zaterdag 13 november 2010

6mm scale Mobile Suit Gundams

Recently I `discovered` a series of japanese gashaphon (a fancy word for basically trading figures)of Mobile Suits in 1/300, mainly from the Gundam Wing: Eternal Waltz anime series, though it does include some models as well from G Gundam so far.

Various hong kong companies sell them seperatly, so thats already a benefit to avoid buying heaps and heaps of the `blind boxes` to get what you want, and so I bought a series of them for use in 6mm games. Including shipping and customs, the models clock in at around 10 USD all total on average.

I only hope they start doing more of those from other series, like the `standard` HeavyArms from Gundam Wing, Leo suits from that series, and the awesome suits from SEED and SEED Destiny like (especcially) Strike Freedom for example.

The first of the suits I painted up (though the factory paint job isn`t to bad at all, definitly better then most `clix` series out there) is Zechs Marquis Tallgeese, whom is together with the HeavyArms Custom by far my favourite looking suit of the series, for the wiki on the Tallgeese, you can see here

Now, Gundam mobile suits are big `fluff wise`, and Tallgeese was even bigger then the rest, making this model standing out over 7cms and dwrfing models like a Mad Cat from Battletech, let alone infantry of small tanks which fit nicely under one of his feet. The model below is based on a 40x40mm base to give an idea of the size of the mobile suit

Rulewise I first planned on using them as `titans` for a red Guard (aka, Imperial Guard) army in Future War Commander, yet after nosing some more through the various army lists, I`m going to opt for the Cav Open Market list to be able to field the big blokes.

Now to start work one of the days on HeavyArms Custom


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