donderdag 31 januari 2013

Playstation Challenge part 1 of 12

And here we are, the first month gone by in the Ultimate Challenge.  I'm posting this half a day before on schedule as tomorrow starts another hectic Magic The Gathering weekend in view of the London GP preparations, so let's have a look of how both contestants faired.

Below is the current standing, with after each number the points or extra trophies gained by both contestants in the race to ultimate bragging rights and free food...


Points: 26.265 + 3570 points gained
Level: 13 - 28% + 35%

Platinum Trophies:5 + 2
Gold Trophies: 48 + 3
Silver Trophies: 227 + 29
Bronze Trophies: 949 + 138

Games played: 187 + 11
Games Beaten: 24 + 2


Points: 34.155 + 2790
Level: 14 - 26% + 32%

Platinum Trophies: 8 + 1
Gold Trophies: 86 + 7
Silver Trophies: 254 + 8
Bronze Trophies: 1157 + 116

Games played: 157 + 7
Games Beaten: 16 + 1

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points, currently the gap is 7905 (WIN TOMSCHE)

The gap has been currently reduced by 765 points in advantage to Yokai_Tomsche, meaning at current the challenge is being won by yours truly.

Looking at all the numbers the last month, Andy did score ,ore golden trophies then me, but the extra platinum I gained over him is the main reason for the closing of the gap, as this grind included a whole series of bronzes to boot.

Both contestants did raise a level as well in the PSN network ranks, at the moment putting Andy on a solid top 1500 national ranking, namely 1419th and 102671th worldwide.

Compared to that, I'm only 2025th in Belgium, and 150247th worldwide, these numbers on 1204769 tracked profiles by YGC at the moment.

At this rate, we actually should both be able to make a top 1000 / top 100000 at the end of the challenge if one takes a quick glance over the Leaderboards on YGC and the average progression rate on those.

Well, that is it for the first of the 12 score reports, February is a short month and I'll be out of the loop for a week, so I expect to loose terrain again the comming month, but we'll see in the end wo will be the crowning champion of the ULTIMATE PLAYSTATION CHALLENGE 2013

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  1. a good first month for both of us. Curious to see if we can keep up the pace we set with 1 or 2 platinums each month.

    Next month I'm going to try and close the gap again and maybe even build up a lead of a couple of hundred points ... back to gaming!!! :-)

  2. Almost forgot!

    I'm maintaining a little thread on our competition and it's getting positive comments:

  3. Awesome

    I doubt I'll be platting this month, got myself a couple of busy MtG weekends and gonna push a bit onwards in my 150+ hours storyline Japanese rpgs though

    And Zone of the Enders...