dinsdag 9 november 2010

Mainly Military & Modern Battle Ground 6mm scenery

A series of 6mm (and other scales as well) scenery I discovered past saturday at Crisis and sold by Plastic Soldier, I must say I am impressed with the quality of the prepaints, much better then the chinese sweatshop level of Heroclix and the likes.

All their models come in both a painted and an unpainted version, and ranged between a pound to 5 pounds for the 6mm ranges, except some big bags of several items, which still only came at around 12 pounds.

I bought quite a few of the unpainted ones, and the araban village set, the two buildings that also feature on the `build up` village and a mosque however I opted to buy as prepaints, mainly because I liked the light sandy tone of them.

On the picture below the buildings can be seen, together with some recently painted GHQ italians (I FINALLY started working on those), and both the scale and the colour (that is, the one I am using already for ages on all my italians of all scales) are more then fine in my book. I`m a truly satisfied customer and whenever I`m bumping into those blokes at other conventions, I`m going to take some of them home to expand the scenery collection of TSA

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