donderdag 11 november 2010

What to do, what to do...

So, Crisis is now officially completely over with the clubhouse back in dang order... and the pondering begins.

So many projects halfway through, in the begin phase, near the end phase or still in the blister phase, that I have like totally no idea how I`m going to proceed.

On the one hand, I think it might not be a bad idea to start actually finishing projects (then again, is there something as a finished project), on the other hand there might be something in the charm of mix and matching everything on the painting table and suddenly find myself done with a lot...

Things to do at the moment:

Nearing completion:

* a 1000 points Warmaster Irish army, only 2 more units of chariots to go, and in the future some left or right left over units from the Magister Militum army deal
* 2000 points Flames of War italians for the desert...
* 1/7000 scale Starfleet
* Full Thurst OUDF, only some battleships and fighters to go

Halfway through, but still a lot to do:

* My warhammer Wood Elves, still about 3000 points worth of models to do
* Battletech Clan Diamond Shark, the infantry and half the mechs are done, but still about 10 mechs and some airplanes to do.
* Kraytonians, still quite a lot to do even though we already did a lot
* 10mm ww2 Italians for the desert
* 20mm ww2 Italians... yup... indeed, there again
* More PULP italian soldiers. They wear desert gear btw...
* Star Wars Clone Troopers, repainting of prepaints

I started on them, and full of good intentions:

* 6mm Lizard Riders. Dinosaurs march to war!
* 6mm GHQ ww2 Italians. They are in... yeah, I`ll stop telling it now...
* 6mm Gundams. One can never have to many battlesuits
* 6mm ACW Union troops
* 40k Tau, slowly started, partly still collecting
* Epic Tau, the first 1000 points for FWC is done, but a lot still to go
* 28mm Irish for Shieldwall, and 28mm Irish for Age of Arthur (basically, mix in some celts with the other ones, the benefit of not evolving to fastly over the course of two hundred years

They are in the blisters, but I`ll start them yupyup:

* a 10mm Fantasy army of Wood Elves for one day fantasy warmaster or the likes
* 6mm ACW Confederates to fight my Union with JR3 rules
* 15mm Pinguin army

Quite a list as such still to go... these are going to be LOOOOOOOOOOONG weeks as I aim to at least get some things done before new year. I guess my ST:O game time will be limited ftm to the weekly episodes only for now, while I have to decide what to do first.

Since I`m going to stock up on Kaiser Rushford boxes and trays to solve storage problems, I might as well opt for `filling a box` at a time... urgh... rambling off for now, I need to go paint ;)

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