maandag 4 februari 2013

Gundam M.S. War TCG

Thanks to my blogfollower Myincubliss, the missing cards from the MS War series have been reduced to only a handful remaining cards, 10 to be exact.

Being a happy camper to get the series almost complete now (great anime, sucky cardgame FYI), this is the list of the few remaining cards I`m still hunting

2. Gundam MS War 

Wing Gundam Team Booster series

MS-031 // MS-037 // MS-046

OZ Corps Booster series
MS-050 // MS-066 // PL-009 // BF-018

Endless Waltz Booster series
PL-046 // PL-050 // BF-028

 So if anyone has these final cards, let me know and I`m sure we can arrange something!

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