zondag 28 juli 2013

Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 7

Oh Japan, how I yearn for thee.  Really, at times I'm almost depressed that I wasn't born in Japan, or lived there.

I mean, where else can you have such ubercool MasterCard cards...

But alas, it is not to be, so I have to keep the chin up and live the geek life from little old Belgium, the small country in Europe with no decent fall out points for living the lifestyle decently, and where geeks are still looked at as retards and oddjobs.


Which reminds me I have to go to the tattoo artist wednesday to have a further colouring on Hyoga's blue parts...

What Have I Been Watching?

Formula One baby!!!  The Grand Prix of Hungary was this afternoon, and even though I can live with Hamilton getting a pole and win for Mercedes, I kinda like those 'warrior drivers' like him, Alonso, Raikonnen and all.  Much more then that Vettel fella.

He is labelled as the next Schumacher, but as a Ferrarista and Schumi fan, I don't think he comes even near his ankles.  Saw how he was struggling behind that, cruedly said, truck Button is driving?  Not the makings of a great champion, it really is his working point to be able to overtake under not ideal conditions with the guided rocket the RB9 is.

But the SCANDAL of the race must have been the drive through penalty for Grosjean, what was he supposed to do instead of leaving the track for a moment, put Massa in the audience???  If they are looking to punish someone for something, get that pay-driver Van Der Garde in the Caterham, or at least teach him what a) a blue flag means and b) what those things on the sides of his cockpit with the mirrors in it are for.

And I'm happy for Williams to finally wipe out that 0...

On other news, King Soccer has kicked off again, and my team, Standard de Liege, is starting it's competition well, right now, against KV Mechelen.  We're tipped as a title outsider.  I'll tell you, we'll just grab the deal.

What Have I Been Gaming?

Bar the Vita I platted yesterday with Lego Chima, I did play a lot of Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL yesterday.  Like the cartoons it is drawn for, I must say I think it rather sucks, but it was a quick and needed trophy boost.  No way I'll grind it to platinum though...

No, I really pity kids these days that have to watch those kind of cartoons, I mean: 

I rest my case younglings, and feel your pain now... and your NOT getting my DVDs!!!

A game I DID enjoy though was Frogger HD.  The ultimate classic (the first game on the old Atari even I believe) it has been given the clean up treatment.  You're a frog, and you got to cross the road 5 times succesfully in each level.  An easy for trophies (1 silver for the first level, and 3 golden for each of the three levels afterwards) it stays a classic.

Download and enjoy it, I'm going to grab me the full arcade cabinet in the meantime...

What Have I Been Bricking?

More classics to share, as I'v' rebuild and now put on display two sets of the old pirate / imperial armada range.  I have the imperial sailing ship as well, but that is going to be taking quite some sorting out first before I can raise her flag again.

But I did finish the smallest ship of the series, the Gunsloop, as well as the guard tower set, one I was always fond off.

It just, well, looks the deal...

Oh well, back to dreaming the dream of living / getting on an unlimited shopping spree through Aikiba district.  

Or dream of my GF in this way...

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