zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Pulpo Eroica: Meet the Team

Though a picture will follow once the models have entered the season 4 of the Lead Painter`s League, I can at least give a short description already of the core members of the italian PULP game team, who`ll debut in the first battle I`ll play, 3 weeks to go from now.

Tomasso di Murrathelli:
Though he finds himself God`s gift to women and smartest, wittiest person on the entire globe, the leader of the team is usually described as a big mouthed, megalomanac Joe Average who gets into trouble by his clumsiness and wrong impressions of a situation then not. However, he does possess enough oratory and charismatic skills to sell his case to the rest of the team, and hence became their acting leader.

Valeria Littorio:
The big boobed assassin, she is the one that has to get the team out of trouble in battle situations. Rellying on looks and seductive shaking of her hips to distract her opponents, she puts them out with a well placed chop... or bullet to the brain!

Professore Tortellini:
The eminence grise of the team and developer of the SENTINELO (Scientific ENgine of TechnIcal Near Everlasting Lifethreatening Operations) robot program, he is the man usually resolving complex puzzels upon which the SAC stumbbles...

Scruffy looking ex car thief who became a loyal follower when the SAC got him out of prison to serve as both driver and hot wirer of encountered tanks and other vehicles.

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