maandag 8 november 2010

Another CRISIS averted

So another year past by and another heap of euros flowed from casa Tomsche to all those poor traders that have to feet their kids, wives and stock in belgian beers...

The loot:

* 10 painted and unpainted 6mm scenery pieces from Mainly Military through Chiltern, at a nice pound = euro TSA discount rate. Love the little stufsies and the painted versions are worth it (not `chinese clix level painting)

* The new WAB rulebook with a nice discount from David of Caliver Books, he insisted to give me an extra one because I unloaded his `elastic van` on friday (which is just part of the club service and I told him, but he kept insisting, thanks mate)
* From the second hand the 2nd edition boxed set of the FASA star trek roleplay, for only 5 euros
* The old Star Trek roleplay Worlds of the Federation book

* About 40 Battletech Mechs (though I made a serious booboo in using a wrong list and got like 15 unusables), but as they only costed around 5 euros a blister, not to much a worry
* From the second hand a blister of Jovian Chronicles Sireen exo armour
* Forge World Tau orbital stations and spaceships, for only 40 euros on the bring and sell
* A Warlord box of 3 Celtic Chariots for 15 euros from a trader liquidating his stock at -50%

* Kaiser Rushfort 8 layer and 3 layer carrying cases, with foam trays for both 6 and 10mm transportation

* Coat D`Arms paints with the TSA discount and some free brushes, from Mark at MBM Models

* Bad back and stiff knees from two days of running and hauling along

Paint schedule 2011, here we come

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Small correction, the scenery pieces where by Plastic Soldier, seesm Chiltern etc had some reshuffling done recently and I got like all confused and mixed up

  2. Seems like a very calm year for you ... We'll have to find something new to start with next year so that you can go on a shopping frenzy again :-)

  3. The shopping frenzy difference was that the 2011 `game` was this year decided BEFORE the fair instead of usually the week AFTER. And like hell as if I would wait a few weeks to buy something