vrijdag 26 april 2019

The TSA 40k League... and the future

Four months down the road, and the TSA 40k League is in full swing.

With evenings of 5 League battles at the same time taking place, I might be as cocky as to pat myself on the back with this one.

The goal I had when setting out on this road was simple: we had two groups of players playing 40k in the club, with barely anyone facing each other.  This has now been a thing of the past, as people mingle, chat and have a good time battling a variety of armies and people.

Surely, not everyone will be able to play all the battles, but a points system that I worked out for the league, together with a hefty bonus for bringing at least once a full painted army along, makes it so that one day wonders or "picking on the little fish" in the League won't get you the trophy at all in the end.

The League is now entering the phase where the big fish are slowly coming into each others waters, meaning some very hefty duels are to be expected to take place in the not so far future.  And like in any League, suprises do happen as some of the big guns leave behind a point left or right in match ups against the other people.

Well, let me give you a premium here, and something the participants will only learn about if they actually READ this blog page... the price support, totally sponsored by, well, me...

1st Place: a trophy and a 20 euro voucher
2nd Place: 10 euro voucher
Best Painted: set of paints
Last Place (must have played at least 1 battle): a destroyed Rhino scenery piece

Yeah, I payed for all of it myself, because I had estimated maximum a dozen people actually playing and didn't want to attack the club treasury for a small scale side project.  Little did I know my optimistically made spreadsheet of 30 places available would be nearly filled up...

Me personally?  I'm hovering around in the upper middle part of the table at the moment, not pushing for any playtime bar the weeks when my beloved has her monthly Heroquest session.

What this League is also trying to build up, is the momentum to launch the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp back into the tournament scene, especcially as an organiser to make the best and most of our old building before moving into the new one between now and three years in the future, where we will have even bigger facilities.

On the planning phase so far?  A big Ninth Age tournament, and a smaller scale 40k one are the prime runners for the coming 18 months.  But who knows what game might break out all of a sudden...

The club's fantasy and science fiction "department" has been running very well the past year, with a whole lot of members of around "my age" as well as the generation behind joining up, and actually getting to play a lot of different games.  While 40k is at the moment the stellar game, with Age of Sigmar being in the ropes, Ninth Age is a solid presence on a weekly basis as well.  And now both Star Wars Legions and Lord of the Rings are being presented slowly but surely as well again, so expect this scene to hopefully grow some more as well...

So sorry for saying so, but yeah, pat pat pat...

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