zaterdag 23 februari 2019

On the Painting Desk 83

Another week passed by, and the Fellowship bonus round deadline is only a week away...

And I still need to finish three more figures... and base them all...

But at least some of the Fellowship got finished this week, albeit Aragorn still needs a coat of matt varnish.

After that, it`s going to go full out on Samwise, Gimli and Boromir, because I really should get them done this monday, in order to base and picture the entry thursday, and upload it.

Aaaah the pressure...

vrijdag 22 februari 2019

Lost in Space

Danger Will Robinson!

Any kid from my generation saw the classic (reruns of) Lost in Space, in which the Robinson family was tossed into space en route to a colony world.

Or the Matt LeBlanc movie from years ago...

But now Netflix has the remake series in it's catalogue, starring none other then Toby Stephens (I'm such a fan of him) as John Robinson.  Sure, the family roles have been changed, and their social interactions have been pulled to today's zeitgeist, but the core story is still the same.

The Robinsons, but now together with more colonists, crash land with their Jupiter 2 on a new planet.  Here they encounter the Robot, a creature apparently the cause of their forced evacuation from the mothership Resolute.  Amongst the survivors is also Dr Smith, a manipulative imposter out to save her own skin and gain access to the power of the Robot.

As the colonists discover that the planet is dying, they look for ways to launch from the planet, but at the sacrifice of trust, friendships and against the machinations of Smith...

A good remake for sure, and one I'm glad they actually produced for some good sci-fi hinging with Noshi.

donderdag 21 februari 2019

We are going to see the Elves Mr Frodo

In this entry for the AHPC, I'm going back to the end of the second age... and the very beginning of the game system.

Back in 2001, these models of elf troops and numenoreans where included in the base set, and as Noshi has decided that she wants to play the Elves, they just had to be painted up during the challenge.

To lead these brave men and elves into battle, the great heroes of the time are included as well.  Gil-Galad and Elrond led the Elves of the Great Alliance of the age against the Dark Lord Sauron.

But as we know, the strength of man would fail...

So for this entry, I've finished 10 models of 28mm infantry, which should yield me a nice 50 points.

woensdag 20 februari 2019

The Beta Bolter: is my Gaming Group stagnant?

Okay, it has been a while, but today I'm putting down another Opinion piece, based on things rummaging in my brain.

Now, as always, these thoughts are purely my own, and in no way intended to kick against some shins, but just, well, "gaming feelings" I've put down to the (virtual) paper.

And it came about a discussion in our clubs 40k group about the Beta Bolter rules (see White Dwarf of Febuary 2019) and implementing in the 40k League I'm running.

Now, on the one hand, as the power that is, I could just say "go" and let them be allowed, as about half the players are either pro, or don't really care if they are used or not.  I myself played with them at the moment, and I don't think them overpowered in any way.  The only units I really see benefiting from the rules are Terminators, both of the Loyalist as of the Heretic variant.

And that is not a bad thing in my opinion, as if there is one unit which really needs some sort of boost this edition, it are the venerable Terminators.  This is what usually happens: they teleport in, loosen a round of shooting, HOPEFULLY get into combat... and then see their enemy disengage in their turn and be shot to pieces by small arms fire en masse.

Now, the average Terminator squad these days consists of 5 models: a leader with some sort of combi-weapon, a heavy weapon and 3 boltervariant (wether Stormbolter of Combi-Bolter) troops.  Good for, as the 9" is Rapid Fire range, 8 bolter shots + the heavy weapon, often barely enough to kill half a squad of guardsmen taking into account that 1/3 of your shots miss, and 1/3 doesn't wound in "dry" mathematics.  Sure, you can have good rolls, but for the same money the rolls will suck and you do zilch with those 8 s4 shots that hit on 3+.  But that means on average, you kill 3-4 normal T3 guys, without taking into account any flimsy armour they might have as bolters have no AP.

Not really impressive for 250+ points now is it.  With Beta Bolter, it becomes double, but taking everything into account probably will lay waste to 6 to 8 guys anyways... with some luck a single 10 man squad if the heavy co-operates... good for what, 50 points?

Now, sure, for regular Marines the double shots can seriously increase the firepower, IF you have a gunline and nothing to flashy.  There are always extreme examples of beneficiaries, like the Hurricane bolters of a Land Raider, but that (very expensive) tank won't be seriously denting opposing armour any time soon with it's little peashooters.  Or jinkxing Ravenwing forces, but I still have to encounter that force on the tabletop.  On the other hand, all those Marines not moving for the extra shots, aren't going to run around and grab objectives...

But that's my "benefits" of the rules as I see them...

There are also players openly voicing "no" to the implementation of the rule, and that brings us to another sore spot.  I can't openly ban Beta Rules in the League, because that would mean our Custodes player can no longer field half his army, and that is not to mention even our Sisters player...

So for now, it's a game per game agreement between players to use them...

But that brings me to the sore point I have noticed in our group... we are getting stagnant, not really trying out stuff, let alone anything outside "fixed points, matched play" rules.  Even the annual big battle is ran with 3000 points a player, instead of, say, 250 power level WYSIWIG.  or use the Armageddon rules from last year's Chapter Approved in which the planet you fight over gets slowly but surely shot to pieces.

I kind off think this is a pity, because there are al those new rules constantly being thrown our way, yet they never get further usually then "I have read that and think that", but rarely end up being played more then perhaps once.  So far, I managed for example to get ONE game in with those 'immaterium' rules also from 2017's CA, where all kind of weird things happen turn by turn on the table, and I play Chaos...

Maybe I should organize a "round table" discussion before I ever (or IF) organise a League for a next edition in 2020 or beyond, and clearly state "this or that" are points on the table, say nay or forever hold your peace...

dinsdag 19 februari 2019

Relics from the Past

So, as promised the follow up article for the newest page on this blog, some wargame related achievements of the period before my hiatus.

Now, so far my google searches for clubchampionships and the old Ranking der Nederlanden 'year 1' haven't yielded any success though.

I did however manage to take some pictures of really ancient events and painting competitions, though in the latter case I no longer even own the figures.  But let's have a look at what I did manage to 'salvage' already from the past...

In the meantime, the search goes on and I'm trying to google up some more information in an effort to recreate the past...

maandag 18 februari 2019

The 40k army I want...

People often ask me, aren't you tired of always painting and playing pink for your Slaanesh forces?

Well, the answer is both no and yes...

I like my army, ever since it first appeared in White Dwarf mid 90s as a part of their fluff series of articles, all detailing one of the original 18 Legions (as 2 are AWOL), and have been playing it ever since.  It was that deep purple and golden colourscheme of the pre-Heresy that attracted me to them, and the fact nearly no-one like painting pink back then.  Though I suspect that will change if they get their own codex this edition... let alone if those plastic Noise Marines materialize.

Of course, before that I dabbled in other armies.  The first one I ever collected where the Dark Angels, and the Deathwing to be specific.  The sons of the Lion back then where not a mainstream chapter, the Imperial Fists held their place as one of the "big four".  Later, my very first codex was the Eldar one, I loved the Karandras model... but those armies never really gotten big or played often, as my groups where all into WFB back then still.  It's mainly due to 8th that such a large movement into 40k happened at TSA.  And those T'au with their anime styled battlesuits always hovered on the edge of my intrests...

But their was that one force in the old Eldar codex that I WOULD collect, had their been dedicated models for it: the Exodites.

Eldar who saw the Fall coming and moved to the maidenworlds, to create a force there best described as an army of Dino-Riders (you know, the old toy line).  How awesome was the image of space elves riding guntoting T-rex'es?

Surely, I would JUMP on them should those ever be truly released, with a dedicated codex and model range.  Now with the Deepkin in AOS, their image is transplanted a bit to the fantasy setting, but it might also be a good starting point for the designers to get a go at these icons from a game of the past, and with Blackstone bringing back other old favorites of us grognards (the robot, the Ambull) who knows if it might get touched upon in the not so far future?

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

zondag 17 februari 2019

New Page added: wargame results

I finally added a new page today to the blog whoch I wanted to do for a while: results of tournaments and such in my wargaming life.

Now, I'm afraid those from before my "5 year hiatus" have been lost in time, as they predate even my little blog page I'm afraid.

So a lot of older events aren't readily available in an age when even the internet wasn't that much around, though I will be looking in my pictures and archives soon, and take pictures of some things hanging on my wall / standing in my cabinets of cups and certificates, and try to (partially) recreate my past as such.

But the page can be accessed on the tabs at the top of the blog, check back in a few weeks to see how I managed to recreate stuff, though I'll probably put down a post later this week about what I found back in those cabinets...

But for now, I could only add two events which I covered in the past on this corner of the internet, and start building onwards from that point on.