vrijdag 1 februari 2013

It's a Money Box!

I opened my Gatcrash booster box just now, and by the Lord, it's a gigantic value box.

The downside is, I only have 2!!!! cards for the retuning of my Type 2 deck, namely a second Boros Charm and a Stomping ground, needed to flashback the Ray of Revelations I've put in my sideboard.

But then the good stuff, there are a trainload of good value cards in it, so it won't be to much of an issue to trade in the needed cards, and I got some solid (expensive) ones for the Orzhov deck I'm building.


FOIL Prime Speaker Zegana
2x Gideon, Champion of Justice
Obzedat, Ghost Council
Lord of the Void
Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

Dual Lands

Stomping Ground
Godless Shrine
Watery Grave

Rares I can use somehow

Immortal Servitude
High Priest of Penance
Undercity Plague
Spark Trooper
Blind Obedience
Sepulchral Primordial
Treasury Thrull
Frontline Medic
Legion Loyalist
Merciless Eviction

Other Rares

Diluvian Primordial
Soul Ransom
Fathom Mage
Alms Beast
Molten Primordial
Mind Grind
Angelic Skirmisher
Foundry Champion
Simic Manipulator
Stolen Identity
Rubblebelt Raiders
Skarrg Goliath
Ogre Slumlord
Assemble the Legion
Biomass Mutation
Wrecking Ogre
Signal the Clans

Other Foils

Razortip Whip
Zarichi Tiger
Structural Collapse
Thrull Parasite
Millenial Gargoyle
Corpse Blockade

All in all, 150 to 200 in pure value, so it shouldn't be to much a hassle to get those missing cards.

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