zaterdag 21 juli 2018

On the Painting Desk 56

Another week gone by, and not much, yet so much, has been done.

As you'll see this weekend in the Haul Report, I got myself a nice heap of additional material; ghosts from the past that returned to me.

So the limited time I had to paint this week resulted in the touching up of some models already, while others are waiting to be finished, mostly some touch ups and rebasing as you can see in this post.

The coming week those should get finished normally, as I'll have on the one hand some very busy days ahead at the office, but on the other hand won't be going to the club in order to recuperate from that a bit with brush in hand.

To that end, I hope to get some of the smaller things finished, as well as "pink and ink" the 20 man squad of close combat marines.

And as such, from next week onwards I'll be doing it through video medium again, as the past week and this week I just didn't get round to that due to above mentioned work, as well as family obligations.

vrijdag 20 juli 2018

Codex T'au Empire

The latest instalment of the race of "friendly neighbourhood blue aliens", the T'au Empire is back to shoot up all your plans.

Because more even then in their Index list, their firepower has increased a LOT.

Most heavy weapons now have more shots, the basic pulse rifle remain impressive at S5 range 30, and all those markerlights can really ruin your day.

The Codex follows all the regular books, starting first with the fluff of the race in general.  And they have mastered a (sort of) warp drive now, bringing their Fifth Sphere of Expansion outside their neighbouring systems.  It does work different from other races, hopping along as it may, as their first experiment went... well... a "little" wrong.  Basically blowing a hole into reality, but details...

After all this, we get the fluff and roles of every unit in the book, elaborating on their battlefield roles and ways of fighting (fluff wise), as well as the usually gorgeous painted models galleries.

The third part of the book is the one you need to game: the rules and datasheets, as well as the special rules, traits etc...

The army itself looks rock solid, and while I haven`t faced them yet in 8th edition, I must say those two big suits, the Stormsurge and the Riptide, aren`t happy prospects to look forward to facing...

Oh well, at least I don`t have to focus on outgunning them I`d say...

donderdag 19 juli 2018

The Expanse season 3

God, I love this series, it's smart, it uses "hard sci-fi", and it requires some thinking.

So yeah, of course that means it got cancelled *sigh*, so unless they find another network, this will have been the final season of the series...


The first 6 episodes, like with season 2, conclude the second book, Caliban's War, storyline.  The war between Earth and Mars is breaking out due to Errinwright's treason.  In the meantime, experiments by Jules-Pierre and his scientists on the proto-molecule continue, as the Rocinante is trying to find Prax's daughter.

I loved Amos's "I`m that man" line... watch it and grin!

The second part of the season is the book Abbadon's Gate storyline, as the Belt now possesses the largest warship of humanity, and goes together with Earth and Mars to investigate the ring the protomolecules created at the end of the first arc of the season.  Pulled in, they have to rely on a Holden who seemingly went insane to save humanity from extinction.

What I liked about it

* Everything, this remains one of the best science-fiction series of the past decade.

What I didn`t like about it

* It's apparently not enough pew pew bling bling for the network to continue...

Well, if it gets a fourth season, I`ll be happy.  But at least it didn`t end with an open cliffhanger like so many that went in cancellation hell before (anyone know where the Destiny is at current?).

woensdag 18 juli 2018

WiP The Corruption of Cherno Alpha

A small kitbash I`m doing, as I still had the old Cherno Alpha toy lying around.

And now, it will be corrupted into a Decimator due to adding spikey stuff...

The first thing I did though, was glueing together all the joints of the model, in order to prevent it from spontanious break dancing when it's on the table, while an old cd serves as base.

I kept one of it's claws and added a flamer underneath, while a butcher cannon was scratchbuild onto the other arm to complete it's weapon loadout.

Surely, it's a lot bigger then the FW model, nearly as high but not as wide as a Knight, but nevertheless I kind of like the way it turned out.  Next part in not the near future will be to airbrush the undercoat and the pink onto it though, and then it can become truly corrupted with it's paintjob.

Or so I hope at least...

dinsdag 17 juli 2018

Burrows and Badgers

This is one of those miniature games that caught my eye and I just needed to have, in order to have a go with it together with Noshi.

Originally released through Kickstarter, the book, written by Michael Lovejoy, has been published by Osprey with miniatures by Oathsworn.

The Kingdom of Northymbra is the setting, looking a lot like England, but is populated by animals instead of humans.  The King however has disappeared and has thrown the land in turmoil, causing the four factions to vie for power and profit.

This skirmish game will let you field on average 5 to 10 animal warriors of various sizes, which you can upgrade both through your Den (aka your hide-out) or by getting better gear.  The first part of the book gives the background of the setting, and the whole book is adorned with both artwork and pictures of painted models.

The Basic Game concepts are the rules "explanation" on how it uses various dice etc, before we move on to the rules section themselves.  These take about 20 pages of adorned tables and rulings, and aren`t to hard once you get the concept behind the game, being mostly the rolling of with opposing stats and dice attached to them.

The game, being made for campaign driven play instead of competitive play actually, then goes to the rules on how to recruit your warband, your faction and your den.  Allegiances and their rules are then explained, as well as the Magic Users and the various schools of magic.  The final part of this section is then the equipment and what possible benefits they give, as well as any skills you might pick up.

And then comes the "most important" part of the game, the campaign engine and the scenarios.

The book is lovely made and a joy to read in, and I must admit this is a game I really look forward to to put through it's paces.

maandag 16 juli 2018

TSA Clubevening of the 13th of July 2018

It's been a while since I posted one of these, but then again due to circumstances (let's say it, amongst others, involved Red Devils and Divine Canaries) I hadn't been on the club in a month either.

But on the unholy day of Friday the 13th, I got there again in true Voorhees fashion.  Okay, so that is perhaps exaggerated, no-one got massacred unless on the table.

There where a lot of different games being ran this week, including some larger multiplayer games from a variety of era's and rulesets, so let's take a look at what was represented on the mighty tabletop...

Glenn and Joeri, being Lord and Vassal, battled it out in another Dux campaign game, in which the vassal actually took the measure of his lord.

Zombicide was being played as one of the many boardgames present.

A 9th age battle saw Wood Elves engage the Skaven.

As further down the line Dwarfs fought valiantly against the Beastmen herds.

In Warhammer 40k, Albert's Herlequins took on Nemesis's Death Guard.

Eddy presented a game of cut out paper troops as the Romans fought the barbaric tribes.

The 40k setting Relic boardgame was being played as well tonight

As was the Empire's Void boardgame.

Strange men in caps played the cycling game this week.

A large ECW battle was in full swing.

While brave souls ventured into the dungeons during a session of DnD.

Bolt Action four player game took us to the desert tonight.

While the Men Who Would be King fought it out for the riches of Africa.

Well... riches...

zondag 15 juli 2018

The Haul Report 142: The Primarch Cometh

Okay, no pun intended even though I play Slaanesh...

This monday, it was that day called birthday, whereupons the big 4-0 arrived.

And Noshi got me some fan-tas-tic gifts to come with it.  The first thing she got me, is non other then Fulgrim himself from Forge World.  My Primarch will be taking his rightful place along the Legion, leading it from the front as exstasy is brought to their foes.

The second thing she got me, is a tripod to put the video cam on, easing my job again to tape my small youtube vids, and unboxing ones in particular.

Thanks a lot my love, these was some awesome stuff, now to combine both into one...