donderdag 28 februari 2013

Playstation Challenge part 2 of 12

The second month of the year has gone by, and as such the second report of the 12 months long ultimate Playstation Battle between myself and Andy.  It is firing up to become a serious race and the pendulum can swing any direction still, since the gap isn`t that huge at all after two months of insane gaming on both sides.

Below is the current standing, with after each number the points or extra trophies gained by both contestants in the race to ultimate bragging rights and free food...


Points: 29.115 + 2850 points gained
Level: 13 - 63% + 35%

Platinum Trophies:6 +1
Gold Trophies: 54 +6
Silver Trophies: 240 +13
Bronze Trophies: 1065 + 116

Games played: 203 + 16
Games Beaten: 25 +1


Points: 35.790 +1635
Level: 14 - 47% + 21%

Platinum Trophies: 8 +0
Gold Trophies: 87 +1
Silver Trophies: 279 + 25
Bronze Trophies: 1210 +53

Games played: 163 +8
Games Beaten: 16 +0

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points, currently the gap is 6675 (WIN TOMSCHE)

Compared to last month, the gap has been currently reduced by 1230 points in advantage to Yokai_Tomsche, meaning at current the challenge is still being won by yours truly.

It has been a good month for me in this challenge, as I managed to beat Andy over the whole line.  Only a single game was beaten between the both of us, and as such was the only platinum as well that we managed to score, being The Walking Dead `experience` I tried on advise by Andy.  he had beaten it and said it was a good thing to try out, so I did... and had my partner sitting at the tip of the couch in tension as well to see how my choices would affect the story.

Still beugh though I couldn`t save Carly...

The only trophy `class` Andy outscored me on this month was the Silver series, so that`ll mean he`ll soon be raking in some golds as I grabbed a few this months due to my silvers last month.  Game progression logic as you build up the points and then to strike big time as a game nears the end and gold trophies become easy pickings after all.

Well, now that March is at the door, it`s time for me to focus on playing some of my longer J-RPG and Mecha games I think as a goal, to `build up` a fresh supply of potential high scores and work towards a fresh platinum, as it is going to prove very hard to keep the rate up of at least scoring one each month.  Not to say near impossible...

To end, let me hand out the worldwide and local country standings for us both, currently listing 1.236.645 registred players on Your Gamer Cards and as I said last month, we both should be able to drop in the top 100.000 / top 1.000 respectively.

Andy currently ranks worldwide on spot 98.528 and is number 1.365 in Belgium, with me trailing far behind in relative spots 134.467 worldwide and 1.797 national.

Until the next month, and gentlemen... Fire up your DualShock`s.

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  1. You got me good again this month! I'll have to pick up the pace or it will be very difficult to catch back up!!

    the link to my thread:

    Game on!!

  2. Nah, no need to pick up any paces, I can live with the current one ;-)