dinsdag 9 juli 2019

Pippin, Squire of Gondor

When arriving in the White City, Pippin pledged himself to the service of Denethor and became a squire of Gondor.

And as such, I completed the old metal version of this model, ready to stand amongst the forces of Minas Tirith in my games of MESBG.

While not the mightiest of heroes, this plucky little chap can't lead a warband of his own, but can be included in another band and add some might to the force for a cheap points ratio.

I will put him (thematically) into Denethor's band as a result, and I hope he will prove his might (pun intended) as a result, especially in smaller scale games where the high tier heroes are generally absent anyways.  And at 30 points including his cloak, he is quite a bargain...

Now to get some Guards ready to join this warband...

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