dinsdag 28 december 2010

The Shameless Creepy Corridor rip - off

So... Andy, a downright cheery fellow with a `special` sort of humour in my slavepen... I mean gaming group, had a great idea, to see what to do in 2011 and what rules he will be using. With him being the `resident mad scientist`, and me more of the `Ferengi Entrepreneur` that shamelessly steals his ideas for blogs and the likes... I`m going to do that again hehehehe.

So onwards to the planning for 2011... the not originally inspired way

I love this game! It`s also the direct reason I ever started a blog (once again, by copying Andy...) as my SAC are my main competitors in the ever devilish ways of the game. Crappy stat italians with a heap of bad chosen, not relevant equipment... and somehow pulling it off makes for great stories to be laughed over later on. And enjoyable to write.
On paint row are much more italians and their vehicles, as well as a trainload of Clone Troopers.
Now I must say, I like the little game. Sure, it has it`s flaws (being not the most clearest set ever written when you get stuck with some min / max abusers at your table for one) but it does allow with a tad of imagination to field like about everything you like. My more creative exploits last year included the 10th Doctor and company, a posse of Predators, Yoda and his Clone Troopers and a Marvel super hero team...

... which brings us to the next ruleset / game in my radar. I don`t know anything about it except that there are plans to order it. I`m hopping along, having a heap of already repainted marvel clix and still more to do. I guess after Excalibur, I`m mostly going for `heroes I like`, like for example Iron Man (and that was BEFORE the movies, thank you very much)...

The most time absorbing fellow of the sets, I`m running a campaign now entering it`s third of 12 months. With about 9 armies in various states of completion and building up forces, it is not my place to comment if the beast is running smoothly, that`s for the players to decide...
But with 4 alien and 5 Human forces on painting row, lots of 6mm scifi is `in the works`, ranging from Khazari raiders to mighty Battletech mechs.

Now this game is a bit ruined for me due to events within the club last year. Nevertheless, some of the players asked for it to be played again, and ever since I ran a Flames of War / Victory at Sea combined campaign, I wanted to repeat it scifi wise. So enter Full Thrust again, though I must say I personally avoid battling when able, doing important stuff like map updates and such those evenings. My OUDF sit in the carry case, well, just in case we lack players.

Paintwise, this is going to be the `Big One` for me. I ordered (and received) the big army deal lot, together with odds and ends, and finally going to build that 28mm Parliament army I always wanted. I know of at least one other player in my game group that has an army for it, so I might even ever get to play a game...
Not that that is going to be urgent, with over 150 models waiting to get their liveries painted and colours raised. For Cromwell and the New Model Army!

JR3 is another of those obscure `I love them, but prolly never get to play them` rulesets I have lying around. Once a year, TSA runs a large ACW weekend, and every year I participate... and that`s about the only time I get to play them. So now I bought 6mm Baccus army packs for both sides, and maybe, just maybe I might tempt someone into a game someday and who knows where it gets from there.

Finished the army last weekend, now to get an opponent. This is starting to form a line through my projects, lack of opponents outside `main stream` games, but he who doesn`t dare,stays a virgin I always say...

... a point proven by WAB. An immensely popular ruleset, this has passed TSA by with lightyears. No one plays it, but I endure and keep on preparing my Irish army (as well as for Age of Arthur, the Irish having missed the military evolution train in the hundred odd years between the books periods). I never actually `got` it how it came ancients never caught on in the club, but like so many things, one good movie could turn it all around of course. Oh well, as with the ECW, this ain`t that urgent, as over 100 warriors need to get painted still.

Now this is perhaps possibly the single most important cover in the list. 2012 will see a return for our group to world war 2, and by then we have a year experience in it`s (small variations) future version. We settled on 6mm due to being cheap as hell (okay, except when, like me, you buy GHQ only) and far more possibilities for large battles then with 15mm like Flames of War. The fact that one player in the group has extensive knowledge of the set does help also of course...
My Italians at least received friends in the form of Hungarians, French and British this week, courtesy of Magister Militum. I also wonder why I never seem to be able to just buy `one small force` instead of megalomaniac amounts of various armies...

My Shroud Mages fleet is painted and based. Now to wait `till that start playing so that the `not Chaos Dwarfs` can steam in.

As covered earlier in this blog, with Project Asrai / Return of the Relics batrep, I`m going back to my roots. Though absolutely not a priority, I`m planning on picking up the odd WFB battle or event in the comming year. At 2000 points at the ready and over 300 models still to restore to a presentable glory, it`ll be a nice touch between ranks of uniformed, small scale models.

Now these rules I love. Better then most fantasy skirmishes out there, and widely received on cheers for the rather innovative gameplay. I guess they will be a source for either 28mm `loose fantasy heroics` or even 15mm, a scale I still have my eyes on, though it is near useless to find opponents in that scale. Still, there are very very pretty Wood Elves and Gnomes out there...

... and finally, to please Andy, just to remind him I haven`t forgotten the game I promised him with his Tyranids vs my `Gundam Tau` still in painting row.

Well, so far my shameless plug from Andy and his CC. You can hit me next time at TSA matey, first one is free (after that, i`ll prolly be ko`ed anyways so won`t know if there was a second, third, fourth etc etc...)

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  1. Instead of hitting each other how about we sit down, have a drink and you can tell me about that song of blades and heroes thingie ... me likes the sound of that ... me likes what you can buy in 15mm ... :-)

  2. It looks like it's gonna be another bizzy year -no make that years!- at the club.
    And that is besides all the things going on already!
    Anybody ready to invent a year that has more than 52 weeks, ...anyone?!