vrijdag 12 juli 2019

On the Painting Desk 102

Okay, so this has been a good week, as I actually got a painting night marathon in last weekend.

And that resulted in some things being finished, like the 6mm Razorbacks, Pippin, and the dwarven battle company.

While the later ones passed by on this blog already, the 6mm models will be shown in the near future as I will be trying to finish the remainder that is currently on my desk first.

I also made some good progress on the elves for Noshi, as well as began some work on the Mordor orcs and the Tau commander.

Going into the coming week where time will be more restricted, I don`t really aim to finish anything, but get some advancement on bits and bobs instead.

Meanwhile at paintstation Beta

I did get some good painting done over at Noshi's, as the block of Morannon Orcs that are parked there got all their armour painted, washed and ready for a drybrush.

Until next week!

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