dinsdag 16 oktober 2018


"I'm drowning!" "I'm Elfo"...

Yeap, that is perhaps the most hilarious line out of the newest Groenig creation, Disenchantment.


Made by the creator of the Simpsons, this series takes us back to the middle ages where princess Bean, who rather spends her days and nights in drunken stupor, is joined by a demon called Lucy and an exiled elf called Elfo.

Together they set out to do all sorts ofmisschief, while the king, Zog, tries to unlock the mysteries of eternal life using Elfo's blood, in order to gain the one thing he really loves with all his essence.

This leads to hilarious situations and wordplays, in the style of his other creations (Futurama, The Simpsons), like the above mentioned lines when a lady is sinking in a stolen carriage.

What I liked about it

* the wordplays and jokes, especially involving naive Elfo

What I didn't like about it

* It's not just "there" yet on the level of it's predecessors.

Overall, this 10 episode series is great for a relaxing evening, and I'm curious how it will 'grow' into it's second season when that arrives...

Wise Woman

Well, my temple is ready in the Dux campaign at the club, so a druid joins my ranks to invoke the leaving daylights out of the enemy.

But that also meant I needed a model to represent him on the tabletop.

Rummaging through my bits and pieces boxes, I found this viking wise woman from Wargames Foundry.  Excellent!

I as such painted her up to run around nearby my warlord's unit, even though she doesn`t really plays an actual "battlefield role" in combat and the likes.

So now this nice old lady can begin putting down spirit walls to bottleneck enemies... hopefully.

maandag 15 oktober 2018

Havoc squad fill-ups

A small addition to my Emperor's Children force, as I "lined out" both the squads to their full 10 man configuration.

To that end, I used some old monopose marines, and painted them in the pre-heresy colours like the squads.

So dividing the stack of 9 marines into a group of 4 and a group of 5, they where then divided into their new "parent units", and adding some points to my forces total in the process.

Both squads now completed:

Next for the 3rd legion is still that large 20 man close combat squad, before moving on then to yet another squad of Havocs.

See you soonish for more pink and purple power!

zondag 14 oktober 2018

Emperor's Children vs Death Guard Kill Team Battle Report

My second ever game of Kill Team, and my second game against Death Guard, albeit another opponent then Nemesis, in the form of Kristof, someone I never played before.

Those disgusting feckers sure are popular it seems, and that would mean another game of going up against T5, ignore flesh wound marines.

Now, on the part of my list I went for a very fluffy but experimental army list.  A lone Aspiring Champion who infiltrated the area and has corrupted the local workforce in a cult dedicated to exstacy.  As a result, I had a Heavy Stubber with the Heavy specialism, a flamer, and 17 basic cultists with either autogun or pistol and close combat weapon.  All drawn from my various cultist units to look more raggety taggety... and still had some points left over as you can have a max of 20 figures in a force.  but it would give me a good idea for the future on how mass forces work in the game.

Opposing me:5 Death Guard Marines including a flail wielder, a blight launcher and a plasmagunner, supported by 5 poxwalkers for mobile cover.

The table was set and we used the middle eastern terrain the club bought a while ago, to create the planet of Mukthaboom.  Fluff wise, my champion Ali Ali Sanchez has infiltrated this planet to rouse the rabble, known now as the Holy Terror cult, to unseat the Nurgle overlords.  The lord of plagues send in a squad to Assassinate Ali instead, and the run to freedom was on.

I know my autoguns and baseball bats wouldn't be much use against the power armoured monstrosities, so I needed to use them as a living bullet shield in the hopes of keeping my Aspiring Champion safe until the variable turn length expired.

Turn 1

The Death Guard grabbed the initiative, and the attack on my Aspiring Champion was on.  Most of his troops advanced swiftly across the board to close range as much as possible.
The cultists opened fire while Ali gathered followers around him to serve as a human shield, and managed to take down two poxwalkers, not a bad start for the first turn but would I be able to repeat this every turn to keep my leader safe?

Turn 2

The first Death Guard models entered close combat, including the mighty plague flail marine who jumped onto the roof.
On of my cultists jumped down to assault the blight launcher marine and lock him in combat, only to be blown three streetblocks away by his overwatch fire.
But the cult, loosing two of their numbers this turn, did manage to take down a third poxwalker.

Turn 3

With the Death Guard approaching, Ali and his followers sneaked around the building to keep the house in between them.

The quality of the Plague marines shone through though, as brave cultists charging into combat ended up trampled underfoot.

While I took down an additional poxwalker with my flamer, the cultist casualties began mounting slow and steadily.

Turn 4

Fleeing into an alleway, the board was starting to get like the time: running out.  I hoped the turn ended and grab victory, because I had nowwhere left to run for the oncoming green tide.

More cultists fell as the Death Guard butchered their way through them with plagued weapons.

Kristof rolled a 4 and the game went on for another turn, darnit

Turn 5

This would prove to be the final turn of the game, as locked in the alleyway behind his forces, Ali was out of options.  The plasma gunner could reach him by ways of the roof, and the Heads Down special stratagem wouldn`t be able to keep him safe.

He needed to survive the incoming plasma bolts and then pray for the game to end, but the two overcharged bolts hit home and Ali went down and out, delivering victory to the Death Guard.

The thing I learned in this game is the rather "meugh" movement in my eyes for climbing and jumping down, resulting in power armoured lumbering figures hopping on and off houses like it is nothing.  I was still with the old Necromunda rules in my head, and should have blocked the rooftops more as well, but the rules "an sich" aren`t great on that part in my head.

But it was an enjoyable battle, even though no offerings will be added as a result to the altar of Slaanesh...

The Haul Report 152

Hello everyone to another week of new hobby addditions.

And the mainliner this week is a bunch of scenery I found on Yeggi for printing.

So a few weeks ago, I dropped my "printer" a line and asked if he could print these for me and how much it would knock me back.  A deal was struck, and this week he delivered the models for littering my battlefields, both of the 40k and the Middle Earth / Northymbria varieties.

The other small purchase I made this week was another 100 metal plates to base my Emperor's Children with, one of those "bare necessities" to transport my army on magnetic foil...

That`s it as such for this week, as I`ll be drawing up my list of Crisis purchases now and make some pre-orders...

zaterdag 13 oktober 2018

Armies on Parade Games Workshop Antwerpen

This saturday I decided to join Parade Day for Armies on Parade in the local Games Workshop, with my just painted for tabletop handling Emperor's Children.

My expectations for the contest itself where low, but I wanted to meet the local players as I never joined in any of their events so far, being someone who games at the club normally.

I made a selection of my models for this, grabbing mostly the old school metals and of course my Knight, while still being able to put it all in a single carry case for ease of public transport transportation, because I also had to haul my tile along.

There where 9 other armies on parade, and here is an overlook of all that participated, in italics there is any certificates they might have won:

Imperial Guard - Warhammer 40k *Best scenic base 40k*

Khorne - Age of Sigmar

Ultramarines - Warhammer 40k

Goblins - Age of Sigmar *Best monster and machines AoS, Best Scenic base AoS*

Adeptus Custodes - Warhammer 40k *Best Monster and machines 40k*

Sons of Horus - Warhammer 40k *Best Painted 40k, First Army 40k*

Nurgle - Age of Sigmar *Best Painted AoS, First Army AoS*

Nightvault Warbands - Age of Sigmar

Skaven - Age of Sigmar

So together with my above Emperor's Children, this made 10 entries, nicely split 5 / 5 down the line.

But which armies won the medals?

Well, the Third Place bronze medal went to the Age of Sigmar Goblin army

Second place silver was for the Adeptus Custodes force

And the grand winner of the Antwerp Armies on Parade was the Nurgle force, well deserved.

All participants also received this little memento, a pinbadge from Armies on Parade, so that is going in the cabinet with my force.

And now that I know the required "level" and how it all works, I`m going to already plan and start building scenery (which I lacked , I thought it had to be official GW scenery only) for my entry next year, which will so definitly be a Lord of the Rings one.  Mordor shall march forth!