zaterdag 9 april 2011

Crisis Limited Edition figures

So I finally painted the last of our club`s Limited edition models that you receive at our Crisis show in Antwerp (the first saturday of november), the only one so farnot to be `drafted` in my SAC pulp brigade.

Can`t tell you yet what the one for Crisis 2011 will be, but at current it seems the Emperor Karel lies in the lead, more to be revealed as soon as it has been decided though...

But through the years, this is what was to be gotten if you attended our annual show:

2005: Ambiorix, sculpted by Pro Patria

Our very first model was the leader of the Belgae tribe during the roman invasions of Gaul. His pose is the one he has on his statue in Tongeren. He`s also the last one I painted up, and will be drafted into my Celtic Irish army as a tribal chieftain.

2006: King Leopold II, sculpted by the Perry`s

Second year, second model saw the infamous Perry Brothers sculpting the second king of Belgium, and colonisator of our former african colonies. Posing in a traditional military dress uniform of the era and raising a `Bolleke` (a typical antwerp beer).

2007: Popski, sculpted by Paul Hicks

Born from russian imigrants, `Popski` served with the british forces in the desert as a raider.

2008: De Gunne, sculpted by Paul Hicks

With our fourth model, it was time for a fighter pilot who flew against the German forces, De Gunne.

2009: De Dulle Griet, sculpted by Paul Hicks

With this model, we took a swing from historical persons to a semi fantasy setting, with this prominent character of the Breughel painting.

2010: Bokkenrijder, sculpted by Paul Hicks

The last in the line currently wasn`t a person per se, but a generic character of a group of highwaymen that laid terror in the belgian / dutch border regions as part of a supposedly satan worshipping cult called The Bokkenrijders

And so we have the now standing range of 6 out of production models, as the molds are destroyed once the show run has been completed. You might get lucky if one pops up left or right on a local second hand of a show, or even more rarely on ebay, but I`m afraid you won`t be able to buy them anymore directly, as there usually ain`t many leftovers, being calculated at a run of a 1000 visitors + regular helping clubmembers.

Ciao Ciao

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  1. Hi, nice paintjob on those exclusive crisis miniatures! But can't it be that "de gunne" was the 2008 model? As I thought that I had visited crisis the last 3 times and I don't have Popski?


  2. I`m going to have to check that in our archives, now your making me doubt as well

  3. Hi, I found this

    Popski was the 2007 model,


  4. That`s what you get for being a club fossil, you start mixing it all up. Thanks matey, correcting it now

  5. De Grunne flew for the SPANISH Nationalists during the SCW., not the Luftwaffe.
    In fact later he flew wit the RAF against the G