woensdag 7 december 2022

Terraformars volume 10 - Yu Sasuga and Ken-Ichi Tachibana

 Time for another instalment of this awesome series, about an ill-fated expidition to terraform Mars, and find out they aren`t on the top of the food chain there.

Against a backdrop of political motivations and manoeuvres, the teams must see to overcome a swarm of Terraformars... as well as betrayal by their own.
With the teams all split up, it becomes a cat and mouse game to free Michelle and Akari, captured by the chinese division's Bao.  He meets severe resistance of thousands of Terraformars, and even using Alex and yaeko as a diversion, they keep coming.  Just when it seems all is lost though, Rome finally arrives with MARS rank 1: HUMAN!
He frees Michelle, Akari and the others (proposing to her as he goes) from a horde of cockroaches, making short work as well of Bao who underestimated his opponent.  In the meantime, Marcos, Keiji and the technicians from the US and Japanese divisions try to sneak aboard the Aneex, only to discover there are multiple Bao's, as his base operation is a selfreplicating ocean clamfish.  The cockroaches attack as well, but some of the technicians manage to get in together with Keiji in an effort to hack the communications tower.

But on Earth, masks fall off as every nation explains his ulterior motives for the MARS mission, none being actually finding a cure.  This leads to the formation of alliances and the planning of how to proceed, yet all depends on which of the divisions on Mars actually will manage to obtain their real objectives...
So that was another gory and fun read, now nearing almost halfpoint of the series.  Time to search myself volume 11 in the coming weeks!

dinsdag 6 december 2022

Food Wars volume 5 - Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki

 So we left off with Soma about to fail the 200 servings test, so will he manage to pull through.

Because it seems his souffle eggs have collapsed, as he didn`t take into account the fact a buffet is not served right to the platter.

As he refocusses to give it another shot in the remaining 30 minutes, Erina and another girl whom is seemingly her rival grab all the customers.  But Soma suddenly starts a live cooking show, taking the attention of the attendees and smashes through to the requirements with a few seconds left.

The other girl introduces herself as Alice, the cousin of Erina and bound on becoming the top chef of the institute using scientific methods to cooking.  But the camp ends with a dinner party, and they return back to their dorm, their group still complete and the chefs already scouting out the students.  Soma and Erina both miss the bus though, so have to share a car back to the institute.

A while later, a long weekend is upon them and Soma goes back to open the family restaurant for a day.  He learns that a fried chicken concern has opened in the station, resulting in the local street market starting to dwindle.  He decides to help out together with a former high school friend, Kurase (who has a crush on him) and calls in the aid of Ikumi to better the receipe of fried chicken.

Banding together the various stores in the street market, they produce a better product, slashing the profits of the fired chicken chain store.  But in doing so, he finds out later at school, he made an enemy of the cooking consultant known as The Alchemist and also the 9th Seat on the institute's council of ten.

So this was a fun volume for sure, Noshi even caught me sniggering during the reading.  Now to get some more volumes of this series in the future!

My Hero Academia volume 4 - Kohei Horikoshi

 The sports festival continues with a cavalry game, but with Deku having won the first game, he is now the prime target.

But never the less, he manages to form a team with Uraraka and Tokoyami, as well as hatsume from the Support class.  Now they just need to avoid being captured and lose all their points to the rivaling teams!
But as the other teams go after Midoriya, a silent rival emerges from class 1-B.  Knowing that class A would take the spotlight, they threw the first challenge to observe the other's quirks, and now make their move to put class 1-A down from their pedestal. 

Thanks to Ida, Todoroki obtains Deku's huge points value headband, but as his team has put their faith in him from the beginning, he finally decides to use his quirk and grab a headband back, albeit the worng one.  In the meantime, Class 1-B's plan falls through due to Bakugo being, well, Bakugo as he knocks them singlehandedly of the charts.

Todoroki wins, and Deku would have been eliminated had it not been for Tokoyami who managed to grab another headband, granting them enough points to qualify fourth and proceed just at the limit.  The third stage is a series of duels, but first Todoroki tells Deku who he is, and why he refuses to use his fiery left side.  

Midoriya faces Shinsho in his first duel, a brainwasher, and seemingly through the power of All for One he can overcome the quirk and eliminate Sinsho from the contest.  As the challenges progress and students get eliminated, Uraraka prepares herself mentally to face Bakugo in her match up...

But that challenge will be something for a future volume, as slowly and steadily I`ll be adding volumes of this series into the My Box and ask them for christmas and birthday gifts considering how readily available these are.

It is kind of cool though that in one of the class 1-B characters background items, his hobby is something I grew up with myself as well...

maandag 5 december 2022

Zeta Gundam 1/400 scale gachapon

 Zeta Gundam, or Z Gundam for short, is probably my third favorite gundam series after SEED Destiny and 00.

So it was more then normal that I painted up the titular suit for use in wargames.

This 1/400 scale bottlecap figure as such got the touch up treatment, and now it is ready to bring justice to the solar system at the hands of Kamil Bidan, perhaps the most tragic hero of the whole franchise, ending mentally wrecked as we see in ZZ Gundam afterwards.

I aways liked the design of this mecha, with it's elongated faceplate and how it's transformation parts blend in nicely in the mecha form.

So that is another one finished to play MechaTop with, bar a octagonal base, but those aren`t uber necessary, just handy to help out measuring arcs after all.


zondag 4 december 2022

The Haul Report 345: Lunamaria Time

 It has been a while with shipping issues due to Japan being closed and some postal restrictions from there on.

But this week, two parcels arrived with some figures and merchandise of my ultimate waifu, Lunamaria Hawke.

In the coming days I`ll be posting about the contents of the packages!
And that's not the only figure that came in, as my bride Yotsuba also arrived.

So a fun little haul as the last month of the year begins, and it will be one with a LOT of goodies!

zaterdag 3 december 2022

Brussels Beer Project gift box

 There is a whole, no shame, story on how I obtained this box, but that is not important for this post.

What is, is that this is another taste report on a few special beers, and they are from the Brussels Beer Project, a brewery that makes quite a few special ones.

Also included in this set is a pretty cool and arty glass, but one remark though should the brewers actually read this.  It's a 25cl glass coming with three 33cl bottles of beer...

But let's get to the core of the matter, tasting the beers included in this box.

Jungle Joy - 5.9%, 20 IBU

While I`m normally not a lover of fruit beers, this one actually had a nice, lemonady aftertaste and was rather bitter instead of sour, based as it is on mango and passion fruit.

Nord Bliss - 6.5%, 30 IBU

Nice, cirtrusy and fresh IPA, a very good drinkable beer and welcome after a hard day's work.

Delta IPA - 6%, 45 IBU

The thrid one of the set, this was a rather tasty IPA for sure, also with a nice fruity touch to it.
So, those where the beers of the set, and I must say the Jungle Joy came out for me as the winner.  It had this suprising taste, and was really refreshing, definitly a winner for me.  But the BBP is not only colourful, it are actually some damn fine beers on top!
Feel free to add me as a friend on Untappd, and see which other beers are all tried and tested / tasted by yours truly!

vrijdag 2 december 2022

Food Wars volume 4 - Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki

 Megumi is about to expelled, but Soma doesn`t stand for it, and has challenged one of the instructor's at camp to a cook off duel.

But can they stand up to such a culinary monster?

Chef Shinomiya refuses the duel to negate the expellation, but his fellow chef Dojima interferes.  He makes sure the challenge does take place, but with the exception that Megumi and not Soma has to be the chef, Soma only allowed to help her as a sous-chef.

But his experience and skill make sure that everything gets done right on time, allowing Megumi to make a truly delicious dish, and impressing the other judges as he goes.  But it isn`t enough and they loose the challenge, facing exclusion.  Chef Dojima intervenes, putting the harsh truth to Shinomiya, that now that he has reached the top, he is stagnating.  He tastes Megumi's dish, and starts crying as it remember him of his childhood, and putting his vote to her dish, causing the expulsion to be revoked as the duel ends on a tie.

Both saved, Soma never the less curses the fact he actually lost to an experienced chef.  But no time to stress, as their next assignment depraves them of sleep as they need to design a breakfast worthy of the institute's elite hotel.  But as Agiri, Megumi and others pass both the taste and the servings tests, it seems Soma is failing as he is nowhere near the required 200 servings to pass and time is running out...

Okay, now that is a cliffhanger, time to move to the next volume to see if he gets out of this pickle!

donderdag 1 december 2022

November 2022 Loot: another manga filled month

 One more month to go of this first year of sharing my anime loot with you all, and preparing for a hefty end sprint of the year as such.

But november has been a nice month as well, so let's have a look at what I obtained.

And here are as always the links where applicable:

Pikachu Pez Dispenser: this came from the American Dream candy store in the Wijnegem Shopping Center.
Gigant 9, Haru 4, Deadman Wonderland 1, Thunderbolt 1, Divine Garment 1, Slime 10, Blue Period 1 and 2: all these manga came with my monthly box from Archonia.
Blue Period 3 and 7: these where taken along from the NendoAddicts store in Antwerp.
Terra Formars 10: I picked the next instalment of this awesome series up at Mekanik Strip.
Date a Bullet boosters, Kurumi promo: these I acquired through Cardmarket
FCLC, Densha Otoko, hentai: these came from a seller I got to know through Facebook and now let's me pick from his stock before he lists them.

So this was yet another good month.  Now, with the final month and the holiday season approaching, including a city trip an all, the final loot will be another heavy showing for sure, so check back next month!

woensdag 30 november 2022

Black Widow

 Another superhero movie on the menu doing a lazy saturday night, and this time it's Marvel's Black Widow.

So no matter how good or how bad it might be, at least I have 2 hours of Scarlett Johansson to go.

The movie starts in Ohio back in 1995.  A family of two daughters turns out to be a Russian sleeper cell that has stolen intel from SHIELD, and is forced to flee to Cuba.  Here, the girls are split up and send to the Black Widow Red Room for training.

Years later, one of them, Natasha Romanoff is a succesful assassin that has defected to SHIELD and the Avengers after blowing up her former boss, general Dreykov, and his daughter together with Hawkeye.  The Taskmaster attacks her when she is in hiding from the US Government (this movie takes place around Civil War), as her younger (not real) sister has hidden vials in her car, hoping the Avengers would come to their aid.  When the two assassins meet up, they learn Dreykov survived the bombing and is using his Black Widow programme to influence all the decisions in the world.

They break their "father" out of prison, who is actually the former Soviet superhero Red Guardian, as well as their former mother who is a Black Widow herself.  When they attack the flying red Room base, Natasha learns that Taskmaster is actually Dreykov's gravely injured daughter, and that she can`t attack him due to a pheromone lock in her nose.  This she overcomes by breaking it, and beats up Dreykov, but he can escape thanks to the other Black Widow's intervening.

But her sister comes to her aid, using the antidote and breaking his mind control over them.  As the base comes crashing down, and taking Dreykov with it in an explosion, the two sisters parachute to freedom as SHIELD arrives to take in Romanoff.  A while later, her sister is seen at her grave as she fell during the Thanos events, and gets the assignment to kill Hawkeye from her handler...

Okay, so not to bad of an action movie, but quite a bit below some other Marvel movies in sheer amusement factor.  But heck, it's another one scratched of the backlist at least.