woensdag 12 mei 2021

Last Hope season 2

 Or is it?

I watched this series on Netflix, where it consists of 2 seasons of 13 episodes each, yet MAL lists it as a single season of 26 episodes.  I guess it has to do with a summer break in the middle.

So, wether this is now season 2 or season 1 part 2, I happily sat down to give it a go, as I really liked the first part.

The mech's have now control over their interdimensional transformation ability, so the playing field against the monsters is levelled a bit again.  But Mr Gold has a trick up his sleeve, called the Dark Drive.

This drive, born from The Chaos, has been created by the presumed dead Dr Long, who created the original drives together with Leon, is entangled with the Hyperdrive and now Long tries to get Leon to his side to break the stalemate and change the future of human evolution itself!  However, the increased use of the hyperdrive is starting to make changes in the characters themselves, as they find themselves changing slowly but surely in something other then human.
When their home city is threatened by an orbital strike, Doug, influenced by a BRAI impersonating his love from the past Emilia, is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.  But as the BRAI keep advancing, Queenie has to face a ghost from her past as Leon tries to finally find the solution between the Dark Drives and Hyperdrives connections...

An enjoyable mecha series, with some nice twists to it, this is certainly worth a look at if you like post-apocalyptic scifi anime's.

dinsdag 11 mei 2021

Attack on Titan season 2

 Okay, this was a time for turbo binging, using any possible free half hour to watch one of the 12 episodes of the second season.

The reason?  To continue with season 3 together with Noshi, now that the series ran it's course.
Now, you might remember I liked season 1, but wasn`t certain where the whole hype came from, apart for the epic opening music.  So now we have season 2, with an even more epic opening, but what would the season bring me?
Well, joy for one.  I really liked the story, on how the Titans apparantly don`t come from behind the wall, but that there is a big monkey like Titan running around awakening titan genes in people, as more seem to be able to transform into them apart from Eren.

And that includes some even in the 104th Scouting regiment, as becomes clear when some of the recruits get trapped inside a ruined castle.  But the rescue also learns there are more amongst them, and with some serious malevolent plans.
So now it comes down to Eren and Ymir (what a waifu she is!) to decide on how to tackle this crisis...

A good season for sure, and yes, I am starting to understand the whole hype now.  I`m not there yet, nor doubt I will ever be, but I can definitly start appreciating the series after this second season.

maandag 10 mei 2021

Snowpiercer season 2

 Mr Wilford has boarded the train, and it'll have hell to pay for!

In the second season of this excellent series, Mr Wilford, played by Sean Bean, has arrived and the passengers will have known it.

Driving the Big Alice maintenance train that clamped on at the end of season 1, a real divide is now taking place on Snowpiercer, as the big inventor and self-proclaimed messiah of mankind has returned, and he is not happy about what Melanie and Layton did.

As a struggle grows between both trains, melanie however discovers the Earth seems to warm up again, and she leaves the train for an abandoned research station to launch climate probes.  In the meantime, Wilford makes his move, and takes over his train again, splitting up the leaders of Snowpiercer and reinstating his rules.

Now, I must say, it was a bit of a mixed season.  The first half felt really slow, saved by the awesome performance of Sean Bean (that "moral dyslexia" speech!), until the sixth episode that chronicles Melanie's story off the train.  When we board again, it picks up in pace and intensity, as the storylines get together to the pick up moment at the end of that sixth episode, and what happens immediatly after.

But in the end, it remains a strong series with some very unexpected plot twists and betrayals, as the political engines kept grinding throughout the season...

Now to wait for the third season to see how it all fans out!

zondag 9 mei 2021

The Haul Report 278: Ouch, Brexit

 It has been ages, or at least 2 years, but I opened my Steam this week and actually downloaded a (free) game, Super Mecha Champions.

I`m actually planning on installing quite a bunch more, as I guess MMO's are out of the equation atm anyways.
Is it any good?  Who knows, I`ll see in a few weeks or so I guess. 

I also received my Instagram win of Rise from resin, on which I`ll do an unboxing soon.  Sadly, it got hit by Brexit customs, knocking me back 38 euro to receive a 25 GBP figure.

And that's it for this week!

vrijdag 7 mei 2021

Unboxing 1/400 scale Gundam gasaphon

 As you could see a few weeks ago in my haul report, I received an parcel from Japan containing some gasaphon for MechaTop.

In scale 1/400, as that goes better with 6mm terrain for visual reasons, I am opening the parcel and share the content.

So what did I get?  It is all revealed in this little clip:

Now, I am starting to build up a nice line of to do models, but as long as I don`t get my mate in here to do a hot fix on the Ender 3, I can`t print the bases I use for the game and as such am holding off the paint jobs on the models for now.

Let's hope Covid-19 becomes a thing to live with soon...

donderdag 6 mei 2021

Fate / Apocrypha

 This is now the second series of the Fate franchise I watched, after Unlimited Bladeworks, and I must say I really like the premises of them.

Iconic heroes (and villains) from history being summoned to aide their masters in the search for the Grail, it has a nice knack to it.

In this instalment, there are actually two decks of servants: Red and Black.  The Black faction are all members of the Yggdmillenia family, while the Red faction consists of magi send by the Clock Tower out to retrieve the Grail from the family, who had been victorious during the third war.

But there is a third player in the game, as Shiro, a priest, takes out most of the masters of Red and enlists their servants to his cause, to bring harmony to humanity.  Other servants of Black also join him, betraying their masters, as the first assault on the castle takes place.

Homunculi, artificial humans created to serve as batteries, aid in the defence and gain independance from their creators, as one of them is saved by Saber of Black, Siegfried.  Naming himself Sieg, he becomes a master himself, though he can briefly transform into his servant.  Together with the 15th servant, the Ruler Jeanne d'Árc, they set out together with the survivors of the black faction and Saber of Red to stop the machinations of Shiro.

An enjoyable series for sure, with some really tragic moments, it had for me also two very memorable characters.  Caster of Red, aka William Shakespeare, was just epic (that Noble Phantasma!) and I seriously have put him on my shortlist as a cosplay goal.  

And then there is that very, very creepy Jack the Ripper Assassin servant...

A good series for sure, and great fun to watch during my lunchbreaks!

woensdag 5 mei 2021

Castlevania season 3

 At current, it seems this being the last season of the Konami video game adaption following the exploits of Belmont.

And in this third season, we take a look at the aftermath of our heroes, now that Dracula has fallen.

During the 10 episodes, 4 storylines are told.  The first of course involves Trevor and Sypha, as they arrive in a village.  While joined by the enigmatic Count de Saint-Germain, they soon learn that the local priory has fallen to the demonic.
Hector, former servant of Dracula, finds himself in the capture of four vampire queen's, and tries to work out a means to escape while they want to bind him to their will to create an army of dead soldiers.

Isaac the Forgemaster on the other hand wands the north african region, bound on revenge against Hector.  he travels to Genoa and needs to conquer the city with his night creatures to get closer to his target.
Meanwhile Alucard gets visited by two vampire hunters from Japan who seek his training to overcome the vampire ruling their region with cruelty...

A lot has been going on as such in this season, yet the viewer keeps a good overview of events as the episodes tend to mostly focus on one or two lines only.  This avoids making it a hotchpotch of back and forth's, giving a fun experience.

Season 4 has been confirmed, but with one of the producers getting involved in a sexual allocation case, there is seemingly a strong delay on it, so we will just have to wait it out for it's release I guess...