zondag 14 juli 2013

Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 5

Stop the presses!  Shout jubilatee!  There is a new Saint Seiya game comming to the Playstation 3, and like the first one will get a European release!!!

I know someone who is very excited by this, and who will be grinding that one to a platinum as a madman!

The game will probably be another Musou game, with around 50 playable characters to become unlockable, and already it has been rumoured (and more or less confirmed) that characters from The Lost Canvas will be added as well through DLC.

Where the first one handled the Twelve Temples arc, Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers is the follow up from both Poseidon and Hades arcs.  And Hades himself is even on the announcement poster.  Cygnus is comming for you, Lord of the Underworld!

Now, apart from this, let me also take this opportunity to mark your calendars.  Next weekend it is Atsusacon in the Antwerp Expo, a convention about all things japanese and the pop culture that has flown in from there like martial arts, cosplay etc etc, as well as things like videogames.

What have I been Playing?

Well, I still haven't gotten that much of actual game time in.  I did find out though that the Munchkin has a feeling for Fifa games, and we had a blast together on the old Fifa 11, some trophies popping as a result.

Speaking of the Munchkin, ha did finish Diggs Nightcrawler all by himself, now he only needs to get back someday to clean up the remaining trophies... or knowing him, he'll order Cool uncle to do that...
Diggs is the second game so far for the Wonderbook, but contrary to Book of Spells, it doesn't use the Move that much, more relying on shacking and turning the book itself.  Kinda fun, but being to hard with the book takes it out of the camera's reach and you can get caught that way as you run mazes etc...

The Girlfriend has also been clocking hours, with the new DLC for the Walking Dead appearing during the week.  So already finsihed three of the five mini storylines, and will be pushing to round it out one of these days.

And me?  Well... I've mostly been playing Iphone game ported to Vita Kung Fu Rabbit.  A cute little platformer of two / three minute levels (a couple dozens of those though).

What have I been Tapping?

Well, only today the prerelease actually.  I did manage to build a nice deck of Black and Blue, build around a Jace, Memory Adept and a Sengir Vampire as mainstays, only to cycle at a 3-2 two islands, a swamp, a Scroll thief, a Nightmare and a Nightwing Shade out, to replace them for a Young Pyromancer and 2 Shocks, along with 3 mountains.

The change proved itself next round, but just like in round 5, I flooded incredibly in round 7.  All in all I went 4-3, which I feel should have been 6-1 IF my manabase had been stabler.  Oh well, if's and dont's... the benefit of hindsight.  A nice 24th spot out of 75 players ain't to shabby at all for my doing.

And remember that Cackler I so desperately wanted for my Type-2 deck?

Magic gaming buddy Kenny gave me one he won yesterday on the FNM for my birthday.  Thanks mate!  I owe you a promo one of these months.

What have I been Collecting?

Cards!  Lots of them!  On my birthday ironically, I received my four booster boxes of the new 91 card Saint Seiya expansion, The Hades.  Now mind you, japanese boosters are generally 10 packs of 15 cards, not the big packs of like Magic.

After all the opening, sorting and inserting in binders, I ended up with one missing card, the Microcosm one being Athena (as seen on the picture below) and one of the three Buy a Box promos.  Luckily, the latter is already ordered from my 'dealer' in Japan, where I also get my booster boxes from every time.

Magic... Saint Seiya... I should make myself some cards with alternate artwork, bit like this one I found on the net:

Talking cards, the Munchkin has stepped in my shoes, and has decided to start and collect the now oop Harry Potter series from Wizards of the Coast, after I gave him a starter pack I found at a garage sale.  I prepared him a nice binder with all set checklists and ultra pro pages et all, and now I'm trading (or trying to) away my old, just sitting in binders cards from series like Star Wars, Pokemon etc to get him some more cards left or right.

Just look at the Trade Cards Online business card at the bottom of this blog to see what the kid is looking for, and with what I could possibly help you out.

Finally, I'm rounding out this weeks oversight with horrible news for my wallet.  The Benelux is getting his very first official Lego Store, and it is going to be in Antwerp's region, at the Wijnegem Shopping Centre.  That is about 5 kilometres from my front door...

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