vrijdag 24 november 2017

Anti-personel Havoc squad

The last of the units I needed ready for tonights game, this squad of Havocs come equipped with two Heavy bolters and 2 converted autocannons.

Though there is a tale behind those cannons...

You see, they are from the two boxes I bought earlier, and I had nicely assembled them with all the variations in the box.  Well, as far as "nice" and that cursed old metal and plastic hybrids allowed...

And then I wanted to calculate their points... and learned Chaos can`t take plasmacannons... ooooooops.  So I extended the barrels with a spare predator barrel and a missile launcher to represent them as autocannons, covering up the plasma coil with the paintjob.

So now they are fully usuable, painted in the pre-Heresy purple and gold, to lay down automated fire on Guardsmen, Eldar Guardians and other lightly armed Ork forces.

Now let`s see how they actually perform on the table...

donderdag 23 november 2017

Burn them all!

The second of three units for my Emperor's Children has been completed tonight, in the form of an expansion of the 5 man squad I did a while ago.

This time, it`s a decent champion and the specials for the unit.

The champion is actually a Chosen model, so as that is a unit of, well, unit champions, he was a perfect choice.

I didn`t go for a heavy weapon in this squad though, instead opting for the two Special Weapon slots, and both equipped with a Flamer.  Flamers are great in the current edition of 40k, with their automatic hitting, and this squad (bundled with the sneak preview we got earlier this week of Chapter Approved, which will focus more on the Troops selections in games) will be the one moving forward to try and flush troops from an objective.

The full squad completed:

Now, only one more unit to base, and I`ll have all of them ready to take on the Imperial Guard tomorrow...

woensdag 22 november 2017

Black Templar Raptors

Space Marines are indoctrinated to resist the call of Chaos, and most of the time they resist this indeed.

However, occassionally some turn traitor, at times not even willingly but being lured in by hidden temptations.

With this band of former Black Templars, that is exactly what happened.  While one of the most pious of chapters, it is rumoured that they slowly got corrupted by the seeing of old archaic movies through the vox castings.  And Slaanesh did her happy dance as they joined the ranks of one of the warbands of the Emperor's Children...

Well, this is actually the box I got from a lot a few weeks ago, and this box cost me a measly 15 euro.  I never had any intention to start a Black Templar force, but neither did I fancy selling it on as they are quite lovely models with all the templar crosses and robed parts. 
So I did what I tend to do with every "loyalist" marine that finds his way into my paws: paint him pink and turn him into a trooper for my Emperor's Children.

Next on the menu for this week, "loyalist" Havocs...

DaVinci's Demons season 1

Okay, another series to scratch of the backlog, or well, at least one of the seasons of this series.

I`m getting there, and doing paint marathons helps in going through the series lists.

DaVinci's Demons is set in the Florence of the de Medici, a state at rivalry, or even war, with the Papal state of Rome.

When a young Leonardo DaVinci, a genius, painter, sage to be, meets a strange turkish astrologer, he is set upon a path to find out the truth about his mother's identity.  This leads him to meet not only the Pope, but also the obscure Vlad Tepez the Third of Wallachia.  Yes, Dracula for short.

Set against all this is the political intrigue, as a spy is running around the court of Florence, and this turns out to be no-one else then Lucrezia, lover of both the ruler of Florence, as of Leonardo...

It`s a fine series for sure, but I must say that at times it kinda went to much in "God mode" for my taste.  The few flaws the lead character has, like his thirst for knowledge, are often downtuned as he returns as a sort of "Captain Florence" superhero type.  Though with pipecannons instead of an unbreakable shield if you catch my line of thought.

But, never the less in time I`ll go through the other seasons as well...

She was a Private Dancer

The cults dedicated to Slaanesh draw people of all layers of society, and so it is with the Cult leader only known as "The Conjurer".

While no-one knows who she really was, it is rumoured she was an exotic dancer on a minor Hiveworld.

Not happy with her life, she craved only the power to influence men and get her riches that way, and one day, her pleas where answered from the Warp.  Now leading a group of labourers in a small cultist band, she has the power to conjure a minor warp entity and unleash it upon her enemies.

This model by Freebooter is the champion for the second Cultist (out of about a dozen) unit I`m painting.  While these will have a more reddish colourscheme, I really loved the model and wanted to include her in the force in some way.  Ruleswise, she will be equipped with a shotgun, to represent the "bursting out" of the demon from her trenchcoat.

Now to start working on her actual unit to lead...

dinsdag 21 november 2017

Stranger Things season 1

A Netflix original series, that with it`s premises of an 80s set sci-fi series was a bit of a gamble, but that paid off big time.

And now I finally started (sorry Hans for the delay) benching it with Noshi.

The series is taking place in the small town of Hawkins, where a child, Will Byers, disappears one evening.  Soon however, his mother becomes convinced he is communicating through the lights with her, making her look totally insane.
His friends are looking for him as well, and they come across a strange girl just called "Eleven" and who can do things with her mind, ranging from closing doors and tossing around van's to frying brains.
In the meantime, a third group consisting of Will`s older brother and Mike`s, Will's friend, older sister, are looking for their missing friend Barbara.

When a monster, called the demigorgon after the Dungeons and Dragons game the kids play, appears, it soon turns out that a lot of things are linked to the large company in hawkins, and that some very strange experiments are going on in there.  Including trying to contact a parallel dimension...

The seires is actually three sorts in one.  First, there are the kids who look for their friend in what is a typical 80s "fantasy adventure" style.  The teenagers are looking for their friend in what is soon turning in a teen drama / slasher story, and the adults are tackling the problems in a mystery horror tale.
The groups and their stories eventually blend together, making it a great run of story arcs, and a really lovely series to watch, one we both got intrigued by and we will soon tackle season 2 as well together.

If I might give one point of untied end / critique: the complete apathy of the characters about the fate of Barbara in the midst of all the mystery and horror...

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Produced in 2017 by grandmaster Luc Besson (Ronin, la Femme Nikita, etc etc), I had high expectations for this film... 

But also some fears as this might have been to over the top if you saw the trailers.

In the 28th century, the former International Space Station has reached critical mass, making it too dangerous to keep in Low Earth Orbit. Relocated to deep space, it became Alpha, a space-traveling city inhabited by millions of creatures from thousands of planets.

En route to a mission, Valerian dreams of a planet where a low-tech humanoid race lives peacefully. They fish for pearls containing enormous amounts of energy, and use small animals to replicate them. Wreckage begins plummeting from the sky, triggering an apocalypse. Before the explosion reaches the surface, a young princess manages to send out a telepathic signal.

This leads to Valerian trying to figure out what the aliens meant, while almost bunking an undercover operation as a consequence.  A special conference is then gathered but unknown aliens, those from his dreams, attack and capture the grand General of humanity.  Turns out he was the one that gave the order which triggered the apocalypse, and Valerian and his partner must find a way to bring him to trial...

Now, the movie is gorgeous, and I don`t mean Rihanna's role in that.

It`s special effects are really fantastic, even though the whole virtual reality meets reality sequence in the Grand Bazaar does come over a bit messy at times in my opinion.  But unfortunatly, that is the good thing about the film.
I don`t like the lead actor that portrays Valerian (Dane DeHaan) that much, being a bit to weak for the shoes he needed to fill to be honest.
On the other hand, some well known faces do make some great short appearances (hello Ethan Hawke) but overal, the movie is beautifully made, but weak in storyline and acting leads for me.

A missed chance, and seeing the box office numbers, I doubt there will be a sequel...