donderdag 14 februari 2013

The London Tour - The Geek Loot part

Of course, I didn't go to London alone for the Magic GP, but we did some excursions as well.  Madame Tussauds for one, a shopping expedition to the Westfield centre, and such things.

Of course, what geek wouldn't respect himself without comming back with some loot.  So here is all the glory and some selected travel pictures with the odd comments, the full 'travel experience' is on my GFs Facebook.

I finally got by Tokyo Toys, a store I've been mail ordering from for years now (like my infamous Pikachu hat) and located near Piccadily Circus, I was amazed by how space efficient they made the place.  The store is actually quit small, but the selection is gigantic.  I found myself here two Saint Seiya gold saint chibis (Leo Aiolia and Pisces Aphrodite) as well as a model kit of the Gundam HeavyArms in chibi style.  Top it off with a Pikachu 'I love TokyoToys button' and that was the thursday evening loot.

The friday loot was modest: the pre-registration Magic playmat for the Grand Prix.

On saturday, I went to play the GP but did some shopping there as well.  I bought a cardholder box in anime style to go with my Queen's Blade sleeves, and got a piece of signed Hellrider art from Svelibov.  This forced me to also buy a cardbook at the local traders to put the art in between or it wouldn't survive the day.  I also brought foil cards with me to have them signed, one per artist, as I'm not wanting to make a profit on those like you saw some people with multiple playsets queing.  So I now have a signed prerelease Return to Ravnica Troll and a signed Return to Ravnica Plains from Richard Wright.

Sunday was the high day, as we went to the Westfield shopping centre and it's Lego brandstore.  First we stopped by the Disney store though, and I got me a Hulk cap there.  Funnily, the cap is for ages 3 - 6 years, but it is actually to large for me and I had to shorten in the straps.  Their target audience seem to be very fat-headed kids...

In the Lego store, I found what I came for, namely the Big Ben from the architecture series of Lego, a great memoribilia for a great citytrip for me.  The kit is greatly detailed and an exquisite build, sizing up 20 by 10 centimetres, and now proudly standing on my desk.

They also had my wet dream, the ultimate scale R2-D2, but luckily I didn't take it along as it wouldn't have fitted in the suitcase.  Munchkin's gifts and GF's shopping already had it filled up, and taking sure that it will be labelled as 'Heavy Bag' by the airline when we returned on monday...

I also met some famous people

but when I tried to tongue Ms Marvel, a big green guy got really upset.  And it wasn't Dr Banner...

It was a great trip and nice loot, what more does a geek want...

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  1. Thanks for the very nice and informative post about London tours. Lucky you kissed wonder women lol.