donderdag 19 oktober 2017

Emperor's Children Herectic Marines squad

The final part of the three units I needed to finish for the game tomorrow, this is a small, non spectacular unit of Marines.

All bolters, no flashy stuff, simple 65 points unit...

But which gives me my third troop choice, and as such access to the Batallion detachment and it's three bonus CP`s for stratagems.

The unit itself will in all probability be expanded upon in the future, as I get loose models and leftovers until I reach a further 5 with special weapon and heavy weapon for example, but for now, they will serve mostly as a sort of "bodyguard" unit or speedbump, depending the opponent.

Let`s see how they fare tomorrow...

Build Report: 70599 Cole`s Dragon

Even though the Ninjago movie isn`t doing as great as the previous two outings of Lego to the cinema's, I liked this Sky Pirate subtheme of the series.

Giving a sort of sky-fi feel with the pirate vehicles, and the heroes riding dragons, this had some lovely elements and figures in the range.

A small box with about 90 parts, Cole`s Dragon is one such example, as the pirate figure included (Buko) quickly found life in my pirate builds.  Opening the box as such, you get two bags of parts, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet.

The first thing as such is using some of the stickers to prepare Cole`s back banner, in old asian style of warriors.

Cole himself carries his trusty scythe, while Zane in a way is included in the form of a spirit crystal that is trapped in the sword, and it's up to the black Ninja to free his partner.

But the sky pirates are around to try and prevent this.  I for one LOVED the sword on this figure...

The underside of the dragon is then assembled, as this is where all the parts like the legs, neck, tail and wings will be connected to.

A riding spot is prepared on the back of the beast.

The tail is the first of the appendages that is being put together, using connecting parts and dressing it up with jumpers and slopes.

Next, the neck is also put together and connected to the central body mass.

We assemble the head itself then next, using stickers for additional decoration.  A nice touch is that the mouth can open and close on the little beast.

"Shoulderpads" are then added to the body, once again using stickers for decoration.

Two simple but sturdy legs are then put together, mirrored to go one on each side.

The final thing we need to build are the two wings, a symmetrical build and the use of the golden blades adds a nice touch to represent the spiky ends of them.

The full set as such then stands completed:

And of course, we had some left over extra parts included:

This is a really nice little set to be honest, as it has a cute little dragon, and some excellent figures and parts.  Combined with not being franchise sets, this is really cheap and at Kruidvat for example overhere, you would have one of them for about 6 euro if you waited for the right store actions...

Build Report: 40056 Thanksgiving Feast

In an effort to get to the 50 build reports goal and work away a bit on the backlog, I`m going to be doing a heap of these posts over the coming days, so don`t think I`m back to the brick though.

You see, I had material well into the first half of 2019 if I uploaded one weekly, so let`s get this ball rolling.

The first one for this marathon week is set 40056, a small polybag seasonal 2013 which counted about 40 pieces.

The set itself is simple, a large table with a heap of foodstuffs, and a couple to enjoy the dinner.  As such, opening the bag gives us a pile of parts dominated by the two larger tan plates for the table itself.

The minifgs themselves are pretty basic city models, with the female using a torso initially from the Pirates line to give a bit of an "outdoor" look apparently.

The table is made up by using two long plates, on which the tan ones are added to serve as the top of the table.

Arches are then used to make the legs, and completing the table ready for dressing up.

Plates and a large turkey are added to the top, as these parts are "connected" on the table surface.

Add the kittens and a pile of loose fruit and food parts, and the set stands completed.

There where a few additional pieces as well to go with the set.

It`s a simple build affair, yet this polybag was rather popular as it was back then one of the few sources to get the turkey from, and it still tends to go around 15 euro for the poly on Bricklink these days.

A nice little thing to have, but nothing spectacular now to be honest.

woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Emperor's Children Predator (Razorback)

Due to an unexpected "battle date" the coming friday, in which I`ll be facing the Orks in a 1000 point battle, my paint schedule has been seriously reshuffled.

No time to work on the Irish cavalry (albeit I only need those after the 11th of november), the EC units where pushed to the fore.

While the Helbrute was quickly done as he only needed basing, I still needed to do my Predator, and later on a small squad of 5 Marines.

The Predator is actually a "regular" space marine Razorback, a vehicle type Chaos doesn`t possess.  However, it makes a suitable Predator if you use the twin lascannon option, which the Predator can also carry, and it becomes a no sponson vehicle.

Painted in the pink and black livery of the Emperor's Children, she is the first of the armoured wing of tanks for my force to be completed, and will be on the table to hopefully give all those small vehicles of the Orks a bad day.

Now to finish the final squad before being able to pack up my army for friday...

Fifty Shades of Grey / Fifty Shades Darker

Movie marathon night yesterday at the girlfriend's in that we watched both movies of the already famous series by EL James.

Handling about the relationship by a bachelor millionaire and a young student journalist, they walk a path often seen as dark... BDSM.

Now, first of all let me tell you, if you do like Mr Grey does in the movie (and, apparently a lot of people DID do it that way), prepare yourself to a trip to the emergency room instead of a steaming, spiced up night.

The books and the movies are responsible for bringing the whole world of BDSM out of the shady recessess and into the bedroom of "normal" people, as Rihanna sang: "whips and chains excite me".  Something followed by a lot of people.

Now, the first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, revolves around the young Anastasia Steele getting charmed and seduced by billionaire playboy Christian Grey.  However, he has a masochist side in which he tends to dominate his girlfriend, and doesn`t accept refusal of open himself up towards her.  This in turn causes her to mistrust him more and more, and the relation is not to last... but she has made an impression on him, and he on her.

In the second movie, Christian seems changed and does his best to succesfully reconnect with Ana.  Indeed, it is she that asks him to "punish" her again, as she is enthralled by the world he lives in, especcially as he opens up more and more towards her.  Even when his past comes back to haunt him...

Now, all in all, they aren`t that bad at all.  Lots of critique came on the role of Mr Grey, that he wasn`t Adonis reincarnated, but actually I thought he was excellentely cast.  He has that certain charisma and radiance of power to lure in his victims instead of just pure good looks.

To be continued next Valentine's Day it seems.

dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

Betrayal at House on the Hill - TSA friday the 13th

What better game to play on a friday the 13th, then a horror-like boardgame?

So past friday at TSA, we did just that as Nemesis, my GF, Albert and I sat down for a game of Betrayal.

Now, the concept of the game is that you at first work together to discover the "haunt", but that actually turns one of the players into a bid baddie the others suddenly must overcome.

I took the role of Father Rhinehart, an old priest that joined the investigation, and who's physical attributes are "poor" to say the least.

Soon I became isolated from the others, and basically failed to get any equipment as I kept spending time in trying to unlock the Vault.  However, in the meantime I had caused the Haunt to begin, and it turned out aliens where hiding in the house, trying to kidnap the players (Albert turned out to be the mind controlled pawn).

Time was running short as the spaceship needed to be destroyed, as the most physically strongest of the players was the evil one, and the best geared one, Nemesis, was lured towards the vessel.

In a stroke of more luck then talent, I broke the spell on him though, and stealing his spear in the process to be sure to have some chance of denting the spaceship for the final wound, something both Nemesis and the GF had already done.  The GF was subsequently mindcontrolled and dragged aboard the ship, while Nemesis was killed by the aliens.

Leaving an old priest suddenly the only man standing, but now geared with a heap of stuff from cracking the vault and the stolen spear.  I made the final roll to trash the ship (barely!), and was just lucky the alien couldn`t seem to mind control me due to the high Sanity on the character...

It was a fun game, taking about 2 hours to complete, and something we`ll probably play again somewhere down the line...