zondag 31 oktober 2010

Phase One: The Invasion Begins

And so the time arrives that the TSA 6mm scifi campaign officially kicks of. Humanity`s Gravest Hour, a year long campaign using Future War Commander rules, will see it`s first ground battles the week after Crisis (that being the 12th of november then), starting out with intro games of 1.000 points a side in order to allow everyon to get the hang of the rules.

Weekly campaign oversight, which is updated like, yup, weekly

I hope and asked all participants to gather two forces minimum, namely their `main faction` army and a small, just in case, force of the opposing faction to avoid ending up on evenings with all humans or all aliens.

And here are the two forces I`ll be playing the campaign with, as alien force (which should had become my main, but I fear we`re a bit low on human players so I`ll probably end up playing more on their side) I chose the Cybernetic Species X31 (or Tau for short):

While for the human side, I`ll be commanding the one thing that is so cool in any game... BATTLEMECHS. Clan mechs to be precise. Diamond Shark clan mechs to be preciser. Beta Galaxy Diamond Shark Clan mechs to be nitpicking...

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