woensdag 2 juni 2010

Small is beautiful

Newest paint projects at current veer away from the usual 28mm / spaceships I usually paint up, as I am going for finally finishing smaller scale projects for various systems.

I just love the sight of massed armies of 100s of figures on the shelf space of a larger scale skirmish force, and with the `groups` decision to go and give Seeds of War a shot, it is the ideal moment to focus a bit on the little gems in wargaming.

On the `to do list` to make playable forces are at the moment a SoW Kraytonian force and a Warmaster Ancients Celtic Irish force, with sideprojects including 6mm ACW (both sides) to draw a mate in for the Johnny Reb 3 rules and as such steam him ready for next years ACW weekend, Warmaster 10mm War of the Roses York and Medieval Hussites (love the wagon train concept look), a 15mm scifi Critical Mass Khanate force, and a 6mm AWI british force.

So much to paint, so little time... the everlasting rant of the wargamer

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