donderdag 2 juni 2011

Sanctuary, home of the Twelve Houses

The latest `scenery` I got, received yesterday in the mail.

Each temple is about 5cm in height, which is nice to have around for a future game... of which I cannot say to much yet, as it is my `planned project` for 2013 (in other words, apart from a setting, I have no clue what I`m going to do).

On a different note though, watch silly season (aka, convention period) 2012, when my newest project dubbed `Gundanium!` (bonus points for he who can guess what that will involve teeheeeheee) hopefully hits the road.

Ciao ciao

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I wonder. Does by any chance Gundamium have anything to do with all those GUNDAM's the lot of us are plucking off eBay? :-)

  2. Where did you get these from, Tom?

  3. Look for an eBay seller called `people4toy` based in Hong Kong, he sells a LOT of various Saint Seiya stuff. The temples where about 60 USD excluding postage (which was something of 30 USD). With the `strong` course of the dollar at current, I would say `dead cheap`