zondag 12 juni 2011

The Saints of Hope

A few years ago, Bandai released a series of Gashapon `bottlecap` miniatures, each about 4cm in height and mounted on large round bases.

These models are made in the typical soft plastic of gashapon`s, but also used for example in the production of Heroclix models. The models are monocoloured, and the bases removable, so it wouldn`t be to hard to start repainting them and as such, prepare a complete new setting for the use of the SuperSystem rules. Skills enough in there to recreate the Saint`s attacks and face them off against Marvel`s, DC`s and whotnot`s galore soonish.

Now that I have the full series completed except for 1 `secret model`, namely Shaina from the second `season` of models, it`s time to start painting them up. I went for the same painting method I use on my Heroclix, namely directly unto the plastic, using the `main colour` of a model as the undercoat, and using three `layers` for each colour to get a nice contrasting, comic stylish paintjob. A style which got me some nice praises when I initially entered it this year in the LPL5 over at Lead Adventure with Alpha Flight, so why change a winning team is it not.

And then some pictures of the individual Saints, still statting them up though at the moment, but expect to see (some of) them in a battle report in the future though

Pegasus Saint Seiya

Dragon Saint Shiryu

Cygnus Saint Hyoga

Andromeda Saint Shun

Phoenix Saint Ikki

The sculpts themselves are based on the manga`s though, not on the anime, and as such hover somewhere between what is called the `2nd` and `3rd` version of the cloths in the anime series, aka those between Asgard arc (which doesn`t exist in the manga) and the Hades Inferno arc. Apart mostly from the legguards, there is barely a difference.
I also went for the anime colouring, as in the manga they all wear white clothing with single colour armour over it, the biggest differences being the Cygnus cloth having a more blueish colour, and the Phoenix cloth even being totally orange instead of the more sinister colours as seen on screen.

Oh, and if someone has a the Shaina model from this series spare or not for use, drop me a line and I`ll happily liberate you from it for a decent price...

Ciao ciao and may your Cosmo burn supreme forever!

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  1. That's some crisp painting! looking forward to facing them on the tabletop.