woensdag 20 april 2011

OHMYGOSH 10k visits...

... and thank you all who have been visiting and following my little place bent on total, ulitarian World Domination!!!

I never expected to even reach this milestone when slightly under a year ago i started this blogspot for two reasons:

1. Because `Creepy Corridor` Andy told me it is fun to do and
2. Because it would make life easier to share things like battlereports on other sites, as my `home` forum of TSA has certain non-accessible to Guests sections.

So with zip knowledge and only my world domination beginners kit

I started out to try and make this place at least sometimes intresting, now and then funny, occassionally making sense and most of the time rubbish rambling of a wargamer!

Now onto the next milestone, the 25000 visits mark, and from thereafter, the ultimate goal

Ciao ciao all and thanks again for making me feel loved teeheeheeee mwuahahahaha... roight, whers me pillz

1 opmerking:

  1. Congrats with milestone and good look with your ultimate quest. I will enjoy following the road to it... Cheers, Michael