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After Brexit, it's IOSS

By : Tomsche69
 Yup, 2021 isn`t a good year for european union inhabitants with strange hobbies.

After the well known impact on the wargame hobby of the Brexit, the IOSS rulings came into play since the 1st of july.

Now, what this very basically means, is that there is no longer any chance that a parcel bought outside of the EU get's past customs without charges.  You are now, no matter how small, and including the costs of shipping, required to pay VAT, import costs and most expensive usually of all: the rates postal services charge to actually bring the parcel to customs.  In case of Bpost, it's 15 euro under a total value of 150 euro, 32 above that.  

Needless to say, that makes parcels run up in price pretty swiftly, often the costs outweighing actual taxes.  I had it recently with a Miku I won on an online cranegame: 2.66 euro VAT, but 15 euro service cost.  Still under half the price she is here on pre-orders (about 39.99 at most stores), but before she would indeed have been free, with free shipping...
This all means that now you have to do some research and puzzling before ordering figures from Japan for example.   

In a shameless advertising plug, if you go to SNK Store, you have 10% discount if you use the link HERE.

Often, local stores (local as in within the EU) have the models as well, but often 40 to 50% above the price of the japanese biggies like Mandarake or AmiAmi.  But with costs like shipping, VAT (because they aren`t "in" on the new system, meaning you pay VAT twice unfortunatly) and declariations, you swiftly come to the same, if not more expensive, prices.  This is also what made us decide here to go for the EU stores unless it are pre-orders (AmiAmi is one of the only stores not requiring payment up front, as pre-orders can often take up to two years before actually being released), OR things no longer found (aka, their pre-owned section, which are usually just brand new, but older, figures).  But outside of that, it seems for the current day models it is far more intresting to look for the more expensive at first sight, yet not in the end, stores within the continent.

Now, it doesn`t end there.  Oh no, that would be simple wouldn`t it.  You see, now it has also been decreed that if you run your own shizzles on the side, like ebay, etsy, webstores, bricklink or whotnot's, you also need to register for VAT in EACH and EVERY country you ship to.  Luckily, not immediatly but from the moment your total sales go over 10.000 EUR.  While this might seem like a lot, take into account that is actually slightly under 835 euro a month.

Again, that sounds like a lot, as that means a like over half of a monthly average wage here in Belgium, but you might be amazed if you don`t be carefull how fast it is reached.  As most geeky hobbies aren`t cheap, this quickly runs up if you sell some, I don`t knwo, Zero Two figures, or some GW starters, or some rare Pokemon cards... and now that eBay no longer is a 1-2 with Paypal, but pays out directly to your bank account, the government knows all to well what is coming in.  
And the final, hopefully temporary, thing?  Delays!  Already, with less then a month that the system is in place, customs is swamped.  Parcels coming into the country the 14th, went to declaration status on the 23rd, to be treated "within the next 7 working days".  So that will be around 3 weeks it is standing somewhere in a warehouse to be declared... better get those christmas gifts ordered around september or so!

So yeah, for those reasons, both in and out going, IOSS is another little annoyance after the Brexit that came into play this year.  Shope carefull my followers, and believe me, it is really starting to pay off if you do your shopping with research... and a calculator at hand!
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Unboxing Fate / Grand Order Ana

By : Tomsche69
 Arriving in my Ediya Shop order I unboxed a while ago, came this Fate / Grand Order figure of Medusa.

Now, the more Fate I watch, the more I get reeled into the franchise, I really like it.

And Medusa is one of my favorite characters from the franchise so far, which for me started with the Night series, and she was the first model I bought about a month ago from the line.

So now my second figure from Fate has arrived, and it is indeed another Medusa, or Ana as she is called in this version, "the girl that carries destiny", the youthfull version of Medusa and a Lancer class this time round, this version is her "first stage" of evolution in power.

The model comes with a huge scythe and a flowing pony tail as "key points" in her sculpt, so let's have a look at her as we unbox the model!

While a bit of a b**ch to assemble with the chain, as you don`t want to put on to much force to avoid breaking off the thumb, she is a great looking figure once assembled.

And so the collection of FATE has slowly started... but rest assured more will be added over the years!

My Birthday Girl Kurumi

By : Tomsche69
 Ara ara!

In this post, I`m taking a look at the gorgeous Kurumi figure I received a few weeks ago for my birthday, gifted to me by my dolly Noshi.

And what a lovely figure it is, the "Alluring Kimono version" made by KD Colle in scale 1/7, meaning she stands at about 23 cm tall.

She comes with her time altering fireweapons, in the form of her trusted pistol, but also a rifle, mounted on a greatly printed base.

But the main atraction of course of this figure is her kimono, full of exquisite detailing as lotus flowers are over it.  The kimono has a beautiful shading to it, both front and back, and has ribbons attached to it as well.

And even the black ribbon at her back comes with a nice golden pattern on it, as well as subtle printing in a dark grey.

Her face is also a top of the line piece of work, and her clockwork eye is fantastically rendered on the model.

A truly amazing figure, which now stands in our living room display along one of the other Angels, Noshi's Yoshino.

Unboxing the ULTIMATE Rimuru

By : Tomsche69
 I really, really enjoyed the first season of That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, and when I saw this tiny Rimuru figure from the WCF line, I just needed to have it!

For me, this is a key model in his discovery of the new world, as he really had no clue what went on.

And the question mark popping out made me giggle every time.  The figure was for sale at Madarake, but with the new IOSS rulings kicking in 1st of july, I went to search for him within the EU and found him at Ediya Shop, as seen in THIS post.

Now to have a look at the little cute slime in this short unboxing video:

Sometimes less is more, and it certainly is so for this little hilarious figure!

Thanks again to Ediya Shop for the great service, and until the next time!

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken OVA

By : Tomsche69
 Time to go back to Rimuru and his monster people, before me and Noshi kick off into season 2.

And that is with 5 OVA's taking place during the first season, consisting of 3 side stories.

The first one is about a sumo contest that Rimuru organises to give his people some entertainment as the always seem to be working.  And in this rather fan serviced episode, we get to meet the art of bum wrestling, and learn that Milim has muscles in her hair...

Following that, the second OVA details how Rimuru wants to create cushions of himself, so that he isn`t the victim of constant extreme cuddling anymore.  Including a large lake monster that went berserk thanks to Shion's cooking skills.

The final three OVA's are part of a longer story, as Rimuru's young students from class S have to go on an outback adventure test for the school, and overcome a spectre and his band of thief,s showing how far they came.

Fun stories that follow the light-hearted spirit of the series, these where a nice getting in the mood again for more Slime adventures!
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Shadow and Bone

By : Tomsche69
 A recent, 8 episode fantasy series that runs on Netflix, Noshi and me sat down to give this a look.

And we liked it.

The series takes place in a russian like fantasy country, where certain members of the population, the Grisha, have powers of magical properties.  But the lands are split by a huge shadow Fold, a place of darkness, which causes the lands to stand on the brink of civil war as the western territory wants independance.

Childhood friends Mal and Alina, drafted into the map makers section of the army, are on a mission inside the fold, when events reveal Alina as the mythical mage, the Sun Summoner,  that can cast the light of the Sun.  This makes her suddenly the most imported, and wanted, person in the land for various reasons.

On the other side of the fold, Kaz Brekker is hired to try and capture her, while the general of the army brings her to the Little Palace.  This ancient fortress of the Grisha, when they where still hunted instead of feared as nowadays, serves as a prison / protection for Alina.  In her golden cage, she is thought to unleash her powers by herself, while mal goes out to hunt for a mythical stag, and a chance to visit the palace.

In the meantime, Kaz and his crew make it across the Fold with the help of "the Conductor" and set in motion a plan to break into the Little Palace themselves.  Infiltrating the palace as circus performers, they become instrumental in helping Alina escape as she learns the truth about the general: that he is an eternal, and not a descendant of the Dark Heretic that created the fold, but actually he himself!

Mal catches on with her, and together they set out to find the mythical stag to enlarge her powers, so she can stand up to the general.  But as they both reach the stag at the same time, Kirigan is victorious and puts her powers under his command... with the help from Kaz and his crew they manage to escape from him, and go into hiding so Alina can learn to control her powers.

Not a bad series at all with some lovely visuals, and we look forward to the second season!
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I caved in... please don't judge me

By : Tomsche69
 For years of watching anime, I always wondered about the "what is all that vocaloid craze about" and never actually took a look at it.

Until a week or two ago, when I stumbled upon a Magical Mirai concert from 2016, strolling through YouTube.

I bit the bullet, and decided to listen / watch it... and was reeled in as if enchanted by the Mad Hatter.  It actually has some darn good songs ( I LOVE Ghost Rule).  Hatsune Miku actually looks like a genuine popstar on the stage and yeah...

... I bought a Hatsune Miku for my collection as a result.  At only 35 euro over at Akiba.be here in Antwerp, that was a great value for a so-called Sega price figure.  Sure, online in Japan I can get them around 20, but then 20 more gets added for shipping, and if unlucky if it gets hold by Customs, it can quickly total towards the 70+ euro range.  So for that size and price range of figures, I decided not to take the risk.

So here it is, my unboxing of the Hatsune Miku figure.  Coming from the Supreme Premium Figure or SPM line, the Pierretta:

Now, if only I can find the Ghost version still somewhere...

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash

By : Tomsche69
 The first movie of a series of three that will be released in the coming years, Hathaway's Flash takes us back to the Universal Century.

And that means a lot of familiar events and names will be popping up in the trilogy.

The story takes place 12 years after the Neo Zeon War, or Char's Rebellion, the world is still on the brink of chaos as conflicts can errupt anywhere and anytime.  

The anti-Federation organistaion Mafty, led by Hathaway Noa, son of Bright Noa (the captain of White Base in the original Gundam series), has taken a stand against the corruption in Earth Sphere.  Inspired by Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, he has become a soldier that wants to move forward through armed resistance, but this all changes when he meets Kenneth Sleg and a mysterious girl called Gigi Andalucia.

What follows is a visual spectacle, showing the hardships of battle.  For example the sequence where Gigi and Hathaway try to avoid a battle of mobile suits while fleeing away, as collateral damage rains down around them.  Or the distress of Emeralda as she needs to pick up valuable cargo, namely Hathaway's Gundam, in orbit, and the pressure of failing him...

A really great movie, and I look forward to the sequel next year!

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Unboxing Fate / Stay Night Rider

By : Tomsche69
 I love the Fate / Stay Night part of the franchise, and the Rider (Medusa) was one of the collest servants in my opinion.

So when I could grab the SEGA prize figure for only 1780 yen over at AmiAmi, I didn`t hesitate.

But boy, am I suprised at how big she is!


A truly fantastic figure for sure, and a lovely one for my regrowing collection of anime figures!

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