woensdag 26 september 2018

Noshi's Bridge

The final piece of terrain for the demoboard has been completed, as Noshi rounded out the bridge that crosses the stream in the middle of the tile.

The model, which I had lying around for about 10 years, is a 2 piece block of resin, made by a french company called Gauthey Miniatures.

I found those long ago in Lille, France at a convention, and now she finally has gotten painted up.  She has some nice texture in the stones, and while the halves where a bit damaged due to lying loose in some bag for 5 years, it got solved nicely with some greenstuff and liquid putty.

To cover up the holes some more, Noshi added flock to the holes as well, to go with the grass on the interior of the bridge.

And that concludes all the "needed" terrain for the table, one of these days I`ll show the board we will be playing on... and reveal the name of the hamlet I came up with in the end.

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