zondag 20 februari 2011

A Tour through the Scrapyard

I did it, I finally did it. My to paint list dropped under 3000 models last night, the LPL is doing her work!

In order to celebrate, I ordered over 200 pounds of models from Maelstrom Games (well, I `planned` only to order two bottles of Vallejo Goblin Green and a FWC rulebook for a clubmember... adios good intention of 2011)...

Last week, one of my clubmates asked me in what kind of scrapyard I would be living in, since my `obsessions` like dvd`s, anime models, wargames etc etc etc... and they are absolutely right, it`s Cluttertown here. I wouldn`t even be amazed to one day find out I actually HAD a girfriend but she got lost somewhere in there.

So here we go, just for fun, a Tour through the Scrapyard...

First stop, the paintdesk, where many upcomming LPL 5 projects are lying around, but the painted ones cleverly disguised as a diamond lamp

Next to that, the paint car, mostly Coat D`Arms paints. Botsbox and scenery materials are in the trays beneath the paints

The old Wood Elf army, slowly restaurated in the Project Asrai errrm project.

Even the floor is used as a place of storage for WiP`s

Everywhere you look, boxed sets can be found

Or spaces to display armies to be are invaded by blisterpacks

And more boxes, though the cardboard KR cases are my salvation to be, slowly all will get painted and put away in many of those things.

Boxes of despair, also known as Treasure Trove alley. I actually have no exact idea what is all inside that heap of models, clipbags and blisterpacks.

More scenery and models invading `reserved` places

A `few` blisterpacks as well as a `few` boxes of Gundams. *EDIT* The large cardboard box of `to repaint prepaints` stands on top of that shelf, but I see now that she didn`t make the picture.

The Library, source of inspiration. As with the DVD`s later on, this is `double layered`, so behind each row of for example Star Trek novels... is another row. Same will be seen with the scifi DVD`s.

Which can be seen in the following pictures, and also here, models are making their way slowly inside that cabinet...
These are only the pure scifi though, most other `more mainstream` DVD`s are in another room.

And then the anime statuettes, especcially those on the second pic are bloody expensive, the book supports (left and right with the Athena head each) knocked me back a slight tat over 400 euros. Oh well, fanboyz, they never have it cheap...

And finally Librerica Rulebookia, yes, with Strike Freedom work in progress. Future War Commanders at TSA be warned, the Gundam army is nearing completion...

What have we learned today? That I either urgently need to break a leg or so in order to be able to paint a lot more, or that I should really pay some sexy cleaning lading a LOT of money to even DARE enter into that place....

Ciao ciao

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  1. I vote for the latter option .... Should you succeed in finding one: post before/after pics of the poor wench lol!

  2. I hope for your sake you'll never move because I think the army will have to get involved in that one!!!
    On the plus side, with all that stuff you already know what to do for the rest of your life...