donderdag 17 oktober 2019

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

You know that feeling.  It's saturday evening, some flick comes on on cable television, and you are to lame to put on Netflix or something else so you just keep watching the thing?

Well, that is exactly what happened for this movie when they played it on Q2, so Zac Efron and Anna Kandrick could do the job of trying to make me grin, let alone laugh...

Mike and Dave are two irresponsible siblings, and the cause for many a family gathering going deep south.  But when their little sister Jeannie gets married, they are forced to bring decent girls as dates.  To that end, they put out an add on Craigslist and it goes viral very swiftly, causing two friends, tatiana and Alice, to pretend to be what they look for and go to Hawai for free.

Pretend, because they are actually two rather wild, alcohol fueld, party drug imbibing, "ladies" instead of the decent dates they are looking for.  Soon the wedding starts to get screwed up, for example when a quad bike crashes against the bride, or a masseuse climaxes same bride under the eyes of Mike...

So with the wedding cancelled, it's up to the foursome to get it all sorted out again and make amends, while realising they need to put their own lifes back on track as well...

I admit, it was rather funny.  Not hilarious like the Naked Gun or sorts, but it had a good entertainment value... for a cable movie.

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