zaterdag 27 maart 2010

SAC succesfully completes her first mission

Today, the SAC has succesfully investigated the mysterious crash site we reported about earlier.

The team arrived at a small beachfront, quite a distance away from the derelict vessel`s wreck. Reports indicated that a group of self announced tough guys called the B-Team where present in the area, as well as a force of pig related warriors which we did not encounter, nor did we meet any of the abominations of professor Schwieble-im-arse, though a strange creature called `Scar` was met later on in the expedition.

The SAC team advanced towards a strange obelisk slightly off shore, and after an initial gunfight with members of the B-Team and our gallant Fucilieri took out a girl in the company and wounding Faceman. In the mean time, professore Tortellini discovered a patch of quicksand near the pillar, from which he managed to free himself swiftly.

While still brabbling on about how big a genius he is, the professore is ambushed by Faceman and Howling Mad Murdock, and bites the dust wounded. The return fire of the Fucilieri however is devasting as it takes down both these members of the B-Team
In the mean time, Valleria, Sandro and the Askari discover a strange ancient deity possesing a bunker on the coast line, causing Sandro and the Askari to cower in fear for the remainder of the mission while Valleria takes off to try and join the action.

Tomasso himself then tries to resolve another dare puzzle... and almost ends up thundering down into a pit of stakes... while the other half of his forces try to regroup and the Fucilieri take down BA Baracus with a lucky pot shot.

In order to completely secure the crash site, Tomasso and the Fucilieri move over to the large ruined building, where they encounter a White Hunter reknowed as Skar the Elephant Slayer. Tomasso manages to miss the huge spearcannon toting monster, but the Fucilieri, who have become the heroes of the mission, take the big beast down and securing the whole battlefield for the SAC to investigate...

A great success for our agents in the fields, the discovered technologies will surely make it able to further our causes...

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