zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Plamsablast Games 6mm Progenitors

So as I scribbled down earlier, a huge 6mm Full Thrust / FutureWar Commander campaign is about to take of in our local game club, TSA.

In order to build up some forces, and before that, when I scoured the net for alternate models for Seeds of War, I stumbled upon this nice Greek company.

I immediatly was attrackted to the Progenitor models, and more specifically the Shadowasp and the Wolfsbite... and so I made an order for some of the models from the range.

Now, most of the tanks come with a choice of turrets, and i opted for the `infantry support weapon` turrets, as these make the tank look like an evolution of current tanks yet clearly showing off it`s `future` status.

Shipping was impressive... 3 days from Hellas to Belgica! Great service and very cheap shipping cost, combined with the low prices makes that I payed around 20 euros all in.

So opening up of the parcel, and being so impressed with the quality, I painted them up before posting them here.

There was one disappointment for me personally, and this is not at all criticism to the sculptor. The Wolfsbite doesn`t `do it` for me in the flesh (metal). While the Shadowasp is all wawwie like I imagined it to be, being like a hybrid child of a russian Hind helicopter and the flyers from Avatar, the trike just seems a tad to big for the rest of the vehicles in the range. But as I said, this is purely a personal taste, as it IS a very nice sculpt and lovely detailed.

A very pleasant suprise on the other hand for me where the Gecko APC`s. Didn`t had high exptancy of them, in my mind`s eye seeing them as `yet another sort of Rhino` (as in, game use, not the model itself), these little fellas really have grown on me. Great sculpts like the rest of the range, and a pleasure to paint up!

So my personal conclusion: this stuff rocks, and I higly recommend the 6mm scifi gamer to give them a go!

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