zondag 14 april 2019

The Haul Report 176

Slowly my buying frenzy is dwindling down, as the last parcels are somewhere in transit as we type.

Well, for non-MESBG related stuff that is...

The most spectacular haul this week are these two cars.  Nah, just joking, these two are part of a Kinder egg toy, which a collegue was eating.  She didn't want the little tykes, but I reckoned that with a simple paintjob, they would become decent civilian "stander by" scenery pieces for 6mm.

On the other hand of the spectrum, the clubs Forge World order came in and my modest part was with it as well.  Bard's Family as well as Elfhelm where ordered, and tbh, I don't find FW that expensive on it's LOTR models compared to their 40k ranges.

More LOTR goodies came with this awesome New Zealand commerative coin for the Lord of the Rings, who will act as my priority marker from now on.  And Malbeth the Seer accompanied the parcel.

Finally, freebie time, as the club brought along some loot from Salute for it`s members.  All the goodies where there, but I only took the figure, the dice and a cap from it.

So a modest but good week for sure, now to await the final 40k orders... in which some will be straight out again due to circumstances.

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