vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Project Asrai: part 2

Project Asrai, the second installation

Remember those archers from last weeks picture, the pre-repainted ones? Well, they got reworked for this weeks instalment...

As the unit very slowly starts to take form, I also painted the unit champion to go with these fellows.

Now when I read through various forums about the new edition of Warhammer, it is almost unanomiously stated that the Wood Elves are the hardest hit by the new edition and the major changes in rank denials and skirmishing rules. The guerilla style warfare like favoured by a Forest Spirit host and the likes are very hard to pull off. Which I do not care about, as I used to field my armies with huge blocks of archers (lines of 15 / 20 models wide, nicknamed the thin green line) supported by two big size hunks of War Dancers and a Treeman to hold up anything that came to close. And as WFB seems to be moving back in time in it`s rules with the return of things like percentages (hell, only thing missing from my days are power cards for magic hehe) my force selection suddenly isn`t antiquated at all anymore.

Being a good week, I even managed to paint an extra couple of War Dancers.

Up the pipeline for the comming week are a couple more War Dancers and Archers, and then slowly starting some other units. For example, repainting a Scout unit using the really old Sea Elves models.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. They did make spell cards. I got all the ones I need except Big and Little Waaagh.


  2. Are you going old school again in wargaming ? ;-)

    Keep up this pace, I would love to see pics of the completed "vintage pointy ears tree huggers" !