zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Project Lame-Ass 4: HAPPY NEW YEAR... and some epic Eldar

First of all, let me wish you all a happy new year now that the Stuka`s have quit bombing lil` ol` Merxem city. Ow wait, that was just an overabundance of fireworks...
May all your dice roll true, your games bring joy and your models get painted!

Which brings us nicely to the small batch I painted this week (well, small mostly in scale).

I went all `epic Eldar` for a part, to flunk out my Eldritch caste forces in FWC a bit. Two heavy tank destroyers where added to the ranks, together with an extra commander, 3 Heavy jetbikes, some Guardians and a few field artillery models. A very `reddish` week, with a following batch now on painting row to round out some more choices.

For the obligatory scenery pieces, it was a simple two strips of razor wire, i believe they are Irregular, but don`t take my word for that, they`ve been lying around from some BnB for years.

Lastly where the final three stands of Lizard Rider infantry, the next army I`m trying to `round out`.

Last mail order went out half an hour ago (a 17.5 extra discount for Maelstrom was something I couldn`t let pass for some paint stockage but also some Warlord plastic britons and some various stuff) and that really was the last one apart for rulebooks, paints, that kind of `needs`.

And now, I`m off for an extra glass of bubbly goodness, and to wish that russian lass living downstairs a happy new year ;-)

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