zondag 20 januari 2019

Haul Report 165

Well, perhaps this was not so calm a week...

Though in my defence, I can state that it was all ordered a while ago, or was a fantastic bargain...

The first things I got for example, being the 2018 Chapter Approved and the MESBG The Hobbit armies book, where ordered beginning of december with our club group purchases, but I just didn't get round before to pick them up.

That same evening I picked them up, a buddy of mine, Jo, asked if I was intrested in his last left overs of Lord of the Rings figures. I said sure, I like to have the Nazgul and Celeborn especially, but he just sold me the whole lot for 30 euro.  So yes, the painted Fellowship will go in my 'to trade' cabinet, but the other things are so worth it.

From Wayland, I used my vouchers for a strong discount on the plastic version of The Fellowship, whom will be used in this years AHPC as well.

The final arrival is the first of a bunch of cellphone covers for my v10, all shopped through AliExpress.  Costing me like a euro with free shipping, they have some nice anime artwork over on the site.

A nice pile of loot as such this week!

zaterdag 19 januari 2019

On the Painting Desk 78

Bravely, like the Fellowship, we keep travelling onwards through the lands of the AHPC.

And this week, we made some lovely progress...

Time to start reaping in some points and climb a little on the ranking the coming week!

vrijdag 18 januari 2019

Minas Tirith vs Mordor: MESBG Battle Companies report

So after my defeat at the hands of the White City in yesterday's report, we switched sides and now Noshi would lead the forces of the Eye, while I would try and fend off darkness.

The scenario we rolled was Plunder the Camp, so we moved the terrain around a bit to have the clearing in the center.

Now, this is quite a special scenario, as the defender (in this case the Orcs) could all flee off the board when broken, yet still win the scenario as the attacker hadn't lighted enough fires.  Because the end of the game is random, and you will hope for those extra turns and trying to put the stashes on fire.

The orcs deployed in their camp with the 5 objective counters, as the Minas Tirith men set up at least 6" away from their camp edge.  Shooting was heavily reduced in range due to it being played at night, yet if you hit, you would hit harder.

The Gondorians slowly advanced, while the orcs rearranged their battle lines to try and keep the good guys out of their camp.  A pot shot took down an orc archer before he could fire a shot at the encroaching enemy.

And then the men of Minas Tirith charged in, bound to put as much of the camp to fire.  As battles broke out around the edge of the camp, the Orc lieutenant fell in combat... and was duly joined by the Minas Tirith lieutenant... it seems no epic songs will be sung about those two.

But the orcs where beaten back and soon went under their breakpoint.  So this meant that the battle might end at every turn now...

With only two orcs brave enough to stay, Minas Tirith lighted three of the fires, which would result in a draw if the game ended now.  The orcs tried desperatly to keep the plate armoured warriors back as such.

But as one of them fell, the last one legged it, leaving the Gondorians with two chances (a 4+ roll is required) to light the last fires... which they did and taking victory back to the White City.

Well, that goes 1-1 between me and Noshi last week (and she kindly reminded me she was still leading 2-1) but it did go 2-0 for Minas Tirith in the games.  The Orcs really need to be more aggressive with their Might it seems, as the plate does offer some excellent protection, especcially combined with a shield.

But it was a good set of games, and we can look forward to playing it in the future again... once her elves are done and we can start a "true" campaign with effects and all.

donderdag 17 januari 2019

Mordor vs Minas Tirith: MESBG Battle Companies report

Past friday at the club, me and Noshi decided to play Battle Companies again, and duke it out over the lands of Middle Earth.

I had made two warbands of sworn enemies, so the opponents would be Minas Tirith for Noshi, and Mordor for me.

We set up a table making use of the excellent club Fantasy terrain, which Jo build for actually Frostgrave, and settled on the scenario: Hold the Line.  The numbers of the Orcs would be required to try and hold back the plate armour of Gondor as they race to the other side of the table.

The Orcs deployed in the centre, and as I had priority, the lines swooped open to cover any possible arrivals of Minas Tirith soldiers along the length of the table edge.

And forward they came, moving slowly on the board.  The forces of Mordor where required to split off, never a good idea per se, to try and stop all but one Gondorian from ever reaching the other side.

My archers jumped down from their vantage point, but one didn't make the best of landings...

The Minas Tirith warriors started to make a larger push along one side of the board, but sending enough men through the centre and over the other flank to win the game with should I ignore them...

And then the bands clashed in furious melee.  Blows where swung and dodged, but then the first Mordor orc went down.  Unfortunatly one of the double handers, who had the better chance to wound the heavy plated warriors.

The Gondorians, taking priority, break off from the combat and swoop around the mausoleum in order to make a run for the table edge.  And laying down a spearman as they went with a well aimed arrow...

Breaking loose, the orcs are caught in various small hand to hand battles on the board, and are unable to put in a decent pursuit it seems... though we did manage to finally take down our first enemy, an archer.

Only to have a sergeant bite the dust moments later...

The orcs where now broken, and in the resulting movement, only a single spearorc remained steadfast, all the rest fleeing the board.  There was no way he would pass more courage checks anyways and stop BOTH Minas Tirith men broken through, so Noshi claimed the win.

Okay, so numbers vs plate make it hard for the numbers.  You really need to get those double handers in, and try to open the tincans of Minas Tirith with those weapons, supported by others to circumvent the negative duel modifier...  In the end, my band was broken for the price of only taking down 2 Gondorians, so that's a heavy loss to say the least.

But come back tomorrow, for another battle report of Battle Companies as we switched sides...

woensdag 16 januari 2019

Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Battle Companies

Perhaps the best discovery in recent times to play games with, as even Noshi picked up an intrest.

Battle Companies is the skirmish ruleset for games set in the world of Tolkien, and it has a minimal entry level to be able to be played.

Note: You WILL need the basic Rulebook (which frankly can be of any edition, as there are no edition specific additional rules in this one) and the Army books for the stats and gear (which actually can be of any edition as well, as long as you agree with your opponent).

Every player selects a warband (with a few additional ones having appeared in White Dwarf, about every faction has been covered), whom usually range between 4 to 10 figures each.

This small force can grow and get more experience (or suffer casualties!) through the various scenarios you play.  Basically, Mordheim in Middle Earth... which is a good thing.

Now, the nature of the MESBG rules make these little skirmishes games that last about an hour, but require some serious thinking.  Unlike the other GW systems, a mob alpha strike on a hero can turn out very sour... for the mob.  Remember that Tolkien's works where all about the greatness of heroes, and the rules really reflect this well.

After building and then selecting your warband, it is time to play as there are 12 standard scenarios in the book, all to be played on 4x4 tables.  Ranging from looting camps to holding off trolls, they are nice and varied it seems.

And then we come to the "extra" stuff to make your games more intresting.  The first being the way you can have scenery influence your games, depending where in the extensive world of Middle Earth your adventures play out.

It also features a large narrative campaign for the (Good side) player to go through.  Despair not, for the evil players a similar one has appeared in White Dwarf as well if you want to play this sort of narrative stories.

The final pages of the book are reserved for an army showcase, as well as rules to incorporate your brave little warband into larger games of MESBG.

A nice little book, but one will need to do a search on the GW store to find it, because it is not listed "basically" anymore on there.

But if you want to get into MESBG as fast as possible, and learn the rules with only a handfull of models so it stays oversightful, this is the book for you to add to your basic rulebooks collection.

And now to go paint Elves for Noshi...