zondag 17 april 2011

Salute 2011 - The Aftermath

And so another Salute has passed. Hands where shaken, words where spoken, pictures where taken and (lots of ) money was spend. Though I admit, at around 500 pounds I kept it quite decent this year, and I have already decided that it won`t get painted for the next decenium or so hehehe.

Sorry though for lack of names / organisers... I`m like really bad with that stuff and I didn`t take notes, to much to see, to much to buy, to little time...

So, with the theme of Salute this year being the American Civil War (HURRAH!), quite a few games featured the setting:

But that was not all for me personally, as another of my favorites was also well presented and imho contained some of the best eye candy around, the ECW (you know fellow clubbers, that war you seemingly never heard about).

Of course, there was much, much more to see, and here is a selcetion of pics I took during the day full of eye candy:

But of course, Salute is also the Painting Competition:

and `industry celebrities`

of course the re-enactors:

And unfortunatly also some fairly odd people...

And so we conclude another pilgrimage to London (well, tomorrow morning for me at least, I got a date with the pub here).
What I like about Salute above other shows?

* First of all, the venue. Lot of people complain about it being a big hangar. I like it A LOT. It`s airy, and it is well illuminated.

* The fact that some `heavy weights` and their designers are around, companies like Privateer Press, Warlord, Battlefront, etc etc. I don`t really play their games (anymore), but that doesn`t mean I don`t like their models. And I find a special appeal in `promo tables` of beautiful models company sponsored. Not meaning I don`t like club games, but a certain `product placement` once in a while gives mucho eyecandy.

* London gals, the most extravert in the world.

All in all, I can`t really put my finger on it `why` I like the show so much. It isn`t as `cosy` as a lot of shows out there, it lacks the familiarity of knowing almost everyone, it has a certain traderwise `professional cool` (well, there are of course the people you know, like Dave T. who probably has a TSA sponsored villa with pool and carpark at home) and the BnB is a struggle for survival, yet for no money in the world I`m gonna miss that show ever again.


`nuff said teeheee

Ciao peeps, and till laters

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  1. Looks like an awesome convention with splendid tables and miniatures! But I especially like the new releases such from the Perry brothers.


  2. I really love the show, and the city around it. i just hope my ex-president of TSA doesn`t read this, or i`ll be getting a floggin`

  3. Thanks! I`m by no means a `professional` blogger (the typo`s alone, my grammar school teacher must be turning over in her grave a thousand fold) but I try to at least give it a hint of knowing what I`m doing (what I ain`t teeheehee)