zondag 18 november 2018

Haul Report 156: Crisis boo-boo's

Another week past by, and in this Haul Report... stuff I didn`t get at Crisis and needed to order afterwards.

Okay, though it wasn`t ALL my fault...

The first parcel that arrived was the one from Black Hat, containing a heap of Coat D`Arms paints.  There wasn`t a single trader at Crisis this year that packed the full range of my paint of choice, so I ordered enough Bone and US Green to get me hopefully through a year of painting Slaanesh bases.

The second one was my fault, from Gripping Beast came this pack of 2 Irish Curaidh, whom will become a mounted noble and champion for Dux, in case I want to put all my eggs in one basket and combine them with my lord in a mounted regiment.  Tactical options you see...

So that was the loot for this week, I`m expecting some more parcels shortly and not so shortly, so keep watching this space :-)

zaterdag 17 november 2018

Adeptus Custodes vs Emperor's Children: 1500 points battle report

So, finally I will meet the Golden Boys with the Pink Phalanx on the battlefield.  Though I know my opponent, Tom, for years already, we actually never played 40k against each other iirc.

So after months of smacktalking, the forces meet at last on the field of g(l)ory...

To that end, I took along a Warlord (high on elixer, and with the 6+++ save) to bolster my lines, a Dark Apostle because I think those are just bloody great, and a Sorcerer whose job will be to place Death hex'es where possible.
For thr troop selection, 2 blobs of cultists each 20 strong led the way / took the bullets for my squad of Noise Marines.
I have seen those Custodes in action a few times, and I know they are hard to crack in their armour, then multiple wounds, so I opted for a very ranged army list.  Two squads of havocs, one with lascannon and missile launchers, and one with autocannons and heavy bolters, stood ready to lay down a rainstorm of fire.  Joining them, a Rapier battery of 2 laser destroyers and 1 quad bolter.
The final piece of the force is a Helbrute, with plasmacannon and missile launcher.

So in the end I have a rather okay sized force (mine tend to be to the more numerous side as I rarely take armour along) with a load of s8+ and decent ap redecution weapons.  If the sorcerer can do his thing, it might be a slaughtering shooting gallery...

Tom on the other hand brought along 4 squads of Golden Boys, of which one would deploy in reserve, 2 characters on jetbikes, a Banner Bearer and a huge Dreadnought with an arsenal of guns, while a Culexus assassin lurked in the shadows.

Both forces where deployed, and this resulted in 5 out of the 6 objectives being near the Custodes battleline as we went for the length instead of the width of the table in a Race to Victory scenario!

The Custodes took the first turn, and after their shooting phase, my first squad of havocs was out, unfortunatly the lascannon / missile launcher ones... so far the use of the cover save stratagem against the might of the 2+ firing dreadnought.

I was "helped" by having objectives actually lying BEHIND the custodes line, so there goes any hope on early points.  Add to that both Laser Destroyers failing miserably, and we ended the first turn with a 2-0 lead for the Custodes...

In the second turn, the Custodes withdrew their injured squad behind the buildings, while a fresh one teleported in behind more cover.  The Culexus appeared on top of the walkway where the Havocs had been.

In my shooting phase, the lasers hit home, seriously wounding the dreadnought who was then taken out by an autocannon shot.  My sorcerer had been reduced to a single wound by the culexus, who was consequently blown to smithereens by a barrage of sonic noise.

But it now stood 1 to 5 for the Custodes, who keep drawing objective number based cards.

In turn 3, the Custodes characters relocate to obtain even more secured objectives, as the teleported in squad charges one of my laser destroyers, taking it out swiftly.  In response, my cultists throw themselves on them to keep them locked in a fight, hoping against all odds to do something against the 2+ armoured elite warriors.

But at 1 to 6, it ain`t going well at all...

His characters keep securing and defending objectives, but one of his squads fall at last to combined fire, freeing up objective one. 

Not that it helps a lot, as his points keep raking up to a now stunning 1 - 12 lead.

Both his jetbike mounted characters prepare to slaughter the cultist unit on the flank now, while the other cutlists versus Custodes fight keeps dwindling down both units.

But at 1 - 13 it is becoming a hopeless cause, because there is no way I can table him anymore.

His lord though, after some cultists did actually survive (one of the characters failed his charge the turn before) just survives a laser destoryer hit and feels with one wound remaining.

The noise marines prepare to charge the lone squad survivor in the meantime by closing on his position.

The other character hides behind some rock formations, rather safe from most of my firepower now.

But then he reached the 10 objective cards, meaning I would get my last turn and then the game is over.

In that turn, the charge of course fails, needing only a 6, and to put extra shame to it, one is shot down by overwatch to boot...

My lord charged the lone survivor of the cultist slugfest... and even on his intoxics fails to finish him off... sigh.  Two chances for at least scoring the Blood and Guts, and zilch as a result.

And so the game came to a close, resulting in the Custodes completing 11 objectives compared to my measly three... and a massive 5 - 19 defeat for the Emperor's Children, the heaviest I ever had in this edition.

But I learned quit a few lessons when facing the Golden Boys next time, in that they struggle with ranged anti tank fire, and that I need more mobile then mass troops, like my Raptors and Talons to at least contest the objectives and all next time.

Still, a fun battle and even though the losses on both sides didn`t even amount to 500 pts each, it was an enjoyable experience.

vrijdag 16 november 2018

On the Painting Desk 69

Another week passed by, and as Noshi had her last night shifts ever, some decent progress was made compared to last week.

Heck, the desk even looks one quarter empty...

Now to tackle some armour, both of the plated and the tracked variety...

The Great Wall of China: The Hidden Story

Okay, cry with me.  This documentary (part of the Secret History line of documentaries) premiered the last sunday of september 2018 on "our" Discovery channel.

It was originally aired in... 2014!!!!

It handles about one of the biggest manmade structures and engineering feats mankind ever made: the Great Wall of China, which was build over a period of 2400 years and various dynasties, a period "broken up" by Mongol rule (and it originally failed to keep them out as intended).
Now, the biggest revelation perhaps is that there is no Great Wall.  It are actually 16 different walls linked together as it turned out, then unified into one connecting structure over time.

Another intresting piece was the way the mortar kept the wall together as good as it does, over all those 1000s of years.  It's not like legend says by the bones of deceased workers grinded into it... but by your every day kitchen ingredient, sticky rice.
But perhaps for me the most awesome part was the signalling method of flags and even bonfire chains (hello, beacons of Gondor) to warn about invading barbarians.

It was a nice documentary, and a good sunday night watching... if only they would give more of these things instead of yet another buy and sell junk programme...

Ow, and you CAN'T see it from outer space...

donderdag 15 november 2018

The Real Deal! Warhammer Shadespire battle report

And we have arrived at the point where the game becomes for real.  

After playing a couple of games to really get to know the core rules, me and Noshi played this game `full option`, meaning with the decks self-build instead of preconstructed.

I switched out almost all the "hold objective x" cards for the Khorne slaughtering cards, as I commanded the Reavers again, while Noshi took Steelheart.

I once again deployed deep, with axe wielding bloke being my spearhead of attack.  I had learned from the previous game that he hits hard with his big chop attack, so Brightshield would be his main target again.

Under the gaze of Garrek, the Reavers surged forward while Noshi instead opted to stock up on cards.

Come turn two, I attacked the big hammer Eternal, but only managed to get him inspired.

The same story on the other side of the line, as Noshi blocked my attacks.

The eternals retaliated, and two of my warriors went down as a result.

With the final turn now in play, Garrek arrived and tried to take down Brightshield, but failed...

At this point, Noshi was in the lead, but I had enough points in hand for the final turn, winning with 3 points as a result.

While my objectives where well stacked, I failed to actually take down even one of the Eternals, who once they are inspired and on guard actually block with EVERY result on the defence dice when supporting each other... so I really would need numbers with cards like Frenzy to even try and crack their armour...

But this is a fun little game, and we are getting Nightvault as well soonish, while I have my eye on the Goblin band and it,s hilarious looking fanatic figure...

woensdag 14 november 2018

Meet the Spartans!

No, not those greeks, but a squad of Slaanesh "berserkers".

The name I gave them is because the ultimate goal is to finally assemble and paint the Spartan, which can then haul these 20 duellists along to the opponent's side of the table... and unleash quick attacking goodness.

Of course, this squad gives some other options as well, coming armed with it's two flamers, the icon (because heck, we will be facing a lot of Imperials at the club), champion with plasma pistol and powerclaw, and all the marines armed with chainswords for a flurry of attacks.

I can stick 10 of them in a Rhino instead in smaller battles, or even if I got the points to spare, upgrade them to Noise Marines for even more attacks (albeit the flamers won`t be along then).

But combined with the first striking special rule of the Emperor's Children legion, this makes this squad a very, very handy tool for striking the enemy battleline... and result in blood and gory extasy should it even happen to be non-power armoured opponents like mushy squishy guardsmen...

And it adds a hefty 307 points to the Legion, bringing the painted total now to 4639 points done.

Now to get that tank assembled one of these days...