maandag 18 juni 2018

TSA Clubevening of the 15th of June 2018

As was to be expected, now that our ACW megabattle has been cleaned up, a lot more games where once again in full swing at the clubhouse.

While I myself didn`t make a "playdate" for the final week I could get there this month, that didn`t stop me from marvelling over some other games present.

Dead Man's Hand was played by a heap of players, each one after one of the others, but this was of course unbeknowst to the targets.

With Age of Sigmar getting an updated ruleset, the old one was waved out with a battle between Sigmarines and the Undead legions.

X-Wing was played as well this night.

Another fantasy game, this time with the 9th Age rules, was fought with some gorgeous models.

The Star Wars Imperial Assault game was played in the boardgame part of the clubhouse.

Beyond the Rhine continued to be put through it's paces in another week of the player's campaign.

A roleplaying group gathered to brave the depths of the dungeons.

Which also happened with another one of the Heroquest groups.

A large Napoleonic 15mm (now THAT is unusual at the club, as 28mm seems to be our "in house scale") saw the french and the british clash.

The final game of the evening was a world war 1 dogfight, with nice in height changeable airplanes.

So that was another lovely evening with a variety of games for sure, until the next time!

Havoc expansion

A small update to an existing Havoc regiment today, as I rounded out my plasmagun / lascannon squad to it's full 10 man compliment.

Though these guys are nothing more then "meatshields" (albeit in power armour) to allow the heavy and special weapons to do their job, I prefer those extra plated layers of protection on a squad that I use as mobile vehicle hunters.

Adding an Aspiring Champion with chainsword and bolt pistol, as well as two bolter armed marines to the unit, they are now ready for service in a complete strength manner.

Next up for the force, more armoured power as I`ll be tackling something bigger the coming weeks...

zondag 17 juni 2018

Ledendag Modelbouw@be

Today TSA hosted the yearly membersday of the scale modellers club Modelbouw@be.

As both hobbies have a lot in common, this also meant some lovely eye candy.

Apart from drooling over the models, like this paper build dutch ship, there where a whole heap of lovely models on sight, and I picked up some pointers left and right as well.

We also catered for lunch, consisting of soup, goulash and ice cream for the members.

They also ran a raffle, so I "sponsored" them and came away with thus keychain / diecast model of a trabant :-)

It was a relax and cosy day... but now I'm off to do the dishes xD

zaterdag 16 juni 2018

Monkeycon 2018 - the Aftermath

Today Wargaming Monkeys, a club in Leuven, ran their yearly convention, Monkeycon.

And so me and Nemesis drove there in search of some good loot, to try and loose some unwanted figures, and to socialize in general...

New this year was also that for the first 50 visitors, a special limited edition figure was produced, sculpted by Van Dijck Miniatures, and when we arrived there where 4 left, huzzaaah...

There was about a dozen traders present at this well attended show, and there was some wide variety of product.  Perhaps the only thing I didn`t see nor find was paint for airbrushing.

The games where also of a varied selection:

15mm Longstreet rules ACW

A fantastic looking table by The Alde Garde

Our clubs Swiss Family Robinson, price taker at Salute 2018, was also present

 Big mechs dominate this 40k battlefield

 The Middle Earth Strategy game in full swing

 A Viking invasion takes place on this dark age game

 Warmaster had it`s spot as well on this convention

The BnS was well visited today, split over two rooms.

The Loot

I found some great stuff on this convention.  Like 3 meters in, I came across a box of GW blisters for 5 euro a piece.  I picked up 3 Steeds of Slaanesh (the metal ones!!!) and a Dark Eldar Archon, hard to find and just in case Noshi decides on these evil space elves as her army.

Another great find was a Vindicator for 25, a tank that was high on my priority list.

The final piece of loot was a Land Raider for 15 euros, only missing some detail pieces like the top hatches, but I got those a plenty in my bits box anyways, so this bad boy will be totally modified to serve the IIIrd Legion.

It was a lovely convention in a great and relaxed atmosphere, giving me the chance to catch up with people and have chats left and right.  I will definitly be back next year, and now that I know how the BnS works there, I`m going to empty my closets I guess...