woensdag 2 juni 2010

Second Battle of Manassas

During the long weekend the end of may, our club engaged in it`s annual tradition of a megabattle of American Civil War gaming, for the third year in a row. Year one had featured Gettysburg, year two Antietam, and now it was time for the Second Bull Run, or Second Manassas as the Confederates called it.

All info can be found at http://www.americancivilwar.be/home_en.html

In the end the result was on the balance between a draw and a Minor Union Victory, woth myself in command of the Hatch corps, holding the centre of the table versus no less then 3 southern corpses (though JEB Stuart played a minor role here)... and succeeding not only in holding it but even throwing the southerners back, earning me the new nickname on the club of Concrete Wall Murrath. Prolly due to the fact that I managed such a trick also last year, when I commanded a minor division on the isolated left rearflank and knocked out the complete Southern cavalry then...

The pictures I took can be found at http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/ACW%20Weekend%202010/ though others had taken a lot of them as well, a quick google search should quickly find them.

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