dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #9: Syd of Mizar

The third one in my collection, Syd is actually the very first God Warrior we get to see onscreen. He is the one who first strikes down Aldebaran of Taurus swiftly and then challenges the bronze saints, kicking of the story arc (which, mind you, is anime only and never appeared in the manga).

One of the strongest God Warriors, he is of noble decent. The God Warrior where told to be as strong as the Gold Saints, but when we see what the Gold Saints pull of in the Hades arc, this is very much in doubt. Also, later on in the story arc it is revealed that he actually didn`t even manage to connect a single blow against Aldebaran, who states he was struck down from behind. This was due to the interference of his `guardian star`, Bud of Alcor, his Twin and the eight God Warrior that walks in his shadow, tasked with protecting his brother with his life.

Personally, Syd is one of those saints for me that is around, but I don`t really feel towards, being it either positive or negative. I do like the look of his cloth though, as it set the stage of the style of the series enemies, and the God Cloths in my opinion are still the prettiest and coolest looking ones of the whole franchise!

First to note when you get the box is the choice of hands. Most of Syd`s attacks (the Viking Tiger Claw) involve his fingernails extending to clawlike proportions, and there are several sets (fingers together, fingers spread like in the pose I modelled him in) included to simulate this.

The armour, the black Sabretooth Tigre, is like in the series a sort of dark gleamish green, and I really do love it`s colour on the model, I`m kinda glad no bottlecap models exist for the God Warriors, as I would have no clue which paints to use to recreate this effect.

The helmet in the anime has both the shin strap closed and opened, and this is also possible to do with the model, as a small extra part is included to connect at the bottom of the helmet. Other nice little details are the inclusion of the Odin gem for those using the stands, like with all asgard clothes. I used the cloth as well on this model, as he is about the only one in the series (well, he and his brother) to keep wearing it during battle, reflecting his royal nature.

Another nice touch is his hair, as it comes with a detachable `pony tail` at the back, making it possible to positioning the helmet as you like and then insert the hairpiece, instead of having to accomodate the helmet to the models hair sculpt.

All in all, the model does more for me then the character itself did on television, but one point of critiscism though. Rummaging through various webstores, this model is in the average price class of the Myth Cloth series, but his twin Bud, while being exactly the same model (twins with twin cloths you see) but with a silvery white colouring costs double the amount... where is the logic in that?

But, this model gets a fat 4 out of 5 from me, it is just one of those cloths that look nice in any collection even if you, like me, have no sentiment towards the character itself (which, admit it, is often a reason to buy or not buy this or that model, wether it be wargame figures, statuettes, cloths or mobile suits for example).

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