maandag 24 januari 2011

Jurassic Parc Unleashed!

I finally finished my second project for 2011, namely an `alien invader` army for our Future War Commander campaign. The force, Lizard Riders, have been produced by Micro World Games and are from their range with the same name.

I personally like the flavor of the army. Saurians riding gun-toting dinosaurs, how cool is that to put onto the field of battle. Now rulewise, they are everything but a strong force, their `heavy tank`, the T-Rex netting 225 points yet only comming with a 5+ save and not an immens amount of firepower. HOWEVER, it IS a T-rex, you don`t want that bugger amidst your infantry with his Stubborn rule and high melee attack value, it`ll, well, eat them.

The sculpts themselves are for the dinosaurs pretty nice, great detailing on musculature and teeth and claws. My personal favourites on that part are the Para-unpronouncable-saurus`s with either the lance or missile launcher.

The Stegadons and the Ceratops are `good`, not the most awe-inspiring models but great looking things, and my vaerage painting skills and lousy camera handling don`t do them credit. Same goes for the Raptor riders, but they suffer from the woe below...

... and that is the basic infantry. Okay, faces on 6mm models, not the easiest of things in the world, but these guys seem to have some sort of deathheads skull (you know, like on the Jolly Roger flag) / squid like face (like Dr Zoidberg from Futurama), perhaps not the best choice for saurian like infantry. A bit more of a `pointed forward` snout like the Kraytonians from Dark Realms would have done a better job in my opinion to blend them into the range, but bottomline, a great line of models and very good value for money!

Oh, and the artillery and airplane saurusses, they are conversions, the post is somewhere in the archives of this little blog, but they are basically 10mm Magister Militum dino`s mixed with Flames of War 15mm weaponry...

So, off now to the next army to try and complete. I think that is going to be my EuroFed army from Brigade, as they are closest to being all done. To quote Warehouse 13 on my residing lead mountain... `Snag it, bag it, tag it`

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  1. Really well painted models! T-rexes are the best!

  2. T-rexes are cool, though i don`t think i`d want one as a pet. the food bill y`know...

    I am sooooo going to put the `cry` of the baby Rex from J-Parc2 on my Itouch to annoy my ennemies with at the gaming table