zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Project Lame-Ass 7: Time for a Classic

Quite a lot of little different things painted the past periodical, but the lead of the show has to be the Gundam mobile suit RX-78-2 and FA-78-1, namely the very first Gundam to ever grace our screens a couple decennia ago, and it`s green `full armour` variant. Models are from the 1/400 scale series by Bandai, and will be the `command models` for my FWC Gundam force.

They are part of the whole batch finished, all in total would amount to

which as you can see is still a splitch and splatch of models from all over the place, in all sorts of scales, and a heap of ranges and games. Though it keeps me motivated to paint, it is comming to a time I should consider doing some `aimed painting`, more then one or two models of a range at a time. Not for getting things finished mind you, but I`m forgetting exactly which colours I used on some models hehehe

Saim Han Scorpions

Second this week, a few more epic Eldar troops received a tat of colour. I`m slowly working through all these models in order to get an idea what my army will consist of, and then throw the left overs out in some trade for other models, but as a sideline project this isn`t going very fast. No worries on that part, time, my friend eternal, is on my side (sometimes)


Not only scifi this week though, as I`m working up my world war 2 forces for 2012 as well slowy but steadily with the latest addition to my `Late War` british. A squad of 5 Achilles tank destroyers (american tanks with british cannons) reinforces the ranks to push the Hunn out of Europe hopefully.

Come Join the Irish Brigade...

One of those long term projects was painting an ACW regiment for the yearly event held at TSA, more info here, which is a huge, and impressive, battle in herself. Howver, it has been moved from may to march, which means it is highly doubtful the regiment will be ready by then. Never hurts though, so I might be painting a couple more blue coats the comming days at the front of the immense painting row just for that.

Regimento Steylardo

Named after a player in our group who has a fondness of using Germans with SMG`s in his Pulp games, the Society responds with her own SMG section to lay a counter fire spread of bullets.

And that`s not all!!!

As I finished a whole plate of buildings of the big project for 6mm scenery as well... needless to say, the social life and night rest suffered badly :)

So, into the horizon we ride as I have a whole week of holidays comming up now (woot woot, and especcially, finaly). Lots of models will be worked on HOPEFULLY so that I can send in some fresh forces in our campaign, on top off a whole batch of scenery to bring our tally at the club to the 100 region... which me luck and till the next time I can get my lame ass off the chair ;)

But that also means that this was the last of the Lame-Ass series. i`m underway now in various projects and to be quite honest, I didn`t get as much joy out of writing these (mind you, the writing, not the motivating to paint) as with the wood elf series half a year ago. Back to a more infrequent yet more `I feel like I want to write about that` style of tackling my Bloggie...

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