maandag 22 juli 2019

White Dwarf July 2019

Okay, so here we are again, after a month has passed by, the new White Dwarf has hit the shelves.

And it is 40k again for a new army list and this time it is the Blood Ravens... so yeah, Imperium... AGAIN.  That makes actually every additional force rules so far, except for the Ynnari, to be for the Emperor's forces.  How boring is this becoming...

On the flip side, one did get a free Munchkin card with the issue.

 As always, the triumvirate of the Editorial, Contact and Reader's Models kick off this months issues.

In Worlds of Warhammer, we continue the look at the gods in Age of Sigmar, following last months instalment.

And then we move to the Warhammer 40k section first, with Escape from the Warp having a look at the various insights of the game's playtesters.

Raven`s Blood leads in this months army list by the form of a piece of short fiction.

And then we get to Index Astartes, the Blood Ravens who where first seen in the 40k video games.  Still, it's more Space Marines

It comes with the companion Showcase and Paint Splatter articles of course.

Next is something intresting.  Indomitus Crusade Fleets take a look at the fleets Guilliman is sending out in this piece of lore.  A hint perhaps at a new edition of Battlefleet Gothic for the end of the year release?

Following the AoS series for the realms, Galactic War Zones now does this for 40k, kicking off with Death World Jungles.

The AoS section is started with Rules of Engagement, in which Jervis takes a look at how warscrolls get created for the game.

The Tale of Four Warlords returns as well this month, showing the progress the participants made over the past months.

We then not get one, but TWO battle reports for Age of Sigmar, using parts of both the new General's Handbook as well as the new Hedonites of Slaanesh armytome.

Moving to the Specialist Games section, the first article is Glory Points on about how to best score glory in Warhammer Underworlds.

With Arena Mortis, we get a unique game for the above system, putting single character warbands against each other in multi-player combat.

Adeptus Titanicus is next, with new rules for fielding Crusade Titan Legions.

War in the Underhive is a new licensed video game based on Necromunda.

Hunt for the Lost Ring is the second part of the narrative campaign for MESBG, where the evil warbands are now the stars of the show as the final scenario's are presented, running up to an encounter with a fire breathing dragon...

A Deadly Lure part 2 is well, the second part for the new campaign in Blackstone Fortress.

Andy Clark from the Black Library takes a look at writing styles in the Midnight Scribe.

More new rules this month (it are quite a lot actually, hooray!) are there for Kill Team, with not only Inquisitor Eisenhorn joining the game, but also team lists for the Deamons of Chaos!

We round out the issue with the Inside the Studio column, and then take a look at the next issue...

Guess what, Age of Sigmar is next month and oh no, it is a list for the Sigmarines... I mean Stormcast Eternals...  really guys, this isn`t funny anymore, there are tons of other armies out there...

But all in all, a good issue for me, especially in the 'minor games' department and the hedonites battle report.  Though the whole 40k section for this month barely catches my attention...

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