soon.  I had been looking around on the internet auction sites and the likes for an Emperor Dark from Starcom, one of the rarest figures to get overhere in Europe.

He was a mail away exclusive in Canada, and back then there was no internet, and those mail offers where usually native residents only.  I found them online for between 60 to 100 USD, but it was even rare to have him with cloak AND staff, and you would not only be paying a hefty amount of shipping, but also import taxes, making it really expensive for another time just expensive exclusive.

But now I found one in Spain, and he knocked me (well, technically her) back for 65 euro incl recorded shipping, and he is even on the way as we speak already.

This is going to be such an awesome gift!

And it is also the perfect example that unless you get offered pristine MIB boxes, you actually have time to wait.  Most of these toys are 30 years old, and due to shows like the Toy Hunter, the market is having a bit of an uplift at the moment, as people think they have found the newest goldmine. 

So if you can bring it up to wait just a few more years, the market is going to be settling down again in all probability and prices will lower again by about a quarter, especially for not so popular ranges like StarCom and even MASK. 

GI Joe, Masters of the Universe (with it`s upcoming movie) and Transformers is a whole other matter though and have markets of their own...

maandag 23 maart 2015

Inspirational Lego 12: Tolkien`s Middle Earth

And so we return one last time to the MELO contest, as the battles are fought, and the winner is known.

It was an awesome display of skill over the months and a real visual festival...

But in the end, the winner was... ANDREW JN

He gained the upperhand in the finals over Dunedain98.

In the semi-finals, we had these entries:

Andrew JN


Graham Gidman

Joseph Olson

A great run all, and hopefully more of this next year!