zondag 5 juni 2011


Alpha Flight, Canada`s line of defense against all things out of the ordinary, wether they be supervillains or alien invasions.

For years they defended the Maple Leaf Flag against all, but then Michael Pointer, aka The Collective, crossed the border.

Alpha Flight set out to stop him... and got decimated by the super empowered postal worker, many of their number loosing their lives as a direct result. Alpha Flight had fallen, and though a substitute team was created under the name of Omega Flight and ironically had Michael don the Guardian suit, things didn`t work out quite the same.

Then the Chaos War came, and in an effort to defeat the Chaos King, Sasquatch, one of the survivors of the Collective debacle, struck a deal with the Great Beasts in an effort to stop the malicious entity, and returning Alpha Flight from beyond the veil of the defeated Death.

Now, they stand tall once again to take on all the enemies of the state.

Take Wing, Alpha Flight!

Guardian and Vindicator

James and Heather Hudson, married, and both wearers of a Guardian suit, led the team each on occassion. Granting them the ability to manipulate the Earth`s force field for flight, strength, durability and projecting energy blasts.

Sasquatch and Puck

The muscle of the team, Sasquatch is also a brilliant scientist, while tiny dwarf Puck, who used to be a bouncer in a bar, is a very atlethic and brave little fighter, but unfortunatly at present he hasn`t returned from beyond the grave.

Snowbird and Shaman

Narya, or Snowbird, is a halfbreed Inuit goddess, able to shapeshift into the forms and powers of artic beasts like a white owl, a polar bear and the likes. Michael Twoyoungmen, aka Shaman, is probably the most brilliant surgeon in Canada, but also a medicine man of his tribe, using old rituals to invoke magics through his medicine bag.

Northstar and Aurora

The twins, they are both mutants capable of supersonic flight. Though Aurora is the slightly stronger of the two, she is also mentally unstable. They can combine their powers by touch to generate highly destructive light based blasts.

Marrina and Wild Child

Both originally members of Alpha Flight`s training squad, they occassionally joined the team. Marrina is an alien who can reach supersonic swimspeeds and resides often in Atlantis at the side of Namor before her initial demise, while Wild Child, who is one of the `Weapon X` program subjects, currently having regained his mutant powers somehow even though having been depowered in the events from House of M.

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  1. Going strong! That reminds me I've got to start working on my own superteams...

    Great looking team with excellent paint jobs!

  2. Great job on the repaints; they look great!

  3. I always believed Heroclix`s, Gashapon`s and other soft plastic are horrendously underrated as viable gaming miniatures.
    The sculpts ain`t to bad, the casting is a million times better then GW`s new and `excellent` Finecast, and they cost next to zilch.

    After all, you need to paint the regular plastic and metals as well anyways...

  4. The Insidious Six will test them in battle!

    Great work on those clix models, wonder what more you've got up your sleeve ...

  5. Next one will be a knocker, and not quite seen often. A team of 12 members, and that`s all I`m letting out of the sleeve right now ;)