dinsdag 15 oktober 2019

Goal Completed: 700 points Minas Tirith force

The next painting goal that can be scratched of the list for 2019, is the force of Gondor I wanted to paint this year.

Yeah, that means a lot of silver and black has been used for all the rank and file...

With the batch of warriors I posted earlier, this now means the number has been broken, and here is a small clip to have a look at the force and how it stands now (though one of the Faramir's, under the Rule of One, will get regular captain duty I guess).

I'll be adding to this force for sure over the next year as I still have heaps of sprues and characters for it, but for now, it is put to the side for the remainder of 2019...

zondag 13 oktober 2019

The Campaign for Azmodov 7: Break Out Phase

They had withstood, and even repelled, the initial attack.  But the brave soldiers of the Pax Arcadia knew they couldn't keep withstanding the massed ranks of Marines that kept breaking from orbit.  A true overwhelming mass was gathering on the outskirts of the cities, and soon they would begin their break out of the landing zones.  Officers at Central Command could see the legions of debauchery line up, the storm would come very soon...

The third game in our Future War Commander "Colonisation" campaign, as Nemesis and me faced off again for a battle at the club.  This time, I would command once again 3000 points, while he would have a measly 1500 points at his disposal, but the previous battle showed that is no way a sure defeat.

My forces where build around speed and transport capacity this time, as I would need to either occupy his third of the table, or even better get as many troops as possible from his table edge.  He needed to prevent this.

To that end, the Pax Arcadia force brought along a squadron of tanks, containing a mixture of crusader and medium tanks.  Foot support came in the form of conscripts and regulars, hauling around three smart missile launchers, while battery of heavy artillery loomed off table.

Turn 1

I deployed statically, and immediatly rushed as much as possible forward with my three battlegroups.  No shooting would take place for me in this turn, as his scouts where hidden deep down the field and so I pushed forward as much as I could.

Nemesis had split his force in two, as they would arrive with mobile deployment.  His tank section turned up immediatly, and blasted a Razorback and it's passengers to pieces, supported by an artillery barrage.  First blood to the Pax Arcadia!

Turn 2

However, going into the second turn, I managed to do some damage to his tank forces, but a failure to utter a single command by my HQ resulted in his centre being saved from my large guns....

His infantry section didn't show up yet, but his tanks kept my forces at arm's lenght for now, even though suppression was beginning to dim his firepower.

Turn 3

The Emperor's Children hit hard in his center this round, annihilating his tank force, and running over both his FAO, taking out his artillery as they can't return once to the game, and his HQ (but they would return in his next turn), clearing the way as units left and right started moving off the table, or positioning far out of his gunreach to do so in the following turns from their blocked los positions.
A double order didn't help him in this, and his centre as such collapsed completely, and victory was already in the grasp of the pink horde.

In his turn, Nemesis was struck as well by his commander failing to give orders, so apart from his barrage, the Pax guns remained silent...

Turn 4

As his last stragglers in the center where rounded out, the infantry section finally arrived.  While his smart missiles took out another Land Raider, a command blunder caused his troops to fall back... and the units running of the table caused his force to go over it's break point by one...

Nemesis new it was a foregone battle now, with support walkers, Land Raiders and a massive Coyote class walker bearing on him, and threw the towel.  The break out was succesfull, as the Pax Arcadia retreated, soundly beaten due to the fact his infantry showing up one turn to late to try and mount a decent defence...

The central command saw the red arrows on their screens breaking through the thin green lines all over the planet.  The invasion was in full swing, and the tide wasn't being stemmed by the meagre defences.  The overwhelming numbers just hit them to hard, slaughtering troops and civilians alike in their path... soon the cities would be reached, and Central Command must think of a way to bring the population to safety soon!

zaterdag 12 oktober 2019

The Haul Report 201

A week where orders kept falling in the mailbox...

First of all, my pre-order of the new MESBG cards arrived, together with the Army of the Dead dice.

Seeing how quickly these all sold out, I`m glad I ordered mine immediatly from the get-go.

Another parcel that arrived this week contained my Kings of Men Made to Order, combined with the reference sheet pack to take along to events.

A final, small, parcel that came in was send by my regular "dealer" and contained 3 wildmen of Dunland for my battle companies project.

A very good week of Tolkien-esque stuff indeed!

vrijdag 11 oktober 2019

On the Painting Desk 115

It has been a good week this time round, as I got quite some thingies done.

Not only in preparation levels, but also in actual painting...

I finished the first 5 Morannon orcs of the big batch, and they have been put aside now for flocking once the whole heap is done.

But apart from those, I also finished some small scatter terrain pieces, whom will be making an appearance on this blog in the coming days.

Apart from that, I assembled and undercoated two Rivendell spearmen, to finally get Noshi's battle company complete, so I hope to get those finished rather soonish as well, hopefully before the move.

Now, the desk looks really empty, but that is because I already have been packing up the undercoated plastics that won't be getting finished for the move anyways.

Good times indeed.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

So, after (sort off) rebooting the X-men franchise, it's time (again) for the Dark Phoenix saga to be brought to the screen, and would they get it right this time?

And it will also be the send off before our beloved mutants will appear in the MCU at last...

The movie starts by exploring how Jean Grey came to professor Xavier as an 8 year old, after causing an accident that cost her parents their lives.  Later on, the X-Men are called upon by the government to save the crew of the space shuttle, caught by a weird solar flare.

However, having to go back to save the last member of the crew, the shuttle is hit by this energy wave, but Jean absorbs the full power of what turns out to be the Phoenix force, increasing her powers exponentially.  Jean also has mental barriers, placed there by Xavier, broken down and remembers her parents accident... and that her father actually survived.

This causes her to go berserk, and in the ensuing battle not only does she destroy a neighbourhood, she also kills Mystique as a result.  Fleeing first to Magneto, she attacks a military group after her, but unknown she is also followed by strange aliens out to claim the force for themselves.

Magneto and Xavier team up to bring her back in for their own reasons, but the government interferes in their battle and capture the team.  While under guard and transported to a maximum security facility for mutants, the aliens attack and the team has to stand their ground...

Okay, so, Dark Phoenix saga huh... I was there when they where written, and I can only say: hopefully the MCU handles it better.  I'm not saying this was a totally bad movie, it had entertaining value and Sansa remains a hottie, but it just isn't the iconic X-Men storyline that is shown here...

Still, it's decent for an evening of watching television...

donderdag 10 oktober 2019

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

This is it.  the ULTIMATE bad taste B-movie of it's time.  A movie so bad, it even got itself banned in Germany, Australia and Norway.

And the sad fact, it was actually based on real life events...

Ilsa is a commander in a german camp, conducting all kinds of horrific medical experiments on various women.  And the fact she also has a huge apetite for men, doesn't help in making the wole movie less controversial.
But when an american soldier resists her voracious lust, he hopes the allies will soon arrive and free them all.  But the germans want to avoid any notion of their project being leaked out...

A fun fact for the movie, is that it was filmed in the closing days of Hogan's Heroes, so yes, that is the set of that which features here as the camp.  And the burning down helped that way in clearing out the set itself...

The movie is one of those typical crap movies, so bad you actually keep watching it... if only for it's cult status.  Considered raunchy in it's time (though no less nude is shown then in your average Emanuelle movie) this is one of those flicks you just have to watch if you enjoy these sorts of vehicles of bad taste.

Aaah, cult phenomena...

woensdag 9 oktober 2019

How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

In what is supposed to be the final instalment of the story, we meet up again with Hiccup, Toothless and his gang one year after the events of the previous film.

They are still saving dragons and bringing them to the Viking and dragon utopia of Berk...

... but then a legendary dragon killer comes into the fold, out to kill the last Nightfury, Toothless.  The vikings decide to go searching for the mythical Hidden World, a land where the dragons originated from at the end of the world.

Settling temporarily on another island, Hiccup and Astrid find this place after Toothless was set free with a crush on a Lightfury, whom he is so smitten with it hampers his normal abilities and ways.  They find the Hidden World when looking for him, but the new Berk is attacked and the dragons captured.  Hiccup and his friends set out to free Toothless and the dragons, and after defeating Grimmel, he says his last goodbye to Toothless.  Leading the other dragons, the beasts fly off to the Hidden World and out of the history books, only to return when mankind is ready for their existence...

Ten years later, Hiccup and Astrid set sail with their two children to look for the Hidden World.  They find Toothless and his family (his three cubs are A-DO-RA-BLE) and go for a last flight...

It was another lovely ,ovie, and I actually had to hold back a tear as well at the end.  Dramatic and comical at the same time, this is one of those very enjoyable saturday evening movies to watch!