zondag 27 maart 2011

TSA First Bull Run: The Aftermath

And so the battle of First Bull Run ended, and history has been rewritten. The Union scored a Major victory, bordering even on Decisive.
The Confederacy rebellion has been beaten down even before it really could take off, and the `war` would last no longer then 30 days.

A refelction of the losses, with the `named tag stands` being actual destroyed regiments tell a bitter tale for the southerners:

As to be expected, the center line at Chinn Ridge collapsed, only a few surviving small regiments where still in the woods, because the Union decided not to push further and settling with having full control of 2/3rds of the gaming table.
The arrival of the Army of the Shenandoah did put the south in the fight a bit, but the Union forces kept any possible break out`s in check resulting in them not having a real part in the result, though the fighting was very heavy.
My division and it`s neighbours build a line running from the base of Chinn Ridge all the way past Henry`s House... with two fresh brigades advancing behind to reinforce them when the counter attack would come.. and which never came, locking the whole battlefield in place.

A highly enjoyable weekend, and I will definitly be back last year to fight for Liberty again!

The Heroes of the Union where: Willem, Patrick S, Dirk, Bart, Richard, Peter, Liam, Alexis and myself.

The Southern not so belles anymore: Willie, Karim, Erwin, Francois, Barend, Eddy, Patrick VO, Johan, Kevin, Wim and Guy.

But the real heroes, who made it all possible as organisers, caterers, toilet ladies, cameramen, umpires and jack-of-all-trades: Johan, Andre, Patrick R, Christophe, Dirk and Ronny. Thanks guys, without you, no ACW weekend!!!!

The Tale of a Lone Man and his Gun

As an aftermath, each year I can be relied on to do something extremely odd from a tactical viewpoint. This year, I found myself in command of a single section of Dahlgren NLs, which didn`t ven had limbers to transport it around. Expected for this unit was to be left behind swiftly in order to support any possible behind the line scouting parties.


I manhandled the gun over roads for 18 turns, much to the amusement of the umpire Dirk, who couldn`t really believe that. The gun set up in turn 18 right next to Henry`s House, and then finally loosened it`s first and only shot of the battle. People playing JR3 know that a single green section of guns at normal range don`t do squad... yet I managed to roll so high it actually killed a southerner. it would have been hilarious on top if would have panicked the southern unit on tops, but one cannot expect TO much.

And so it concludes, a huge success once more and more of the same please!

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  1. Umpire Dirk is still laughing but in the end you proved me wrong!!

  2. looks like a lot of fun and great shoot from your lone gun well done