zaterdag 27 juli 2013

The 13th Platinum: Lego Chima - Laval's Journey

Ironically half a day after I did the monthly report of the PS Challenge, I popped my 13th platinum trophy, which takes me on equal height with Andy and his team for the moment.

The latest aquisition is the Lego Chima game on the PS Vita, the most recent of the various Lego instalments on the Sony consoles.  I had already finished the storyline and all within the first week it was released back in june, but with the challenge needing a boost after my rather weak month of July, I wrapped the whole game up this morning.

Oddly, you can platinum this game on the contrary to all other games of the Lego franchise without the endless grind of traditional trophies like collect all characters, collect all other collectibles, get x billion studs on a character etc.  The only thing you need to get 'all' in this one, and you don't even need to actually buy them, is to unlock all Nomad characters (which are like 3) and unlock all Red Bricks (which you gain by getting all the treasrues - 2 per level - in the storyline levels).

On the other hand, it does have a lot of 'difficult' trophies consisting of trial and error, like Chi jumping 5 times... because nowhere in the game they explain what a chi jump is.  It is btw pushing and timely releasing the 'O' button when under chi-fluence (is that actually even a word???).

But it is done now, even with a game completion of 49.3% the platinum has popped after the also rather irritating to get, and again nowhere ingame explained, Stunner bronze trophy, woop woop woop.

Now onwards to number 14, which I actually *might* also gain today, again on the Vita and again with Lego bricks....

And without Eris's over the top nerdy 'jokes'.

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