zondag 7 juli 2013

Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 4

Shock!  Horror!  The World is Ending!

Yes it is true, I have barely been collecting or trophy hunting the past week, even though I did have time to be honest to put in some game hours.

I have been doing stuff like `socializing` with my girlfriends brithday party yesterday, and even though I did attend FNM, it was barely worth of note.

What Have I Been Gaming?

Well, most trophies this week are actually with the thanks to the Little Munchkin, as he has been playing and conquering magic on Wonderbook: Book of Spells.

I personally think this is an awesome toy, as it projects you into the television, surrounded in this case by the world of Harry Potter, and lets you wield a magic wand.

For myself though, I have been playing on my PSP.  The console is still popular in Japan, and I got me Saint Seiya Omega: Ultimate Cosmo on it, and knocked it to the full 100% completion the past few days, unlocking every character, every movie, and every ending of all the saints you can play.

It`s a nice beat em up game, graphically it can compete with some of the Vita games, so it is a pity it wasn`t released as a PSN game on there, that would have been 12 or so trophies to the tally.

Never the less, it has a decent story for what I can understand with my limited japanese, basically taking place after Athena was kidnapped by Mars, and before the twelve temples arc.  Poseidon helps the 6 bronze antagonists to unlock their `ultimate cosmo` which reflects by briefly changing their cloths into Triton Scales for which 8 Aqua gems needed to be collected.

The final storyline is shorter, and takes place after Athena has been freed.  Seiya and Athena confront Poseidon and after the legendary saints defeats Julain Solo he is resealed in the urn.

Small tip though for us westerners not used to japanese games, the X and O buttons are basically inverted, so instead of as usual using X to confirm something, it is all O in these games.

What Have I Been Collecting?

Well, yesterday I bought from a friend a classic, namely a PS2.  Now I can focus on finishing Saint Seiya: The Hades first before starting a fresh trophy hunt offensive in august.
More on that game in a later episode ;-)

I did however finally took some pictures of older Lego kits I have been restoring for myself, so this episode I present set 6268, the pirate Cutter ship from up and about 15 years ago.

What Have I Been Tapping?

Not much actually, did a FNM, finally decided that outside draft, sealed and Standard (the old type 2 so to say), I better refrain from playing other formats as I don`t have enough `mileage` in them to quickly recognise certain decks and upcomming attack patterns.

Might be I`ll disassemble the decks I have lying around, and reforge the investment into my Type 2 collection.

Let me end this weekly tale by a little service message for next tuesday:

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