maandag 7 februari 2011

Lead Painters League

And so it comes that season 5 is upon us, kicking off half of march...
The concept of the whole League is to reduce the amount of lead (white metal, resin, plastic...) in a painting competition of good fun, and when I joined the LAF last year, I enrolled into the 4th season, taking two clubmates of mine, Andy and Sven (of the Creepy Corridor and Mechaniak blogs respectively) along for the ride.

My goals? Considering my average painting skills and below amateurish photography skills, to not enter last, and enter all three of the bonus rounds with adequate entries. Also, as resident scifi buff at TSA, I was obliged in my own mind to enter at least one space ship related entry...

So for the sake of archiving and closing off the Season 4, the 10 entries I competed with last year, resulting in a decent 21st place out of 46 contestants (above half of the field even wieieej) with 3 wins and a draw (and a heavily negative voting points factor, yet still ended above a lot of others due to the bonus points scored).

This year, I`m aiming again for not ending last, but the more ambitious plan is to grab each and every bonus point around (aka, 10 new entries not shown before, and the extra points for the season 5 bonus rounds 1, 5 and 10).

The movie scene bonus round was a headbreaker but after hours of brainstorming I think I have it covered... what it will be? Time will tell hehehe. Round 5 will be 15mm Colonial Sudan I have lying around here, those models can then later be integrated in another sideproject I haven`t quit given up upon, VSF, while round 1 will have a heap of Celtic Irish models finally painted.

The warriors of Season 4...

Round 1: Celtic Irish

Round 2: Starfleet

Round 3: The 5th Doctor`s Company

Round 4: Jaffa!

Round 5: The South has Risen Again!

Round 6: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Round 7: Ragruppamento Artiglieri

Round 8: Requiem for a Hunter`s Moon

Round 9: Archers of Heru

Round 10: Avanti Savoia!

So that where the models that did my bidding last year. I`m not commenting on individual rounds, degustibus en colorbus and the likes...

For Season 5, I will stand once more by my personal principles:

1. I will not vote for myself, always for my opponent!
2. Please do not vote for me just because you know me, but if you do, because you find it the better entry!
3. I will enroll at least one small scale entry (6mm or 10mm)!
4. I will enroll at least one spaceship entry!
5. I will do my uttermost best to enter 10 new entries!

Ciao Ciao

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I intend to enter this year (my first time), though seeing how you fared with such well-painted miniatures makes me fear for my voting total!

  2. I'm considering to join also!

    But I'm not sure yet, the biggest problem the photography!


  3. The best way to see the competition imho is not to see it as a competition, but as a motivator to get some things rolling.

    Or in my case, to try out era`s and scales, if I don`t like it to paint the models with only 5 or so, I`m not botheringto paint say 50 of `em and they go unto Mount Leadicus hehehe

  4. Good point - there's a few small leadpiles around where I'm just dipping my toe into a project or where I haven't quite finished everything that could do with being painted.
    I'm struggling to come up with a movie tie-in to get the bonus points for the last round without buying anything new though!