maandag 25 mei 2020


Streaming on Netflix at the moment, this 2017 series is all about a high society school which is run by a code of gambling.

And Noshi and me sat down to give the first 12 episode season a go.

Yumeko is a new student at the completely student council ran school, and a compulsive gambler. From day one, she swears to gamble against the best there is, aka said council, and especially the student body president, (gorgeous) Kirari.

She does this by slowly working her way up through the system, allowing her to steep as low as a "pet" and then take out (in a manner of speaking) the council members one by one.  This she does by what seems to be a very unpredictable playing style, but in truth she plays on the weaknesses she observes in her opponents, and by taking insane risks.  Because for Yumeko, it's all about the thrill of the gambling itself, more as for the actual win.

A really enjoyable series, and a bit different from about anything I've seen lately, making it a welcome change of pace.  The animation is very well done, and at times you as a viewer really doubt wether Yumeko is a genius, or just plain insane, and the art style accentuates this nicely.

But what is with that weird opening theme...

Star Wars Legion: Death Star Turbo Laser

So I finally finished this piece of scenery for Star Wars Legion, and truth be told this was actually the first "larger" thing I printed on my Ender 3.

The only thing I was in doubt for was to go for a more white colour like in the original trilogy, especially in the pre-touched up edition, or for the lighter grey like in recenter images.

In the end, I opted for the second scheme.

The model consists of various "levels" glued on top of each other, and the barrels again a seperate piece, and takes about 4 evenings of printing to complete.

Nice and tall to stand on the table now, the next project for SWL will be a power generator, before continuing printing work on the Tattooine set I have.

zondag 24 mei 2020

The Far Side 2.0

Once upon a time, in a clubhouse far far away... there was a bunch of loons playing space games week in, week out.

They where called... The Far Side of the Galaxy!

But life started happening and slowly but surely, like the excellen A Call to Arms Babylon 5 game from Mongoose Publishing, the light sizzled out and we all went our way, sadly even loosing one of our own in the process, but we know he smiles from above and "den mottigen Djoef" will ever be tied to his name.

Yet recently, the wind has been changing.  Spurred on by Andy (who briefly was a non-posting co-poster on the blog here if you remember that far back) the idea first was tossed out, and now is becoming reality again, of relaunching the Far Side, aka Far Side 2.0, and we even have a new logo:

Now, what did the Far Side stand for actually I hear you ask, apart from having a fun friday night "with the lads"?  Well, we had mainly two points we stood for:

* Play spaceship games and Future War Commander, both a terribly small niche at the club,  and as such looked like the oddballs in the clubhouse.  Okay, that might have been for other reasons, like the loadest bunch of 'em all, hence why they put us in the back, or, here it comes, "the far side of the building".

* The second point is in the new logo: we never stood for unpainted models!  Very occasionally, you could put a vessel on the table but that had to be at least in it's base colours, to try out,but as a general rule if it wasn't painted, you weren't allowed to play along.   That did sound elitist perhaps, but for us that was, and still is, an aspect of the hobby.  You can't imagine, even with our busy adult lives (hey, we weren't kids anymore back then already) how fleets got churned out in no-time for gaming.

Those where the values we had back then, and which we will carry onwards again in 2.0 even though it'll be hard to bring the whole gang together again.

And they actually got featured in an old wargame magazine from the UK, when that visited our clubhouse, as seen here:

Ah, the good old times, and now let's see if Andy, fully supported by me and Nemesis, can fire it all up again!

The Haul Report 230: Into Space

In this weeks haul, I have been trying and printing up something different: spaceships!

Of course, the first thing that got trial and errored (playing with the scale, finally deciding on angling it for the nacelle pylon strength,...) was a Star Trek vessel.

To be precise, a Vesper class cruiser from Star Trek Online.

But on Thingiverse, I also discovered a creator of Freelancer ships.  I played that game to pieces 17 years ago, and now I can finally bring the vessels to the table, starting out with a Bretonnia battleship that just required some scaling down to about 10cm for playable scale.

As well as a flight base try out to base the models on...

Talking space games, these small hexbased asteroids are ideal to put on the table and add some scenery to otherwise basically black tablecloths...

On a different print note, in between I turned out a few more Dungeon Tiles as well...

And a frist tryout print for 6mm terrain for "Project Far Side" - on which more later.  This turned out to big, more suited for 10mm, so I`ll use it as a storage house or such

My Dark Realms Patreon also had it's first May release this week.  We are taking a sidetrip from Middle-Earth this time and travel towards Hogwarts... by ways of Diagon Alley.

So yes, that is some great stuff once again this time.


zaterdag 23 mei 2020

Some small Dungeon Interior stuff

Nothing to fancy in this post, as it consists of some small printed items from past weeks I painted up.

On the one hand, some bails of straw to litter around the table, like in Burrows and Badgers or in some medieval dungeon style layout for DnD.

The other small set of stuff painted up is a round table and two chairs, of which I will be printing more in the future though, as I need about a dozen...

So nothing fancy or intricate painting this time round, just some small essentials for gaming.

On the Painting Desk 144

Another week has passed, but I must say I haven`t been painting that much this time round.

Did finish some Legion models, who will be featured soonish on the blog though, but for the rest it has been some off strokes left and right.

In the coming week, I really want to finish both the printed Vesper class starship, as I want to try out a simple space combat rules set I got online, as well as the Barrow Wight for a community project on Facebook, but those are the "main goals" for the next 7 days.

For the rest, it'll be a lot of touch and go as I have no idea what the week will bring, bar to hot temperatures to sit behind a painting light, meaning I`ll probably be zooming around in STO instead.

Until next week!

vrijdag 22 mei 2020

Setting out from Starbase 1

It has been a while again, but I tend to drift ever again back to Star Trek Online, or STO for short.

Which considering I am a Trekkie, and where that badge with pride, isn`t to strange I recon.

Especially since I have been playing this since it's initial release waaaaaaay back in February 2010... albeit on and off, especially since it became free-to-play.

So this week, I reinstalled the game, and have been doing some catch up on the new features and episodes that have been released since then (last I played was the Iconian storyarc, so a few have been added now), checking on my bridge officers and all the likes.

And so the adventures of Captain (well, actually Admiral) Aldades Vongalzthag and the USS Procyon continue once again...