donderdag 23 mei 2019

Form ranks, you maggots!

Bound to one day receive the charge of my Rohirrim, it's Morannon orcs this time.

While last time's basic Mordor orc is only good for average task, the slightly better Morannon orc was the one present at Pelennor Fields.

For this entry, I completed a batch of 13 of the warriors, mix and matching their wargear.  Once I paint up the movement trays for them (not that you need them in the game, but it looks so much better to line them up in your game cabinets) I will be "filling out" their numbers in multiples of eight.

The models now are relatively cheap to find everywhere, as they are in the current starter edition of the game, as are their Mordor orc companions due to the fact of, well, these guys just being better to build your battleline around.  It's not that there is much difference between them, but the differences are mostly "where they count" for an army that relies on numbers bound to be cut down by the swathes...

But for this bunch, I now have a core of 4 with shield, 6 with spear and 3 with shield and spear, good for a mighty boost of 107 points to my Mordor legion.

Now to paint some "inspiring" leadership for them, in the form of Gothmog...

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