vrijdag 1 juli 2022

June 2022 Loot

 As the year hits the halfway mark, it is time again for the monthly oversight and links of the obtained loot.

And all in all, I kept it really modest this month, but check it out in this video:

And here are the promised links of all the merchandise.

Strike Gundam, Ichika: These where won on the TokyoCatch crane game app.
Marin clearfile and acryll stand: these where bought at AmiAmi.
Tanjiro, Mel Oguri acryll stand: won back in march, this shipment from Toreba arrived safe and sound this month.
No game No Life light novel, Dress Up darling, I`m the Hero and JK Haru manga: these came through Archonia in my monthly box.

Not to shabby at all for this month, considering I`m keeping it a bit down the coming months.  I have that anime tattoo in the pipeline after all, and that ain`t cheap either.

woensdag 29 juni 2022

June has gone: the yearly goals halfway mark

 So the year is already halfway down the "getting slowly back to normal" drain, meaning it's time to see how the goals are coming along.

With for one, the happy news I started painting again, albeit sporadically, AND even managed to finish some wargame figures!
So to that end, the first goal of painting 15 gasaphon Gundams for MechaTop has been starting to tick, with already 3 that came off the bench the past months.  And a whole batch standing ready!
On the reading end of things, it might actually look daunting to get the 100 books goal, though even I have been reading a lot, including manga, I'm still only at 24 books finished at the moment.  So I guess that might need some additional effort in both shopping and reading for sure, and work harder on that magnatheque.
On a movie level, it seems to go okay, standing just under the halfway mark with 7 seen so farThe series seem to be a goal that will be achieved smoother, as Noshi has picked up watching these together in the evenings now, and as a result I`m at 9 out of the planned 15.
Of course, the anime goal will be reached as I keep devouring them, now standing at 17 out of the planned 25.  But of those planned ones, the Hitman Reborn large one of 203 episodes is still only at episode 23 at the moment.

The one goal that will seemingly hard to still obtain is the weight challenge though, as halfway I`m still a far way off the aimed 80kg, the lowest point has been 90,50.
Now to go onwards to the next update, end of september, by when I expect the first achieved statuses.

dinsdag 28 juni 2022

Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

 Weeeelllll, time for a new romance comedy show!

And it is an isekai this time round, in which the hero is reincarnated into a... dating sim.  With magical girls.  And Mecha's.  And a cool opening theme!

They sure make the premises always go stranger and stranger hehe, but I don`t mind, I like the genre as some relaxing viewing.  But so let's dive into this isekai build around an otome game!

Officeworker Leon get's reincarnated in a dating sim where women reign supreme, and men are only allowed in sight if they are really beautiful.  But Leon remembers the game from his previous life, having completed it.  He becomes the master of an AI as he was send to retrieve it's core, gaining great wealth and joining the academy.

At the academy, he meets the characters from his otome game, he meets Olivia, a lower level girl, helping her get introduced to the most popular girl of the class.  But during a dungeon exploration, something seems off with a girl called Marie.  She seemingly influences game mechanics, putting Leon on the backfoot in his knowledge.  Angelica challenges Marie to a duel, and Leon steps in to be her champion and find out more about Marie that way.

Marie has 5 champion mecha warriors, ridiculing Leon and his lumbering Arroganz relic mech.  Until he pummels all his opponents out of the duel that is... and gets a promotion as a result.  Shortly after though, he has to stand in for one of the champions in a hoverbike race.  He wins it, causing people to even hate him more.  But one of the noble girls that really despise him, tries to force Olivia into betraying him and Angelica.

They get attacked by the Sky Pirates, but Leon stands up to them, recovering a powerfull necklace he is looking after while coming to Livia's protection together with one of the five heroes, Brad.  But then Hertrude of the Fanoss Kingdom attacks, an event not supposed to happen before the end of year three.  This results in the capture of Angie, while Leon is tossed in jail.

He rallies the other students to fight, as the Farnoss forces prepare to attack in one hour and kill them all.  But as they decide to blast the ship out of the sky instead, Livia intervenes unlocking her full powers as the Saint, while he captures Hertrude. So the Black Knight is send after him, the most poweful mecha pilot around.  But Leon overcomes him, taking a huge amount of spoils with him as a result.

This was a fun series for sure, and I look forward for a second season of this, even though it isn`t one of those mainstay series.  It's just what it is: a fun isekai show.

maandag 27 juni 2022

Lord Ipsqueek goes Kasterlee, part deux

 Hello followers and admirer's of my stellar looks!

It might have been a while since I turned word to you, but I finally got out on a city trip again, and it was back to daddy's "holy land" or as I call it, old man memories.
Now, part one, when I was just a wee baby not even half a year amongst you, was literally baked away as we had a heatwave 2 years ago, but now the weather was far more enjoyable (bar that one rainstorm that awoke me saturday night, blighters) and I could explore the village in earnest.

Though grandpa first had to go to the local emergency room of St Dimpna to get some stitches, as he had bumped his head.  But no worries, I enjoyed my "bammekes" in the fresh outside air in the meantime.

The next day started with some great bubbles fun!

Now, we stayed at a camping place which has a LOT of playgarden's suited for all ages up to 12.  Of course, being the conqueror (of hearts, but more on that later) that I am, I took to the one for the largest kids and showed them how to rock a swing like a real one.

One huge bonus was that the chair to eat was a huge comfort one.

So, an after lunch nap later, I was ready for my next adventure!

And that was a trip to the Kabouterkesberg, where gnomes live and I could go meet them.

Okay, so I climbed all those stairs with mommy, so I could let daddy curse and clutz to get my steed up and off the mountains.  It's good for his physique, so no compassion from me, nope nope.

Well, I`m not all that bad a ruler, I allowed them to have an icecream for the efforts.

How do you find my crown of the gnomes by the way?

In the evening, we went to a neighbouring play garden, where I could rummage around to hearts desire.

And I charmed this lovely little lady to do the jumping, so I could enjoy some relaxing bouncy bouncy on the trampoline.  Conqueror of hearts indeed!

The last morning, we went to an indoor playground, where I discovered a bath filled with plastic balls.  How great to chill is that!


And I could touch a cute little goat!

So that now means dear parents you must provide me at home with a swing, a trampoline and a ball bath, okey?
So, that was a neat little trip for certain, thanks mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa for taking me along!
Well, maybe not daddy, all he seemed to do was drink...


zondag 26 juni 2022

The Haul Report 323: Manga time

 This week, my monthly box from Archonia arrived.

So that means some more nice additions to the library, with these volumes.

From a variation of series, as more volumes appear or I pick up older ones, this means a variety in reading material as well.

I guess I`ll have some enjoyful reading to do the coming weeks, while contemplating already what to put into the next box.

vrijdag 24 juni 2022

Unboxing Demon Slayer Tanjiro

 The manga colour version, of which I also have Nezuko, finally arrived by boat.

Okay, so it took longer, but I didn`t have to pay import duties so fine with me.

Now, let's crack open the box and have a look at our hero.

Very nice figure indeed.

I know there is a Daki going to be coming to the crane game apps in the future, so that is one I`ll definitly be playing for, and I still need me to get a Zenitsu from this line as well.

Well, time enough to do so anyways!

woensdag 22 juni 2022

That Time I got reincarnated as a Slime volume 6 - Fuze and Taiki Kawakami

 The adventure continues of the fledgling monster nation of the Jura Forest Alliance.

And it's ruler, Rimuru Tempest, isn`t given a day break to catch his breath.  Or magicules, as slimes don`t breath but you get the idea.

Because soon after settling in with the new Orc and lizardmen residents and incorporating them into the fold, they are visited by none other then the dwarven king himself, Gazel, who wants to see with his own eyes what this new nation is all about.  They hold a friendly duel to see if Rimuru is worthy of being chancellor in his eyes.

But Rimuru's victory over the Orc Lord has also caught the attention of the demon lordsm and one in particular, the ancient Milim Nava, goes to seek Rimuru out.  Because the manipulative demon lord Clayman wants to add Rimuru to the ranks of the Demon Lords.

But Milim arrives in town, challenging Rimuru.  Knowing she is far above his level, he convinces her with the help of honey that the town isn`t bad at all.  Milim decides to see him as her best friend, and move in into town, living with the monsters as she is fascinated by it all.

A volume in which I had the feeling that more details where added, especially in a comical sense, compared to the anime.  The first 5 books seemed to have been adapted page by page, but now funny moments are more a plenty, making it an even more joyous read.

maandag 20 juni 2022

Unboxing The Quintessential Quintuplets Ichika swimsuit price figure

 Okay, even if she is "just" a price figure scale, she is one of the cutest Ichika's I`ve seen around.

But how does she look in the flesh, or plastic is maybe better?  

Let's find out!

She is most definitly a fantastic figure, and one of the best Prize figures I scored this year so far.

So if you come along her and you like the Quintuplets, don`t hesitate to pick her up!

zaterdag 18 juni 2022

On the Painting Desk 206

 So, a long weekend has passed, and I took the opportunity to prepare some figures.

Namely, some more gasaphon Gundam models to start painting up soonish.


A lot of "main suits" in this batch like the Victory, Zeta, ZZ and F91 for example, not the grunt types of recent.
With a blistering heat now going over the county, I guess this weekend I won`t be doing anything, while next weekend I`m on holiday.  But do not fear, I hopefully will be going at them soonish again, beginning with glueing and basing.
I just need to get to a hobby store for some white paint...