zondag 1 augustus 2010

All along the (ruined) watchtowers

After a bit of a hobby `impasse` due to the hot weather, I finally got round to do some painting the last week.

In order to build some more `cd scenery` for 6 / 10mm gaming, I build a small set of watchtowers surrounding a waterpit. Now this remnant of a building actually exists, as I saw it pass by in the Tour the France this year (though the second round tower wasn`t ruined and one of the square ones was, but I had only these ones lying around)

On a totaly different note, I also painted a small landed `transport shuttle` to litter the battlefield in Seeds of War. The model is one of the front claws of the Star Wars collectible miniature game`s Huge Crab Droid, with some trimming and cutting and then given a paintjob.

Deadsimple, but it looks kinda cool in my opinion... and definitly does the job.

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